Top 7 Secrets Every Entrepreneur Must Know And Be Prepared For


You may keep seeing only the glossy part and highlights of entrepreneurship online, but however there are also secrets about entrepreneurship that people naturally leave you to find out on your own.

If you want to be an entrepreneur then we have put a list of some of the toughest things you may have to deal with so you can read about them and be better prepared.

Below listed are seven secrets:

  1. Bankruptcy

When you choose the part of owning and running your own business, then bankruptcy is something you may face sooner or later.

Running a business can be very financially draining and although sometimes we arm ourselves with tight solid proof budgets, there are still unforeseen contingencies that may happen on us and then we find ourselves broke again. So yes, bankruptcy is a secret downside of entrepreneurship.

  1. Investors

You may have earlier determined to sponsor your business all by yourself and may have also sworn to not share ownership of the business with anyone but like the secret mentioned above it sometimes happens.

If you go bankrupt then the way out is to open the business to investors. Or if you want to expand but do not have the means then you have to open up to investors to provide you with the necessary funds.

  1. Disappointment

People will disappoint you. It’s a thing with life, you have to be prepared for it. And that is why it is advised to not always depend too much on people.

People will promise you money or help and then when you need it they will turn their backs on you. This is one of the secrets you need to keep at heart so that you will always equip yourself with a backup plan when dealing with people.

  1. People trying to pull you down

Yes, although many people may seem to be your largest fans and loudest cheerleaders they may be faking it. People are always naturally jealous of anyone doing better than them.

So always be prepared and be on the lookout for these fake fans. the knowledge that people may try to pull you down is one of the secrets that you should keep at heart to always stay abreast and a step ahead.


  1. Legal Scuffles

You may on some occasions be involved with legal cases so bad that it ends in court. Since you now know this secret it would be prudent to get yourself and your business a lawyer because you never know when you will be greeted with a law suit.

  1. Loosing Friendships

Entrepreneurs are people that are goal-getters and business inclined. You may have friends that do not share the same philosophies and the sad truth is that although you and such friends have come a long way, because your career paths are different you may have to cut loose the friendship.

You need to know and accept that you may lose a couple of friendships along the line because you are too dedicated on your business to accommodate people who do not add value. This is a secret you should always use as a reminder.

  1. Loosing Relationships.

Just like secret number 6, this is also bound to happen because you are too focused on your business. Entrepreneurs are naturally very busy people and also naturally relationships demand time and attention.

Because you may not be equally dedicated to two things at a time, you may have to choose one and most times, the relationship looses out.