How To Start A Coconut Oil Production Business In Nigeria

How To Start A Coconut Oil Production Business In Nigeria

The coconut oil is produced from the coconut fruits and according to experts is much healthier compared to the groundnut oil.Coconut oil is one of the many commercial end products that can be generated from a coconut tree. A coconut oil production business is a viable business in Nigeria.

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You may wish to start the coconut oil production business. It’s a profitable business that requires less capital to start as compared to other coconut produce businesses.

If you are interested in this business, stay connected to this the course of the article, I will be guiding you through the process of starting your dream coconut oil production business. Before I proceed to that, let me take you on the health benefits that have made coconut oil a product of high demand.

4 Health Benefits of Coconut Oil

coconut oil production business

  • Contain Nutrients for Building Body Immune System

According to research, coconut oil contains a type of fatty acid known as lauric which helps to build the body immune system to fight against diseases and antibodies within the body.

  • Used for Cooking

Just like other saturated oils, coconut oil has some saturated acid. However, the advantage it has over other saturated oils like groundnut, palm and melon oils is that the saturated acid found in coconut oil can be easily broken down into absorbable bits; which means it’s better for cooking and consumption.

  • Weight Loss

Trying to shade some excess weight? Then go ahead to take more of coconut oil. This is because the oil contains the nutrient that helps to increase the body metabolism rate and to break down food faster for the body to easily absorb.

  • For External Use

Coconut oil is used to clear stretch marks from the body and also applied to the skin to make it look smoother and softer.

Tips On Starting A Coconut Oil Production Business In Nigeria

  1. Develop a Well Defined Business Plan

Always take this step as the first in every business venture. Your business plan should cover issues like: what your product brand looks like, how unique your brand is, your dream for your company etc. give your business a future with this plan.

The business plan for your coconut oil production business is crucial to the success of the business.

  1. Register the Business as a Legal Entity

Do meet the legal requirements to register your coconut oil production business formally. This will enable you to run the company legally within your location and also give customers confidence in your products.

  1. Get the Required Training

To be able to produce a coconut oil product that will really hit the market with demands, you surely have to get the necessary training on how to produce the best coconut oil.

There are many eBooks and video tutorials online that will take you through the process of how to produce the best coconut oil in the market. I will discuss two popular ways of processing coconut oil later in this article.

  1. Source for Coconut Supply

This has to do with how you source for your raw materials. It affects your coconut oil production business.  Coconut is your raw material here. You need to get farmers that can supply you coconuts both in large quantity and high quality.

You also have to look at the price while looking at the quality too because you need to produce at the lowest cost possible. This does not mean you should compromise your quality as that should be paramount to you.

  1. The Actual Process

As I stated earlier, I will be taking you in the process of making oil out of a coconut fruit. There are a couple of processes to start your coconut oil production business. As you will be doing this in commercial quantity, you will need to optimize.

This means you will need to choose the process that takes the least time at the cheapest cost while not compromising quality at the same time. On this ground, I chose the following step. First of all, get your coconuts ready. Break them open and scrape the meaty part that is whitish in color out.

Cut that part into smaller pieces and place in a blender. Blend them till they turn into some creamy whitish water, then take a sieve or cloth and separate the fiber from the milky water.Then Place the water in a container and leave it overnight.

By the next morning, you find out that the water has separated, the oil will settle on the bottom of the container; carefully scoop out the top particles on the container, and you have your coconut oil.

  1. Packaging

The first impression matters a lot! Have this at the back of your mind when packaging your product. Package your product in such a way that it will be able to give a good first impression. You need to package your coconut oil product in such a way that anybody that sees it for the first time would wish to know what is in the package.

Packaging will help your coconut oil production business succeed or fail. Do it well.

Never forget to include your company’s logo, company name and contact on each pack so you’re your customers will be able to reach out to you and also help you gather feedback. Also do well to keep your customers after attracting them from the first impression, by maintaining the high-quality standard.

  1. Marketing

You need to be a good marketer to stay competitive in the market. There are a couple of means you can employ to market your products. It can be through expos, blogs, YouTube, or promos. You can offer promos for an extra product on purchasing one product.

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The advertising tools you chose and the intensity and consistency of your marketing process will impact your coconut oil production business positively or negatively.

This can make customers patronize you. You can open a blog where you write about the benefits, health and otherwise, of coconut oil with an e-commerce part where visitors can place their order. You can also place ads on various social media platforms and also post YouTube videos on the benefits of your product with some link to your site where orders can be made.