How Small Business Owners Can Hire Top Talents In Nigeria

How Small Business Owners Can Hire Top Talents In Nigeria

One of the challenges that small business owners always encounter in the course of doing business is hiring top and skilled talents.

It is very important to note that without skilled hands working for you, it is only a matter of time before your business is out of competition in the market, and this only means that you are out of business.

Knowing that recruiting agencies are very expensive, there is only one option left for these small business owners and that is to hire potential employees themselves.

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Statistically, small businesses drive the American economy by generating 64% of new jobs in the country.

The irony of the whole thing is that when these small business owners are asked about what they dislike most about owning a company, greater percentage of them says it is the hiring process.

These small business owners cry that the hiring agencies are expensive and yet they also bemoan the time it takes for them on their own to find quality candidates.

The simple reason that these small business owners give is simply that hiring takes time, effort and money which are not always readily available.

Ways Small Business Owners Can Hire Top And Skilled Talents

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After interviewing small business owners around the country, I came up with these few ways to help these small business owners hire quality employees.

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  1. Use Quality Job Advertising Platforms

By making use of quality job advertising platforms, you reduce the time spent on going through every resume and also having to interview every potential employee.

These quality job advertising platforms have technologies that can source the top candidates, thereby reducing the time you spent on the phone talking with every potential employee. By sourcing the top candidates for the job, small business owners now have to only interview the most qualified candidates for the job.

  1. Spend Quality Time In The Hiring Process

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The adage that time is money, May not in its entirety applies to hiring quality employees. Small business owners should never rush the hiring process simply to save time.

If you rush the hiring process, you might see yourself employing an employee that is not suited for the job.

This will eventually mean that the whole time, effort and money that you spent hiring such an employee is a waste.

Instead of having to deal with this kind of failure late on, it is better than you as a small business owner devotes ample time to your hiring process so as to get the best that is available.

Always remember that what is worth doing is worth doing well. You must put in more work and time so as to have a great outcome down the road.

If you rush to hire a bad employee, you will spend more money and time to get it right later in the course o doing business.

  1. Always Set Your Own Standard

While placing job adverts, small business owners should always set the benchmark for the job position that they are advertising.

When you set a standard, you have streamlined the people that will apply for the job.

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For example, if you wish to hire a civil engineer for your construction firm, instead of just sending out job adverts for civil engineers, you can actually stipulate that those applying should have a certain level of experience and academic qualification.

Also, focusing on your company culture, vision and mission can also attract the talents that you desire for your firm. These tips will really go a long way to making it very easy for small business owners to hire top and skilled employees.