Financial intelligence; developing business foresight

Financial Intelligence; Developing Businesses Foresight

Do you know that the world is demarcated into two fragments? The financial intelligent men and the financial dumb asses. Men with a developed business foresight and the business blind rest.

Are you still struggling with paying debts and borrowing, or do you always have no cash to spare? Here is a solution that is specifically written for you.

Building your financial intelligence and developing business foresight will teach you skills for creating a financial surplus.

financial intelligence

Financial intelligence is simply understanding the dynamics of cash flow in society, creating a funnel to fetch from the sweet honey that runs non stop. To do this developing your business foresight becomes inevitable.

Financial liberation is the plea of everyone around the globe. Therefore because of the continuous struggle and competition towards this cause, the application of intelligence becomes the only solution for success.

Business foresight on the other hand is the tool that strikes this balance.
The only way to becoming rich or wealthy is through business; which is buying and selling. It now depends on what you sell and what you buy_be it tangible or intangible goods and services.

Here are 5 keys to building your financial intelligence, and building foresight in business.
Do not be in a hurry take your time and understand these simple nuggets.

5 keys to building your financial intelligence

1. Stop Rushing

Are you always in a hurry towards opportunities? Do you delve into every business that comes your way? Here is age-long advice for you “stop now”.

The Christian record has it that the world was not created in a rush. It took a while before everything was set up to standard.

Many other religions of the world seem to maintain this same position.
What then should you do after you have stopped rushing? This brings me to my next point.

2. Think

Business foresight is all about generating business ideas and implementing them. Thinking hard becomes very necessary for excellence.

Think about what has not been done yet in that field you wish to explore, think about how to overcome competitions, and boost your sale. Think about what your audience and prospect will think of you. Think of what happens if things don’t go as planned.

Thinking objectively and realistically is the first step every financially intelligent man takes in the business journey.
There is an adage that connotes the idea that everything is possible. The possibility of every impossible task will therefore lie on your thinking faculty. After thinking then you plan.

3. Plan

financial intelligence

As a nursery school child, my teacher will always drum this into my ear. She will say “failing to plan is planning to fail”.
Always have a business plan, plan for every cent, or kobo that drops in your wallet. Every great company and organization started with a plan. Start from daily plans to weekly plans then monthly and finally yearly. Summarize these plans into goals; long term goals and short term goals.

When a hunter goes hunting a lion, it will only be wise to think about the possibility of his gun failing him. Every good hunter will then prepare extra by taking a matchet or a spare gun as he won’t want to be the hunted.
The same applies to business. Financial planning, business planning, and all related fields help build one’s financial intelligence.

The benefit of financial intelligence would then be you having an edge over competitors in your field and excelling in your business. Business foresight and financial intelligence will also give you an edge on how to deal with fraudsters and criminals.

4. Swing into action

It is common knowledge that a good woodcutter who has ten minutes to cut down a tree will spend the first eight minutes sharpening his tools. What then will be the use of sharpening the tools if he does not cut the tree.

There is always time to make ample use of opportunities. When opportunity meets preparation the result is a success. If you have thought of the business you wish to start and planned towards it, then start doing something already. Don’t fold your arms and do nothing.

Is it “building a warehouse to start your cement business or building houses for sale” start with molding blocks or clearing site. Make sure you are doing something.

5. Save and raise capital

This is the final stage of financial intelligence and business foresight. In this stage, your ability to keep on raising capital to expand your business is all that matters.

Raising capital does not end with having the capital to start up your business. It goes to the far ends of savings and investments.

Today there are lots of platforms that can help you save, as well as pay you interest in saving. To save your money and get interested every month click here to create an account and enjoy lots of benefits.

Don’t forget the most ultimate key to increase your intelligence in finance, and have a keen foresight in business is to keep on researching.

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