Fitness Business Ideas in Nigeria

Being fit has a lot of advantages. Whenever I think of fitness, my mind goes to the Spartans in “300 Movie.” This is one movie that showcases the beauty of fitness as gallant men bereft of pot bellies are shown raising their heavy shields with their sharpen swords and still remain flexible and mobile in movement. I pause and think “Why can’t that be me?!”; what do they do that I am not doing?” Then after much thought, I sneak into the kitchen to finish my remaining Eba with egusi and goat meat. Then I realized that Spartans were not eating like a thief as I do and that I need lots of discipline if I ever wanted to be fit. On this account, I have begun a journey of fitness which believe me is tedious and hard but I know with time, it will be worth it.

Obesity is not very rampant in Nigeria because let’s face it, Nigeria is hard on its own and navigating through the ruckus and rumpus of life in Nigeria is enough fitness exercise on its own. Nevertheless, we need to practice proper fitness exercises to take care of our health and make sure we are not just mentally fit but also physically fit to get rid of deadly diseases and their load of negative consequences.

Many people will think there should be like thousands of ideas when it comes to fitness business in Nigeria. I tried to research about it and I saw only a few ideas on fitness business in Nigeria. By this I mean that the number of people doing one form of fitness business or the other in Nigeria is few. It might be few but seeing that a lot of people are engaging in it, fitness business has become a lucrative business in Nigeria.

I remember back then when a young lady is slim and fit, people will start passing mocking comments like “go and eat, don’t break o, you want to disappear abi”. Being fat was considered healthy and wealthy and “chopping life” but today, power has changed hands. Slim is the new sexy and fatness is the new harbor of deadly diseases especially diabetes.

NOTE: being fat doesn’t mean you are full of diseases; it’s just that you are likely to be susceptible to infection.

Fitness Business Ideas in Nigeria

Fitness Business Ideas in Nigeria

(1) Gym business – A Highly Profitable Fitness Business Ideas in Nigeria

One of the most common fitness ideas in not only Nigeria but in the world is Gym business. Starting a gym in Nigeria from a small scale level doesn’t cost much and is highly lucrative. You can charge as much as N5, 000 or more per month. One of my friends who own a gym charges N5000 monthly and 200 naira per day. The schedule/operation of the Gym is divided into 2 sessions – Morning and Evening Sessions respectively.

It will be a very good idea to start a Gym around a school area like a University or Polytechnic. After you realize a surge in patronage and with increase in income from the business, you can start to diversify to other aspects of fitness or establish the business in other places. Running a fitness gym doesn’t only give you a fitness income, but also a fitness body because while helping others stay in shape by way of training, you are also helping yourself stay in shape (i.e. stay fit) too

(2) Slimming Tea Business

Another fitness business to run in Nigeria is selling of slimming tea. Although few people believe it is a hokum lots of people believe in it. Slimming tea majorly helps in detoxifying the body. When one’s body is gotten rid of toxins, what better fitness is that? When slimming tea is taken early in the morning, it aids in digestion and regular bowel movements. Due to some side effects of slimming tea like nausea, diarrhea, cramping, etc., many people prefer to avoid it and look for other alternatives. Slimming tea business might not be very lucrative venture, though, except it has a targeted consumer.

(3) Sell Smoothies

In place of slimming tea, many people have tried to find other alternatives with less or no side effects. One of them is Smoothies. Yes, Smoothies. A smoothie is just a combination of fruits and vegetables grinded together.

One of the key differences between most of the fruits you blend yourself and packaged juice sold in the stores and supermarkets is the low fiber content in the later. Packaged juice mostly lacks fiber which is beneficial in weight loss. Fiber aids digestion and regular bowel movement.

One of the key criteria for making smoothies is how to regulate the amount of vegetables and fruits been blended in a good proportion so that you don’t miss out the major ingredients especially the fiber contents. It is been communicated that 90% of the smoothies should be vegetables while 10% of it should be fruits because there are lots of fibers in vegetables than in fruit.

Smoothies should (or could) replace slimming tea.

(4) Sale of “Functional Foods” – A Highly Profitable Fitness Idea

Functional food is one of the best fitness business ideas ever. Imagine that someone is obese (i.e., has diabetes). The person needs to control his/her diet and that is where functional food comes in. A diabetic patient should not be allowed to take anything with sugar but with the introduction of Aspartame, it gives a diabetic patient the “sugar” taste they crave for without been detrimental to their health. That’s what we call Functional food. A food that can replace another food that is harmful to the body. Crayfish, for example, replaces Maggi cubes by reducing the sodium intake in the body. Too much of sodium causes hypertension.


With the introduction of functional foods coupled with exercises, one is capable of staying fit. Yes, you still need to undergo relevant exercises because you can’t eat and live a sedentary life and be expecting a Spartan body fitness; it won’t happen! All these fitness ideas can be integrated as business which can proof lucrative depending on the type of dedication one puts into it.



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