How To Start A Herbal Tea Production Business In Nigeria

How To Start A Herbal Tea Production Business In Nigeria

The herbal tea production business is increasingly gaining wide acceptability. The world has experienced some surge in the consumption of tea products, especially herbal tea over the years. The wholesale tea industry was worth a little over $7 billion dollars in 2009. At the time, there were over 2,300 tea rooms and shops in the United States of America.

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This can be attributed to the increased awareness of the need for healthier lifestyles and natural diet solutions. As I’ve always pointed out, this is another business opportunity for a smart guy like you to take advantage of. Starting an herbal tea production business would involve a lot of time, capital, and great marketing skill set.

To get started in herbal tea production business, there are a couple of things you need to put in place. One of them is that you identify the side effects of your product so as to enable you to advise consumers properly on how best to use it.

If you still wish to go into this line of business, you should be able to read this article until the end. Do not be discouraged by some of the instructions you will get along the way as they are meant to make you stronger and not dissuade you from going into the business.

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Starting a Herbal Tea Production Business – Sure Tips to Follow

herbal tea production buainess

  1. Research and test-run the product

Firstly, as this is a product that affects human health, you should test this product before pushing it into the market. Offer samples to people within and without your community to test after certifying the product is safe for consumption. They are the ones to identify if the product has any side effects or not.

If at the end they felt some harmful side effects, you should discontinue production of this product because continuing to produce a harmful product is a criminal offense and can fetch you some jail time.

But if the side effects are not harmful, then you should indicate such on the tea pack with instructions on how to avoid such effects if possible. Never skip this step, it will always save you some trouble.

  1. Package your products

The next step in your herbal tea production business is the packaging phase. If after testing your product, its certified fit for consumption by the consumers, you need to package it properly and start selling.

You should understand that there are rules of packaging here and adhere strictly to them. Marketing of herbal products has their own rules too. These rules are strictly monitored by the food and drugs administration.

You need to adhere to them to give your product some credibility in the market and also to save yourself some cost and trouble of being penalized by the regulating body for some breach of the standard.

  1. Brand your product

In herbal tea production business, appearance or looks are very vital. You can also call it the first impression. Choose an attractive name for your herbal tea production business. Buy a very specific domain name and pay for hosting.

Design an attractive website. If you lack web design skills, you should hire a professional to do this for you. A website tells the story better. A bland and uninspiring website tells the story of bland and uninspiring products especially when your reputation does not precede you. This is part of building your reputation as a starter.

Hire a professional to design your website if you are not one. Ensure to also research about the various regulations on herbal tea in your area and comply with them.

  1. Rent a space

You should be able to rent a space for your own tea shop. However, if as a starter you lack the funds to rent some space, you should not hesitate to work from home. Working from home is an economical way to start.

Before you start selling out, ensure that you have met all the requirements and that the product is fit for consumption. Also get the regulations and permits to start herbal tea production business so that you won’t be running an illegal outlet.

  1. Get registered and get the necessary licenses

Finally, before you start herbal tea production business officially, get your business name registered alongside other logistics like trademark registration, getting a sales tax certificate, insurance etc.

The information you would require for registering your herbal tea business name can be found at or visiting the corporate affairs commission office for inquiry.

  1. Market your product

Do well to market your herbal tea production business to attract customers. There are a couple of ways you can do this such as internet advertising like Google Ads, Bing Ads, pay-per-click ads, social media marketing, direct sale to specialty tea shops, etc. local arts and craft fairs can also help spread the good news.

Always seize the opportunity. Do not compromise on your quality. A quality product can get you so many referrals that you may not even need to advertise.