5 Things to Consider Before Starting Poultry Businesses

5 Things to Consider Before Starting Poultry Businesses

Chicken, like rice, and other poultry products are essential food commodities that we can almost not do without in Nigeria. It comes with parties, festivities, and even simple munching. Constantly on demand and price on the rise, most Nigerians who seek to earn a living have gone into one of the most lucrative agricultural business called poultry, commonly known as “chicken business.”

With the increase in participation, the question is not only about, how does one stay afloat and maximize profit in a business such as this, but rather what to consider before starting poultry businesses.

What will be your specialization?

The wrong notion about the poultry market is that it is all about rearing chicken for consumption. However, there are certain fields under the large umbrella of poultry from which specialization can arise from. For instance, there is meat and egg production, the common ones, feed production, medicinal production, even equipment production and a host of others.

What breed(s) do you want to engage in?

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Various chicken breeds

Deciding on this will help you determine the cost of maintenance and your targeted customers as every breed of chicken come with its own features, advantages, and disadvantages. There are the chickens, layers, broilers and, cockerels. Layers are used for commercial egg production, broilers are fast growing and gain slaughter weight with a short time, with the right amount of food, cockerels, on the other hand, grow slower, they are very hard and can survive and adapt themselves in all types of environment.

Location of business

Often times, people do this in their backyard because it is cheaper and easily assessable. But to go large scale, it is best to set it off the urban area as the government does not agree to the large-scale setup in urban areas due to health implications. It is best to secure a good spot in a place off the city, but not too far either and has good road network and good exposure.

How much are you putting in?

The capital of any business has a direct implication on the growth of that business. A good startup for a good poultry business can range within; 100, 000 to 10,000 000. The higher the price, the better things work out, the increase in turn over and expansion of a business.

Housing system, equipment, and facilities

The housing system to choose plays a direct impact on the health, growth, and productivity of your birds. There are 3 housing systems; Free roam, where the birds are bought and allowed to roam and fend for themselves. This system is not ideal for anyone one who wants to mass produce as the birds can get stolen or missing at any time.

Battery cages, here, the birds are kept in cages and fed on a regular basis through troughs and laying nest. It is highly organized and creates a perfect environment for laying eggs.

Deep litter, here saw dust in poured on the ground which makes it easier for cleaning. However, in the case of disease outbreak, it is hard to manage.

It is also necessary to get the right facilities and equipment like, egg trays, feeders, drinkers, lighting system, nests, crates, incubators, heaters, waste disposal system and a lot more, as this will make the job easier and your poultry business successful.

The idea of starting a poultry business is good but having a good poultry business is better. Consider your options and possibilities and research, following these simple steps, good luck!