How To Start A Cosmetics Distribution Business In Nigeria

How To Start A Cosmetics Distribution Business In Nigeria

Cosmetics distribution business has become a mainstay of the fashion industry. Cosmetics have come to become part of our everyday living. It ranges from various creams for various parts of the body to various body sprays, perfumes, and the likes. It may interest you to know that the cosmetics industry generates billions of dollars in sales every year globally.

We humans have come to value our body and the act of looking good so much that we cannot fail to spend on cosmetics even when our incomes are shrinking. Suffice it to say that the demand for cosmetics will always remain on the rise, no matter what.

You can key into this cosmetics industry now and gain a portion of the billions of dollar in circulation in the industry every year. One of the most viable and easiest ways of doing this is to start a cosmetics distribution business.

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This is because formal qualifications and huge capital outlays are not required to make it in this business. All you need to get started as a cosmetics distributor are the talent to highlight facial features, a flair for salesmanship, an entrepreneurial mindset, some business skills, the required startup capital, and the zeal to succeed.

If you believe you have affection for cosmetics distribution business and possesses all it takes to succeed in the market, then read on this article as you will be guided on the guidelines to succeed in the business.

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Starting a Cosmetics Distribution Business – Viable Tips

cosmetics distribution business

  1. Learn more about the business

This is always the first step towards setting up a cosmetics distribution business. You have to research the business to enable you to understand how the market works. Do well to approach the owner or manager of a successful cosmetics distribution business and ask them questions about how to get into the business and how to succeed in it.

Be open about your intention to start your own cosmetics outfit, so they will be able to tell you all you need to know. Note that you should not enquire from distributors in your locality as they will always deem you a potential competition thereby hiding vital information from you.

You can as well build your knowledge on the different types of cosmetics available, the latest makeup trends, and the products coming to market by attending beauty shows and workshops to learn more. Speak to vendors at the show about the experiences since they started selling cosmetics to consumers. Collect and keep their business cards, since they might end up as your customers.

  1. Define your products and target market

When starting a cosmetics distribution business, you need to determine your target market. That will help you decide on the range of products you are going to be selling. In choosing your market, you should consider factors such as age group, skin undertones, ethnicity, trends, and color choices.

After choosing your target market, you then chose the range of product that best suits them. While choosing the products, also do well to consider their buying habits and income level so that you provide only products priced within their budget line.You can easily visit a local cosmetic store to know which products are in high demand so as to ascertain the products that sell fastest.

  1. Figure out which brands to promote

After you have settled on the type of product to distribute, you have to research on the various companies that produce such products. For instance, if you settle on skin lightening creams, you have to find out the various companies that produce skin lightening creams to decide which one to work with.

When you discover all these companies, check their terms of distribution and chose the one that favors you most. Many companies offer direct-selling business opportunities for people interested in becoming cosmetic distributors. Use the internet to discover these companies.

  1. Contact manufacturers you want to distribute for

When you have researched and chosen the company or companies (you can market for more than one)you wish to distribute for, you should go ahead and contact them through their agents via emails, calls, their website or physically visit them. Then you can organize an appointment with an agent to discuss cost, expectations, and benefits of selling for that company.

To ensure you are going to work with the right people, do an extra research about them, find out other distributors who work with them and ask about their experiences from working with them. That will help you make up your mind. It is important for your cosmetics distribution business.

Finally, to make up your mind on who to work with, demand for test products from the various manufacturers in which you test on yourself and others. Get your own feedback and those of others that tested them. Then go ahead to patronize the companies whose products brought good test reviews.

  1. Set up your business

Finally, you have to establish your business after putting all these other things in place. Get and register your business name of choice, obtain necessary licenses and permits, and complete all other paperwork required. Employ experienced workers with viable human resource and other relevant skill. Also locate your cosmetics distribution business properly in an assessable place with enough space for relaxing as well as for parking.