How To Start A Granite Tiles Production Business In Nigeria

How To Start A Granite Tiles Production Business In Nigeria

In the turn of the 20th century, investment in the real estate/construction industry came with the largest returns. Even in this 21st century, such huge returns are still attainable. Needless to say that you can still make huge returns on an investment in this sector by starting granite tiles production business.

There are a couple of means you can enter this industry, not necessarily as an owner of a construction firm or a real estate firm. You can enter into this industry by producing some of the products used in the industry. You can venture into this industry by producing granite tiles that are in very high demand in the industry.

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Venturing into the granite tiles production business is a sure way to become a business leader in your community by providing what the people need. It’s one sure way to start and grow your own business, become successful in life, and also make some good money. A lot of people are already making fortunes from this industry and you can be the latest to do same.

Though the granite tiles are huge capital intensive, there are some great positives about granite tiles production business that still places it above other tile production businesses. Granite tile is the number one choice for those who like natural stone tiles; it is durable and it lasts longer when compared to other tiles. It is indeed the hardest building stone available.

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This is some sure bet that granite tiles production business will always sell and you will always profit from it. If you still have the conviction to venture into this business and make some good money for yourself, you only have to do one thing. Continue reading!

Starting a Granite Tiles Production Business – Success Tips

granite tiles production business

  1. Research about Granites and Granite Tiles

Read up anything you come across on this business anywhere, whether over the internet or in print. Increase your knowledge about the business on a daily basis by researching as regularly as you can. You have to research about and know how major players in the industry started, how they source for funding and other relevant issues.

Research about granite tiles production business a lot if you want to be invincible in the business.

  1. Write a Good Business Plan

Your business plan is overly vital to the success of your business. The essence of such a wonderful document can never be overemphasized. You can hire a professional in this regard to put up your business plan if you are not skilled in such line.

Your plan will cover issues bordering on your short term and long term goals, how much is needed to start this business, the choice of location, amount of workers to be hired and others. Do well to get a good one for yourself.

  1. Incorporate Your Business

The processes of getting granite tiles production business incorporated or registered differ among countries. However, in Nigeria, you only have to visit the corporate affairs commission or the chambers of commerce with the required documents and get your business registered.

If you happen not to be in Nigeria, you may have to visit either the corporate affairs commission or chamber of commerce in your area and get things registered. You can register this business as either a sole proprietorship or a partnership. So, make your choice.

  1. Lease a Facility and Setup Your Production factory

The size of facility you will need to establish your factory depends on a whole lot of how you wish to start your granite tiles production business. If you want to start a small production company then that shouldn’t gulp much money. But if you are looking to start big, then that might gulp quite a lot.

You have to decide the size of your factory by asking your realtor to get you the size that can accommodate your projections for now and later. If you want to start big, then you need to hire a big space taking into the size of workforce and equipment required, and vice versa. Do not site your factory in a residential area because it’s too noisy to be there.

  1. Source for Raw Materials

At this point, you can save yourself some lots of stress by asking questions. Those who are experienced in the field can guide you on how to get your raw materials. As you get to know suppliers of raw materials, you should do some research to get to choose the cheapest and best of them.

This will make you economical in your approach. You can also source your raw materials by researching a lot about such materials.

  1. Hire Workers

Ensure to hire qualified and experienced workers just as sufficiently as you need them. If you are starting small, then you don’t need too many workers. On the other hand, you need enough workers to start big. You have to consider the scale you wish to start to determine the number of workers you may need.

  1. Source for Markets

The first thing to do in marketing is to define your market. Identify those set of people you wish to market your products to, then strategize on how to reach them. There are a couple of ways you can reach this target market. You can print flyers and brochures and hand out to them.

Do not fail to make use of the internet too. You can place targeted ads on various online platforms while blogging about your business too. Ensure you market your products properly because it determines the level of patronage you get and in turn your profit level.

The above tips hopefully will guide you towards starting a granite tiles production business and make you successful in it.