How To Start A Grasscutter Farming Business In Nigeria

How To Start A Grasscutter Farming Business In Nigeria

Grasscutter farming business is a very high-profit potential business. According to health experts, meat from grass cutters is highly nutritious with huge health benefits. This is the major reason why this animal is in very high demand in West Africa in general and Nigeria in particular.

In West Africa, people place more value on grass cutter’s meat than goat meat, beef or pork hence people are ready to pay more. As a matter of fact, the numbers of grasscutter farms that you can find in any community is not sufficient to meet the demands of grass cutters in that community. You can start a Grasscutter farming business to fill that gap.

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People want to consume this animal on a daily basis. Unfortunately, the demand for the product is higher than the supply. This means there is a glut of supply. This is because of one reason. The grasscutter is not a domestic animal. It’s always in the bush, hence, only the hunters who hunt it are able to supply the meat.

However, the good news is that there is a shift in activities here as farmers now keep and rear grasscutters in their various farms. This has reduced the stress of going to hunt the animal to meet its demand and has also increased the availability and supply of such animal.

Unfortunately, the bad and good news is that despite all the efforts to meet the demand for grasscutter meat, the supply is still insufficient and has failed to meet such demand. It’s a good news for you because it’s an opening for you to go into business and make some good money for yourself.

The good news about starting this grasscutter farming business is that it is easy to start and the animals are easy to breed.

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You can start the business with 2 males and 6 females and within 12 months you can increase the numbers of grass – cutters in your farm to over 100 because an average female grasscutter can give birth to 7 or more at the same time and they can give birth twice in a year since their gestation period is about 5 months.

A male mature grass cutter weighs about 4.5kg and grows to a length of 60cm and 30cm in height and a female mature grasscutter weighs about 3.5k and grows to a length of about 45cm and 25cm in height.

There are many potentials in grasscutter farming business, do well to start one for yourself. If you really wish to start this business, read on as I share vital tips on how to go about this with you in a moment.

Starting a Grasscutter Farm Business In Nigeria – Sure Success Tips

grasscutter farming business

  1. Research on Grasscutters

Patronize the internet and other sources of information about the library and the bookshops. Research and get as much information as you can about grasscutter farming business. Deep research about the business prepares you properly for the business. Do well to research.

  1. Write Your Business Plan

Put up a credible business plan that can sell your business. If you lack the skills to do this, please endeavor to hire those skilled in the business to do that for you.

Ensure that your business plan covers issues bordering on a long term and short term projections, marketing strategies, the number of employees you want to hire for the start and on the long run, and many more.

  1. Build a Cage or Proper Housing for the Grasscutters

You must consider providing a place where you will have to house these animals such as a cage. When building a cage know that there are proper dimensions and shapes for the cage and do well to abide by them. Contact professionals or people who are experienced in grasscutter farming business for guidance.

  1. Purchase Prolific Stocks

First of all, research on the available suppliers and choose the best you can work with. Never forget to ask people who have been in grasscutter farming business to recommend suppliers to you. When you have identified the right supplier to work with, you can start making purchases at the right quantity so as not to make the mistaking of overstocking which can cause death.

  1. Feed them with the Right Feeds

Your research about this business should be able to tell you the right feed to give to your grasscutter. Feeding your grasscutter with the right and healthy feeds meant for them would go a long way in breeding healthy grasscutters that would be attractive to customers. Endeavor to find the right feed for your animals.

  1. Know When to Wean and When to Harvest

Know when to wean and harvest your grasscutters. This is so that you do not overshoot the time limit. Part of what you may have garnered from your research and training would be this, and as such weaning at the right time is key. This will save you the issue of overfeeding them, thereby wasting your feeds.

  1. Market Your Product

You should make the issue of marketing a top priority that you should consider first before even going into grasscutter farming business. This is because living things are the products involved. You cannot store them and wait for whom to buy before selling.

You should be able to sell them out immediately they are mature and weaned. Ensure that you have your customers on the ground before the weaning time. Follow them up with constant reminders too. There are other sources of advertising your business such as fliers, brochures, print and online adverts and so on.

  1. Stay Abreast Of Trends

For you to stay competitive and succeed in grasscutter farming business, you have to be ahead of time by staying informed. Always source for information about the business and be flexible enough to adjust to trends in the market. The internet can be your greatest companion in this regard. Stay true to the above tips if you wish to venture into the grass cutter business as they have been tested overtimes and certified as workable.