5 Hottest Skills in Nigeria That Pays Well You Can Learn on You Tube

 Learn Powerful Skills in Nigeria That Pays Well You Can Learn on YouTube

Having a skill literally means you have something that you can easily and readily transform to cash. A skill is one of the best financial insurance you can give yourself. A skill is one of the things that make it possible for someone to be “self-employed”.

It means you don’t have to go from office to office submitting your CV with hopes that you will be employed. Having a skill automatically makes you self-employed. But still you may have done your research and you discovered that learning a skill costs a lot of money. Worry not, we have you covered. You can learn that skill you need to make money with for FREE.

Did I hear you ask how? Easy…..hop on YouTube! This article features 5 most sought-after skills in Nigeria that you can totally learn for free from YouTube. This means that there are a host of other skills you can learn from YouTube. But we have decided to only talk about the most bankable of them all in Nigeria.

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  1. Skills in Nigeria# Graphic Design

Graphic designers create visual concepts that inspire, inform, and transform. Use industry-leading tools to build innovative design projects and discover the skills needed to become an in-demand visual thinker and communicator. Build a solid foundation in the elements of design: typography, color, and layout.

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  1. Skills in Nigeria# Make up

You could say that I have a love/hate relationship with makeup. Some days I enjoy playing with all the different colors and get excited when my smoky eye turns out perfectly.

But then there are those days when my liner refuses to go on straight, my bronzer makes me look like an Asian Snookie, or my lashes refuse to curl. That’s when I want to toss my makeup bag out my bathroom window.

I had one of those days last week, and after walking into work wearing two very different winged tips on my eyes, my editor assigned me a new story: Go to makeup school and write about it.

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  1. Skills in Nigeria# Wig Making

Yes, women like shakara. And wigs make shakara easy. Rather than sit for hours and bear immense pain with the pulling and tugging of the hair, most ladies opt for buying wigs instead. What does this mean for the business inclined individual? Wig making is a lucrative craft, because wigs are in high demand. Hop on YouTube, learn the art of making nice wigs and cash in on it. If there were to be a list of handwork to learn in Nigeria, wig making will definitely make it to the top 5. It can be a side hustle or a main one, depends on you.

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  1. Skills in Nigeria # Hair Dressing

Talk of a business that yields instant revenue on a regular and consistent basis then talk of a hairdressing salon. It is a business that hardly runs out of customers day, noon or in the night. It is frequently patronized by the ladies who take delight in looking good at all times.

They are ready to go the extra length just to look attractive in the eyes of their guys or the opposite sex (men). The business is believed to be dominated by the womenfolk. But recent events had shown guys can even do better. Many hairdressing salons now have men as stylist who gives better service even than women

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  1. Skills in Nigeria # Baking

Every day someone somewhere is celebrating a birthday. Every weekend people are getting married. And every second people are thirsting for cupcakes or some other baked indulgence. This means baking is a sought after skill, one that is sure to pull in clients and make you good cash. And what’s even more amazing?? You can learn to bake for free from YouTube. You don’t have to wait till that bakery school you look up to starts a promo. You don’t have to pay too much either. Hop on YouTube and learn how to whip out that yummy eye catching cakes. Baking is one of the most sought-after skills on the list of handworks in Nigeria.