How To Become Rich As a TSTV Dealer, Distributor or Retailer in Nigeria

How To Become Rich As a TSTV Dealer, Distributor or Retailer in Nigeria

As the long-awaited TSTV satellite TV Decoder launched on 1st of October 2017 with a bang. Trust me, being a TSTV  dealer is a very lucrative business to jump into right now as the demand for TSTV decoder and it’s accessories is very high at the moment. They are many users who intend to become retailers as well as distributors have asked questions on how to make this possible being a TSTV distributor in Nigeria. If you have got the question of

How to make money from TSTV dealer or TSTV distributor business in Nigeria? then, this post if you. Kindly follow the simple step by step guide below on

How To Become A TSTV Dealer/ Distributor and Make lots of Money

To become a TSTV distributor in Nigeria, simply follow the steps outlined below with images guides too.

1.     Kindly visit the official TSTV Africa Website or Click Here

2.     Click on “Become a Dealer” or Click here for a direct link

3.     Fill the form with all your business details as required (See image below)

4.     Upload your Business’ registration details as well as CAC certificates and click submit (See image below)

tstv dealer nigeria

5.     When approved, a username and password will be generated for you.


Click on the “Dealers Portal” to login or click here for the direct link and manage your TSTV dealer account online.

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