Top 5 Exclusive Powers Only Entrepreneurs Are Entitled To In Nigeria


Being an entrepreneur may have its own pitfalls, but the upside of it is reasonably and significantly towering. Yes indeed being an entrepreneur gives you certain exclusive powers that other people are not entitled to.

So the next time you start to wonder how being an entrepreneur makes you different from every other Tom, Dick and Harry…..let this list come to mind.

  1. The Power To Take and Give Jobs

If you are a salary earner then you know just how dignifying and powerful this feels. As an entrepreneur not only are you sure of the security of your own job, you are also in the position to give and or take other people’s jobs.

So you become a sort of mini god in the job market. People pray you find their CV’s worthy enough. People pray and hope you remain satisfied with the job the job are doing for you so you don’t fire them.

So yes, the power to give a job or take a job is a power that is exclusive to just entrepreneurs.

  1. The Power To Have The Final Say

Another super power only entrepreneurs wield is the power and authority to have the final say regarding any issue concerning the business. As an entrepreneur you are not under any obligation to make your business a democracy and hence you can you can rule it however you like.

Because you literally and technically own the business you can always make binding decisions on any issue without consulting anyone else.

  1. The Power To Come And Go As You Please

Again salary owners, particularly bankers know just how gratifying this power can be. As an entrepreneur you don’t have to wake up at a set time to rush to work every day and then come back so late that you don’t get enough work for the next day.

Since you are the boss, you can come to work whenever you want and go whenever you want, no matter how early.

  1. The Power To Promote Yourself

Some people have to work for years to get a bigger office or a higher pay or a more authoritative title and rank. But that is not the case with entrepreneurs. As an entrepreneur everything is dependent on you and how hard you work to promote your business.

If you want a bigger office, you can get it. If you want more money you can get it. You can have whatever rank you want to.

  1. The Power To Dress As You Like

Have you seen pictures of world riches men Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates or Steve Jobs? Have you noticed how they are almost always casually dressed even at their places of work?

Well that is possible for them because they are entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurs can dress however they want, whenever they want. They don’t have to stick to a dress code dictated by a Managing Director because they are the boss!