5 Businesses You Can Start In School To Pay School Fees In Nigeria

5 Businesses You Can Start In School To Pay School Fees In Nigeria

The cost of attending college in Nigeria currently, is something that is way above average. The average cost of a year in college for the state-owned universities is #100,000, #60,000 for the federal universities and #150,000 for the privately owned colleges. The good news about this high cost of college is that there are businesses you can start in school as a student in order to pay these costly school fees.

There are other options to take in handling this problem, and they include, joining the military, school year jobs, financial aids (scholarships) etc. Rarely do we consider starting up a business in school.

You should note that most businesses do not need to have complex operations and employees in order to yield a profit.

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There are businesses you can start in school that will not even be too demanding of you, and yet, you make your profit at the end as a student.

All you need do is identify the product people need, acquire it and then sell it at a profit. As simple as this is, it might be your only ticket to going to any university in Nigeria without dropping out because of the fees.

Aside from even generating fund for your schooling, you will also acquire the necessary skill to excel in the world of business after school.

The major reason for this article is to open your eyes to the realities on the ground that if you are not among the rich in Nigeria; you really need to do something extra in order to pay your way through school.

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There are businesses you can start in school to help you achieve this task without abandoning your studies.

5 Businesses You Can Go Start in School As An Undergraduate

1. Photography

businesses you can start in school

This is one of the businesses you can start in school as an undergraduate in Nigeria. There are many social events in the university ranging from matriculations to convocations, inaugural lectures, departmental and faculty nights, not forgetting fellowship programmes in school.

Being a school environment, students don’t have any specific time for taking pictures, this is to say that even without these well-known activities in school, a photographer still has many customers in the students as they all enjoy snapping and enjoying themselves.

2. Teach or tutor

businesses you can start in school

There is no student that doesn’t have a particular subject where he or she is good and excels in. Be it maths, English, or music. You can start a tutorial for the younger students in your own department.

identify the particular course that they all are scared of and teach them at a particular price. If you are not comfortable with teaching in your own department, you can go to nearby secondary schools and start up a WAEC or Jamb lesson for them.

You can also go through agencies, but never forget that the idea is to make money for you and not for others. Teaching is one of the businesses you can start in school and still have time for your studies and personal upkeep.

3. Provide services for your fellow students

Provide services for your fellow students

There are many students who don’t have the time to undertake certain tasks such as laundering, shopping, note-taking etc.

What this actually requires from you is the ability to market and perform the services, either by yourself or paying other students at a rate that allows you make a profit.

You are obviously going to market these services to the students who have money to pay for them since the poor students are most likely going to do these things by themselves. You can also the internet and computer services like school registration, photocopying services etc.

4. Selling of handcrafted goods

businesses you can start in school

This is one of the businesses you can start in school and make a tremendous profit. There are whole lots of students who can make shoes, handbags, etc.

The school environment is a very big market that there is hardly any product that you bring to the school and won’t see customers sell to.

By virtue of the internet, you will have little problem reaching a wider range of people about your new product. You can generate fliers and business cards and give to your roommates and classmates to help you give around to their own friends as a means of advertising your new product in the school.

You will marvel at the rate that your product will circulate the school environment. You can also sell crafted goods made by other people at a commission.

5. Services for local residents


There are lots of businesses to start, having the local population in mind. You must try to research and find a peculiar problem that these locals are having and then find a way to address it. Once you have done this, you will be surprised at the amount of money that will be flowing into your pocket even as a student.

There is no doubt that the university is expensive in Nigeria, it’s also an opportunity for students to gain practical business skills and a more traditional rather than conventional academic education

You must try to develop an entrepreneurial mindset in school as that is the ticket to financial freedom.