How To Start Export Business in Nigeria

How To Start Export Business in Nigeria

Nigeria has been endowed by God from on high. So a plethora of mineral resources, both solid and liquid abound in the country. Some are been exploited at the moment while some others are yet to be mined. No region is lacking in these blessings. What minerals one region doesn’t have it makes up for in other minerals. Although it‘s not as though they are shared equally, however everyone has something to boast of.

These resources can be a source of income for those willing to fund the endeavour.  When these resources are mined and processed, then they can be sold in there unrefined form or as processed goods.

Are You Interested in Starting an Export Business in Nigeria, These Tips will help

Everyone one knows that Nigeria has been endowed by the creator with natural resources. And she has arguably one of the largest amounts of natural resources. Lots of these are however yet to be mined. The coffers of the government will increase and the standard of living of the citizens will improve if these minerals can be exploited.

No part of the country lacks natural resources. And this is an opportunity for savvy business men to fund the refining of these materials for consumption.

Export Business in nigeria

Reasons For Begininng Export Business in Nigeria

Networking with foreigners is bound to happen while exporting, this could someday become beneficial.

You can either manufacture your intended products or buy from someone else. It makes not much difference.

With internet connection you are good to go, an office or storage space is not necessary.

The government supports this as exports bring in foreign exchange, thereby strengthening the economy.  Moreover this business is largely untapped; there is still much room for everyone.

Steps to Begin Export Business in Nigeria

Technical knowhow is essential in every business, and this one is no exception. How do you get the necessary paper works like licenses and permits? Where and how do you get your products? These skills can be acquired at seminars and workshops of course at a price.

Get a Group of Products

Now it’s time to choose the kind of products you are willingly to export.  Make sure it is something that’s independent of the time of the year. You source for the product or you could manufacture it yourself.

Pick A particular Product

Some products can always be gotten very easily from Nigeria e.g. Cassava. Just make sure you focus on your chosen niche.

Get Your Business to Become Official

Register with the appropriate authorities, such as corporate affairs commission, and other trade associations. You can find them on the internet.

Get to Meet Foreign Importers

This is the crux of the business. Prior to now getting to meet foreign importers was difficult. But now that’s a thing of the past with the internet. Check on trade websites and you’d be able to find the contact details of those who can be interested in what you have to offer.

Get Your Products Exposed

Look for ways to advertise your products, such as Youtube videos and social media. This will help you locate clients who are willing to pay for your products.