How To Start A Construction Nail Production Business In Nigeria

How To Start A Construction Nail Production Business In Nigeria

Generally, a nail is made of steel but can also be made of aluminum, brass, amongst other materials, in some cases. Construction nails consist of metal rods or shanks that are pointed at one end and typically have a formed head at the other. This formed head can be hammered into pieces of woods or other materials to hold them together. Construction nail production business is one hell of a lucrative business.

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The art of business is one that is so unique because it rests on ideas. Every business you know today was once an obscure idea in someone’s head. Business ideas are inexhaustible and abound in such a way that you can make money from anything as long as it can sell.

Nail production is one of those business ideas. It’s a fact that construction can never stop as long as the world exists. This is because developed countries will always continue to update their structure while the undeveloped ones will always build structures to push their economy towards development.

So, you can be smart enough to make money from manufacturing construction nails. It’s a business that will always remain.

The head of a construction nail can have several shapes based on what the nail would be used for.The surface of a construction nail can be covered to perk up its corrosion resistance, the way it can be gripped, as well as its appearance. Have it at the back of your mind that the construction nail production business is a highly profitable business though.

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I have to point out here that the construction nail production business is a capital-intensive one. You should have enough funds to go into it. However, if you do have enough funds and believe that the passion and determination needed to succeed in construction nail production business, all you have to do is stick strictly to the tips I will be sharing with you below.

Starting a Construction Nail Production Business – Viable Tips

construction nail production business

  1. Study about NAILS

You have to research about nails first before you venture into this construction nail production business. You need to know certain thing s about nails before you manufacture them.

You have to know the various types of nails, the various materials employed in manufacturing them, the types of nails in most demand, the capital required to start this business, the various equipment you require to start this business.

You have to read a lot of all these things before you think about starting this business.

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  1. Get Hands-On Training

Construction nail production business involves manufacturing and as such involves some rigorous processes that you have to learn. So I advise that you find a nail manufacturing company where you can serve either as an intern or a volunteer.

This can help you garner practical experiences about processes like the various nail designs there are, the raw materials used, the manufacturing processes- which includes forming, additional forming and then the finishing; not forgetting the quality control processes too.

  1. Register Your Business

For construction nail production business, you really have to go professional by registering the business to make it a legal entity. You cannot start this business at home too because it’s too noisy to be located in a residential area.

You have to approach the necessary authorities in the country in order to get yourself registered on a formal ground. In Nigeria, the right authority to approach is the corporate affairs commission. They will register the company for you at a certain cost and on the provision of required documents.

Do well to complete the registration process with the corporate affairs commission in Nigeria, otherwise, you will be operating an illegal business.

  1. Write a Business Plan

It is important that you write a construction nail production business plan. The plan will give your business a direction and help you manage it in an efficient manner. If you lack the skills to put up a catchy plan, do well to hire someone with the right skills.

A proper business plan may just be what you need to make your business successful, don’t take it for granted.

  1. Get a Location for Factory

Get a good location for your factory. This location has to be close to your source of raw materials, most importantly. It also has to be in an industrial area or city outskirt as it is too noisy to be located in a residential area. Also, ensure you have a spacious place to accommodate your equipment and employees.

  1. Procure Equipment

Next, you need to stock your factory with the needed equipment. These equipment include nail cutting machines for shearing, chisels, Aluminum, brass, copper, bronze, stainless steel, and nickel. Search for these equipment in shops that sell them or ask people who have been in the construction nail production business for direction on how to get them.

  1. Hire Workers

You cannot run the factory alone. So you have to get some hands in by hiring employees. Do well to hire experienced workers as they will always bring more to the table and cut you the cost of having to train your workers.

  1. Start the Business and Advertise

No business will ever survive without the public knowing about it. This is because the business is meant for the public and not the businessman. After you have commenced your production, try getting the public to know about your product.

You can do this through many ways such as printing of fliers and brochure for public distribution, a blog to promote your brand, and also place adverts on various social media platforms.

Please note that advertising will get you the customers but won’t keep them; only your quality will. Do not compromise your quality if you wish to succeed in construction nail production business.