How To Make Money Online With Your Blackberry Phone

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Making money on Blackberry messenger is now becoming another means which entrepreneurs especially the young ones uses to make some small cash into their wallet. I’ve come to know BBM is becoming very important in two ways as regards making money: they are

1:) A means of driving serious traffic to website/blog

2:) A means of making money.

I will not like to go into details about the driving traffic to a site aspect but I will be talking about the money making here. So today I will be teaching you how to make money online with your Blackberry Phone.

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The truth is a lot of people especially young ones make a large number of BBM contacts but they are not utilizing it for money, all they do is chat and catch fun alone. Well that good for them but I still believe it will be more fun for them if they can start thinking on how to make some money with their BBM.

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A friend of mine asked my on a Whatsapp chat, he said “How can I make money online with my blackberry Messenger?

And I replied him saying, Think well and you will get the best out of Blackberry. What do I mean by this, I simply mean earning money online with Blackberry is not a big deal. If you are an internet marketer, blogger, advertising agent, or have the intention of becoming one very soon, then this is for you.

What you need To Make Money Online Using Blackberry

Get more contacts, by adding up everyone on your BBM group, Group chat, PIN BC train and asking your already existing contacts to BC your BBM pin. This is a factor that must be seriously considered as the number of contact you have, determines the extent of your success.

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Once you get active on BBM, People will contact you to promote their product or services and you do this by sharing the information with friends on your list. So the major means of making money on BBM is by direct broadcast to all your contacts list.

In the year 2014, I only used my money to subscribe once throughout the whole year, all my subscriptions were made by my loyal clients and I will give them a customized DP/Graphics design at that subscription price. Most times they send me recharge cards thereby saving me the money of buying recharge card. You can add me up on BBM with the Pin 24CB659C.

The question now is, how Do you Get Advertisements To Run On BBM?

Simply send out BC telling everyone on your list to advertise their business to over 3500 BBM contacts in your country. Here are BC template samples you can use.

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1). “Get and advertise your business, products, services to more than 3500 active BBM users in Nigeria”. I used Nigeria because I reside in Nigeria so you’ll have to replace that with your country. Be rest assured that some of them would contact you to do business. At present, I charge advertisers N500 for every broadcast I send. This translates to about $2.5/broadcast.

2). You must stick to a real name that is befitting for your business. Use a memorable personal or business name devoid of BBM smileys, signs, symbols and others “swag” decorations that may prevent people from easily locating your profile while searching through their friend list is recommended. If you are on my list, you will see that my Display name is GT Group.

3). Another trusted way to get more advert request is by sending in a response(s) to broadcasts that appear or are promotional in nature.

Make sure you do not try to deceive anyone because some clients will demand a screen shot of your contact list and I know you will not like it if rumor later carries it that you or your brand is scamming people on BBM.

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Wish you the best of luck as you start making money with Blackberry through the BlackBerry App Development called BBM.

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