3 Step Guide On How To Get Paid for Public Speaking Services

3 Step Guide On How To Get Paid for Public Speaking Services

Public speaking can be a huge business. It is very important you remember that. You can make huge fortunes from public speaking. If you are here, going through this work, and if you will make it past this first paragraph, you must really want to know how to get paid for public speaking.

Just look around and you will be surprised at how much certain entrepreneurs make from public speaking. If you look at New York best-selling authors, you will find out that they earn $25-$50,000 for every engagement they are part of.

In Nigeria, some motivational speakers and big entrepreneurs and even religious men earn between 200,000 to 2million naira for their time.

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In fact, if you look at how much money public speakers make a year, you might just drop out of what you are doing right now and take to that profession. It takes time to get to that level of high income earning and you will be worth every penny you make.

That is huge. Very huge I must emphasize. Average public speaking fees are really outrageous. You could get paid to speak in schools or churches or at any event. Your qualifications, of course, will play a huge role.

Of course, you could still be invited to speak without getting paid. It is almost normal that starters speak without getting paid. It could be seen as their time of advertising.

To get paid for public speaking, you must be ready to impart something to the lives of the audience you are paid to speak too. These things won’t just happen overnight. It requires active planning and preparation to get to that level.

This article will guide you on the path of preparing to get paid for public speaking. It is a simple 3 steps guide on how to get paid for public speaking. It could be the springboard for bringing your dreams into reality.

These steps will make sense if you have already developed your speaking abilities and you are already attending programs.

How To Get Paid For Public Speaking Services

get paid for public speaking

  1. You have to always ask

When you are invited for a program or a seminar of any sort and you are to speak, you will have to inquire if there is any provision for speakers in the program. It is important you do that.

It is wrong to assume that they will pay you. You will have to negotiate that. If they don’t have any budget, you can decide to say yes or no.

When there is a budget, consider the total cost you will incur and give them a number. It is really up to you to decide when you want to get paid for public speaking.

  1. Set your price relative to their revenue

get paid for public speaking

When you want to get paid for public speaking, you should bear in mind that there should be the different price set for different programs and different organizations. What you will get from people who will rake in small revenues from the conference will be quite different to what you will get from others with huge revenue outlay.

There is no particular rate to charge. You will do that with your discretion given the facts on the ground. Just factor in your expenditure and then put up a price based on what they can afford.

  1. Show your worth

If anybody is going to pay you for your services, it has to be worth the while. You will have to be worth every single penny you earn and you will have to convince before the program that you are worth it or they will not pay.

To this end, you may have to build up a website and get footages from previous events so that they will see you in action. That way, you will be able to prove your worth. The better the record you have them; more offers you will get and the more money you will get.