Tips On Importation Of Commercial Goods From China, USA And Japan In Nigeria

Tips On Importation Of Commercial Goods From China, USA And Japan In Nigeria

When it comes to the importation of commercial goods, Nigeria ranks as one of the top players. The Nigerian government and even the Nigerian people are all part of the importation process from various countries. Importation simply involves buying goods and services from other countries.

The importation process is not as time-consuming as we sometimes think it is. You can import from any country of your choice as far as far as you have the necessary tools needed to import.

Don’t be fooled. Importation of commercial goods is not something that requires much labour. It is highly, if not totally capital intensive.

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This business is very lucrative given the emphasis placed on foreign goods by the Nigerian people. More so, there is this lack of trust placed on Nigerian made commercial goods.

The good news is that you don’t have to travel around the world to negotiate the prices of goods and services. You can do that from the comfort of your room through online importation. All you need to do is to go to their website and make purchase orders and you will get your products in no distant time.

If you want to travel out to get them, it is up to you. Either way, it is in your best interest that you know how to operate these things. We cannot discuss all the countries in the world. We want to, however, discuss importation of commercial goods from three countries; China, USA and Japan.

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Importation Of Commercial Goods from China

There is no need to tell you the economic strength of China. Actually, most Nigerians prefer to deal with the Chinese people because of the cheap nature of their products. It is widely regarded as the leading place of manufacturing and business in the world right now.

Statistically, they produce 85% of our imported goods. That’s an outrageous number right? It is really factual. Initially, they goods pass through the United States before getting to us. Now, you can buy goods directly from China.

You can board the next flight to China to buy goods and bring them back to the country or you could follow the following steps. The choice is yours.

  1. Go to some Chinese business website like alibaba.comor
  2. You will see a list of goods and from the list of goods you will find, you could choose the goods you desire. It will be in your interest to get goods that are still in demand. This will ensure that you make a profit.
  3. Cross check business merchants so as to be able to compare the price to avoid being unnecessarily being cheated.
  4. The price has to suit both parties. Consider that in your negotiations.
  5. When you have satisfied yourself with the price, you can order the shipping of the goods and make payments. You can also discuss and negotiate the mode of shipping and payment method preferred and your goods will be brought home.

Importation of Commercial Goods from America

importation of commercial goods

America or the United States of America is widely regarded as the most developed country in the world. They call themselves the God’s own country. Whether they are or not is a matter for another time. Importing from the United States guarantees that you will get the best quality.

It is, however, costlier than importing from China. The exchange rate between the dollar and the Naira is outrageous and they all add up to act against us.

If you indeed desire to import from the US, it can be online or you go there to make the purchases yourself. For online purchase, follow the tips outlined in Importation of commercial goods from China above.

For shipping the products, you should follow the following process.

Ensure you don’t buy illegal goods or gods prohibited by the Nigerian government. Your goods will get to you on arrival. FedEx and USPs are in charge of shipments and they will charge all the duties, taxes and VAT that you will pay before it will be delivered.

Importation Of Commercial Goods From JAPAN

The establishment of the 1980 Japan Diplomatic Mission made it possible for the two countries to become trade partners. It is a fact that today, Japan holds 4th place in the world market system by virtue of PPP (purchasing power parity).

More so, Japan is the 3rd largest country by GDP and is the 2nd most developed country in the world. Most importantly, they are the 3rd largest automobile manufacturing industry.

The above illustrations show that Japan has what it takes to become a place you can start the importation of commercial goods.

Follow the process of purchasing online that is outlined in the importation of commercial goods from China.

Importation Process For Importation Of Commercial Goods From Any Country

As a newbie in importation, you should know the following process and procedures for importation of commercial goods. The special emphasis is on the shipping.

In the first instance, the shipping company obtains a Ship Entry Notice (SEN) two months before the actual importation of the goods. It is obtained from the department of Nigeria Ports Authority (NPA). On the other hand, you will receive a license from a registered agent in Nigeria as the customer.

After this, the shipper will send Bills of Lading which will present details on

  1. The Name of ship carrying the cargo
  2. The Description of cargo
  3. The Date of departure and arrival
  4. The Weigh of cargo and of course
  5. The term of your contract

The importation of commercial goods will require the following steps too as it regards to shipping.

  1. The importer will carry the bill of lading to the Nigeria Port Authority central office to inform them on the ship that’ll be coming in soon.
  2. The importer then registers and ensures that he completes his bill of entry with the Nigeria customs service.
  3. The Release of goods is prompted by the shipping company.
  4. The Cargo imported is thoroughly examined with regards to the bill of lading before a blank delivering order (DO) is given to the importer by the NPA.
  5. Delivery order and bill of lading are finished and issued back to the shipping company.
  6. The shipping company endorses and withdraws the bill of lading sent giving out a lower portion of the delivery order to the importer as proof of cargo imported and released.
  7. The main body of the Delivery Order is sent to the department of Nigerian Port Authority at the specified port.
  8. The marketing department then releases authorized bills with a note copy of the customs bill of entry along the shipping company’s delivery Order for authorized billing.
  9. The bills are vetted by the Audit department where the deposition is done in designated banks.
  10. The necessary deliveries are produced with the information from the delivery order and transferred to the delivery point or transit shed.
  11. The importer then evacuates to the transit shed where delivery takes place. After loading, a pass (cargo pass) is presented to the importer who then proceeds to NPA for security checks and final exit.