4 Important Sustainable Business Creation And Growth Strategies

4 Important sustainable Business Creation And Growth Strategies

Business creation is very necessary. The best way to stay afloat in any venture is to be in touch with the trend of things so as to be able to innovate as at when necessary. Everybody is in business or better put, everybody should be in business. The Nigerian situation is peculiar. Things are not the way they were years ago. A lot has changed and a lot will still change. I remember back in the days when people were comfortable with whatever they received at the end of the month and everybody was relatively employed. You can recall that business was majorly left for the uneducated and the less intelligent people. Today, if you are not a businessman or woman, whether online or offline, then you are not likely to have the life you desire.

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Money making generally has a rule; either you sell a product or you sell your service. This is the hallmark of business creation. You sell something or you sell yourself. Whether you are the president of the country, top academic don, a professional in one field or the other, a student or you don’t have any degrees, you should do business. The target audience however is the millions of Nigerian students who are wallowing in poverty of ideas and don’t know they should plan their lives to adapt to business and investment opportunities.

You see, I have studied men who have made big in life and are making it in life and they all had the right attitude toward business creation. If you will create a business or succeed in a business already created, listen to me, you must have the right attitude. Did you get that? YOU MUST. Now follow up these tips on how you can have the right attitude towards business creation and sustenance.

  1. Have a vision and write a mission: The importance of vision and mission of a venture cannot be overemphasized. Your vision is what you intend to achieve and your mission is how you intend to achieve it. The both are intertwined. When you identify what you want to do i.e the business you want to venture in, you must put up a plan how you intend to achieve it. You must believe from day one that you can achieve it. It’s simple. Isn’t it?
  2. Write a Business Plan: a business plan is an outline of the entire business and it directs the whole business. My brother, my sister, you should get a business plan if you want to succeed. Don’t survive, just succeed, and a business plan helps you do that.
  3. Don’t Quit: quitters are not winners and winners are not quitters. Trust me, you are going to have to overcome some obstacles. They will be your defining moments, the moment you either make it or break it. Fortunately, we are resilient physically and this enables us to withstand physical stress. Unfortunately, however, we don’t have mental resilience and this is important in this present dispensation. Much more important than physical resilience. This is real and we have got to cultivate it.
  4. Anchor your success on the supernatural: whether you believe it or not, the spiritual controls the physical. Science in all its magnificence has not disproved the existence of the supernatural. Therefore, base your success on the working of the supernatural. Don’t be pushed around by wrong beliefs and teachings. You should not forget this.

I have painstakingly put up this write up in a language that we will all understand without boring you with theoretical issues. You have read enough motivational write-ups and it’s time to get up put all those things to good use. Knowledge is useless unless it is put to good use. If you have an idea that needs developing, you can check out our publications on how to put those ideas into use or you can contact us using any of these numbers.