How to Start and Earn Big From Hair Attachment Business In Nigeria

How to Start and Earn Big From Hair Attachment Business In Nigeria

Every woman wants to look good, and so do Nigerian women. The hair is one of the most cardinal aspects of a woman’s body. In the bid to look trendy and fashionable, women do not mind spending much on their hair. This, of course, means that hair attachment business is a practical and lucrative business in Nigeria. One thing great about hair attachment business in Nigeria is that it requires minimal cash-flow to begin. Furthermore, practically anybody can do it. So, here is a rundown on how you can start and practically benefit from hair attachment business in Nigeria.

Different Kinds of Hair Attachments Available

There are a wide variety of hair attachments available in the market. Some of them include;

  1. amigos attachments,
  2. Brazilian hair,
  3. European,
  4. expression attachments,
  5. human hair,
  6. Indian hair,
  7. Peruvian hair,
  8. wigs,

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These hairs come in different sizes, colours, make and lengths. As such, their costs vary. It is imperative that you get acclimatized with the nitty-gritty of hair attachment business, as per what brand or collection of hair attachment brands you choose to go into. This is because, different customers have different hair needs, and your capacity to meet their variegated needs makes you come top in the business.

Hair attachment business works best in shops. So, you need to rent a shop where you display your wares and attract customers. You need to equally advertise using either or both traditional mass media or web advertorial technologies. So, here is a rundown of requirements for starting hair attachment business in Nigeria

hair attachment

Requirements For Starting Hair Attachment Business In Nigeria

1. Get Trained

Due to a wide variety of hair attachment brands in the market, you should know their names, inches, what they are made of, and where they are made in. This is essential since you will have diverse clients requesting a specific brand of hair.

Along the line, another product can surface in the market that your client may not know about, you can inform your clients likewise concerning it. This is a welcome approach to exhibit to your clients how learned and progressive you are in the business.

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2. Do A Hair Attachment Business Feasibility Study:

You need to have an idea of what the hair attachment business world looks like in your area. So, do a rundown on how you need your business to run initially and in future. Scheme out means to handle present competitors to stay afloat.

Know the amount you need to start the business with, and what the turnover would be. Additionally, find out where to purchase your products, either from the wholesalers or makers to get products at a sensible and moderate cost.

3. Capital Prospect:

The volume of cash you invest in stocks invariably has a positive return on investment. When you contribute say, N500,000 to purchase a wide variety of hair attachments, sales are expected to move faster in the market. For example, it is on the saver side to invest in hair attachments like expression attachments, human hair, bind wig, and other related things to stock. You stand a shot of making N 300,000 returns from your investment.

hair attachment business

3. Sell Hair Accessories Too

There are some other related products that can be sold alongside hair attachments. Some of these are used for making hair. These include things like relaxers, weavon stick, weavon, weavon oil, needle and a wide range of hair creams and dandruff repellers. This does draw in people as well as invite patronage of salon business owners to your business.

4. Keep Your Prices Moderate

Have it as a primary concern that there are numerous competitors in this line of business. Ensure your cost is extremely sensible and sufficiently appealing. You do not have to make huge benefit as a starter. Getting more patronage and clients should be your topmost priority at the start. Giving them the best quality at moderate rates will make you have repeated clients and patronage of a long time.

5. Buy From Where It’s Cheaper

Backing up what I said in point 4 above, try as much as possible to source for your stock from where the cost is quite moderate. Most of the hair attachments come from China. They are cheaper there. But if you don’t have enough capital to import directly your goods directly from China, you can consider obtaining from nearby makers. All things being equal, you can get your product at a sensible rate while being guaranteed of good quality. As a result, you will have the capacity to offer your goods to your clients and customers at a reasonably moderate rate.

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My Last Words

I had mentioned in point 5 that you should buy your hair attachments from where it’s cheaper. Now recall I said you can get it cheaper at China. But not only China, you can get it from anywhere else in the world. All you need to do is search online for web based merchants on the web stores such as Amazon, Alibaba and AliExpress.

In the circumstance that you have the capacity, visit these countries yourself to negotiate directly with the manufacturers. Of course, when you meet them and buy in bulk, you get a reasonable discount.

Nobody becomes gets more from a business without constant education and training. Thus, try as much as possible to improve yourself in the business as frequent as possible.  With these steps, I believe you can become an hero in hair attachment business not just locally but on an international level.

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