How To Start A Successful Media Company In Nigeria

With the lack of jobs in Nigeria, it is advisable for people to stop searching for jobs and create one for themselves. In the end they may not just create jobs for themselves they could also create for other. so if your looking for how to start advertising business in nigeria read it carefully.

A media company is involved in the spreading of information by various means like print, radio, internet and all others.  And it is easy to set up a media organisation.

Depending on the type you want to start, it doesn’t have to be capital intensive. Linda Ikeji is a perfect example; she started small, now she’s big. This articles aims at teaching you how to start a media company in Nigeria.

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How to Start a Media Company in Nigeria

1) Decide On the Type of Media You Want To Operate

There are different kinds of media outfits. Some offer more than one service, while some others are focus on only one media channel. As beginners though, it is advisable that you focus on one media niche before branching out into others. The different media niches in Nigeria are outlined below.

2) Broadcasting:

Perhaps the most popular, it involves the use of television and radio to disseminate information to the people.

3) Print Media

This should be the oldest form of media in modern times. Newspapers, posters, magazines are used to disseminate information in this media form.

4) Outdoor

This form costs a lot of money, and it is very popular amongst big and well established brands. It involves the use of billboards,  trade shows, kiosks as well as mobile adverts.

5) Social Media

This form is very effective in reaching millions of people and creating conversations at the same time.  Examples of social media platforms include Instagram, Facebook, Youtube e.t.c.  Social media can be used for advert placement, generating leads and everything in between.

6) Online Advertising

This is also on the internet, but here you use blogs, website and online magazines. Adverts can be placed on these platforms for prospective customers to see. Some of these websites and blogs are niche centric.

7) Contextual Advertising

Search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing offer these services. It involves the use of commission based ads such as pay per click or per per permission to involved prospective clients.

8) Plan Your Business

If you hope to have investors, then you might need to put your business plan in writing. Your cash flow, marketing and advert plans and so forth. Just make sure that you have a plan so as to succeed.

9) Choose and Register a name

Go to the cooperative affairs commission (CAC) and register a unique name that can tell people what you are bout. You might also need to register with trade unions or require special licenses. Make sure you get your paper work complete.

10) Open an office

Not all media firms need an office, for example bloggers and digital marketers may not need an office. However a full fledged company like a TV or a radio station will definitely need office space. So make your choice according to your needs.

11) Hire Labour

You can’t do everything yourself. So those things you don’t have time or skill for, you can either outsource them to second parties or get employees that will do them. The decision is yours.

12) Market Your Business

You must create awareness for the service that you offer. And the way to do that is through marketing. This involves meeting prospective clients and being able to convince them of the fact that you can render excellent services.

To succeed in this business, you have to always deliver excellent services, consistently.