7 Best Angel Investors In Africa Funding African Start-ups

7 Best Angel Investors In Africa Funding African Start-ups

Starting a business is increasingly becoming a bargain especially in Africa. The stress and financial difficulties involved in starting a business in the past decade has been reduced by lots of factors. Angel investors in Africa are becoming decisive.

One of those factors is the activities of angel investors in Africa. It is increasingly becoming awesome. Angel investors are the guys who can sponsor your business start-ups if you have a good business plan.

The reality is that Africa is producing more entrepreneurs everyday and this is all due to various factors. We are not considering all the factors here but one of the factors is however, of interest to us; the place of angel investors in sponsoring and funding African start-ups. More importantly, we will be looking at the names and location of these angel investors in Africa.

Best Angel Investors in Africa

  1. Angel Investment Network

The first in our list of angel investors in Africa is Angel Investment Network. It is located in South Africa. The network comprises domestic and international investors.

Since its inception, it has seen massive growth. More than 115,000 investors have become part of the network and an amazing number of nearly 500,000 entrepreneurs have benefitted from it. The organization’s official number as at 2016 was 612,000 registered members.

To highlight their strength, they have made over 4 billion rand, about $270 million.

To offer more value to entrepreneurs, the network launched AIN labs. This is an accelerator for start-ups that enables new businesses to excel. The idea is to help those accepted into the program become a part of an entrepreneurial community that receives mentorship, office space and access to investors.

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  1. Adlevo Capital

Adlevo Capital is an angel investment network located in Mauritius. It is a private equity firm investing in technology ventures. They work together with portfolio companies to support sub-Saharan African businesses. It is a leading member of the angel investors in Africa.

Adlevo Capital carries out evaluation on market opportunity, solid management and business growth based on the concept of consumerism. It also focuses on social impact. To this end, it invests in start-ups that show care of community, health, integration into the global economy, poverty reduction, environmentalism and special skills development.

The highlights of their breakthroughs in recent years include second round investment in Rancard, a mobile content discovery software. It also led investments in SOLO, a Nigerian venture targeting emerging markets with digital content and smart phone devices.

  1. Invenfin Venture Capital

This is the third in our list of angel investors in Africa. It is a subsidiary of Remgro (Pty) Ltd. Invenfin Venture Capital supports the commercialization of intellectual property. They offer emerging businesses capital to enable them scale products and services internationally.

This angel investment network has investment duration of 1-3 years. For a minority stake of up to 49%t in a company, a venture gains access to the capital as well as marketing, branding, product development, global distribution, and legal services.

The major driving force behind their success is their collaboration with Remgro. It focuses its investment in the technology, food and beverages industries. The beneficiaries include AdDynamo, Le Bonbon, HealthQ and Orso by PressureRite.

  1. East Africa Capital Partners

This is angel investment network or venture capitalist that offers a solution for infrastructure blockages. It oversees ATMT Fund 1, LLC which is made up of $100 million used to back information and communication technology (ICT) investments.

Their portfolio includes East African Media and Technology companies as well as telecommunications ventures.

The companies that benefits or benefitted from this venture capitalist network include Zuku, the Wananchi Group and SimbaNET. Lion Cable Television Network and Kenya’s Trucking Systems also receive support from East Africa Capital Partners.

Their portfolio makes them a leading member of the angel investors in Africa.

  1. Africa Media Ventures Fund

The African Media Ventures fund primarily funds start-ups in Kenya and Ghana. They also extend their ventures to other parts of sub Saharan Africa. They are supported by elite entrepreneurs.

The venture offers up to $200,000 in backing and has made start-ups successful. They include Paygate Ltd, Shimba Technologies and Explainer DC.

Their concern is in media and information sectors that dwell on online and mobile applications to reach customers. Further, the firm will want ventures to have a clear exit strategy. This information must be outlined in a well written and comprehensive business plan.

  1. eVentures Africa Fund

The fund was founded in 2010 by Brian Hirman, Vincent Kouwenhoven, leverages experience and investments from Europe and the Netherlands. They found it to help African ventures solidify business models, thus creating job and income opportunities in the sub-Saharan.

They concentrate on SMEs that deal with digital media. It is an integral part of angel investors in Africa.

Applicants who are eligible must seek up to $1 million in funding and have been in business for a minimum of two years, but no more than five. E-commerce businesses, solution providers, and companies promoting an Internet or mobile application are those that are considered.

  1. TBL Mirror Fund

This is the last but not the least in our list of angel investors in Africa. It also focuses on small and medium enterprises (SMEs).

It supports businesses in growth markets through its partnership with international investors with backgrounds leading large multinational organizations. It tries to uphold the mirror principle. This approach involves a hands-on approach by investors to help entrepreneurs establish and reach business goals as well as integrate best practices in corporate governance

It does not focus on a particular industry but it has historically done well in consumer goods, ICT, and health care. It has high support for enterprises such as Cellulant Limited and Highlands Mineral Water Limited.

Do not despair. Start a business and you will reach out to these angel investors in Africa. Give them a cause to support you and you will be on your way to paradise.