Tips On How To Become Very Successful In Your Career In Nigeria

Tips On How To Become Very Successful In Your Career In Nigeria

When I conceived the idea of putting up something on successful people and successful career, I thought for a very long time on what we can actually see success as. Individual success is very relative and depends hugely on perception. However, to become very successful in your career isn’t that confusing. It is relatively clearer and less ambiguous.

In Entrepreneur Nigeria, we have done so many works on success in business. I want to concentrate today on success in your career which I know is all-encompassing. It could be your business, in the academics, in medical practice and indeed in any chosen profession. You see, it is quite all-encompassing and it will work for anybody and everybody.

This piece is a dissection of what many people have written on success but from the active and passive perspective.

It is my belief that everybody wants to know how to succeed in career goals or how to build a successful career. To achieve that, you need to have a conscious successful career planning.

One thing is what you need and what you are doing. Sometimes, there is a sharp contrast between the two but when they are in agreement, success is always almost guaranteed.

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Remember, there are two conflicting aspects of the human nature and while one would want you to become very successful in your career, the other would want to pull you. That is why it is safe to say that the human is always going through a dialectical process. Well, let us leave that for the political scientists.

We are going to look at a distilled piece of work on how to become very successful in your career and you will be surprised at how much you need to improve your daily lifestyle.

How To Become Very Successful In Your Career In Nigeria

become very successful in your career

  1. Become goal oriented but flexible

You see, to become very successful in your career, you must as a matter of necessity be goal-oriented. It is always about your goals. Your goals will become your motivation and your inspiration.

If your goal is to get to the apex of your career, it will make you become conscious of how you intend to get there. It is all about setting this goal or goals as the case may be and working on a plan to achieve it.

You can write the goals down and work on achieving them through certain levels of commitment.

There is something you must commit to your heart nonetheless; you cannot always be rigid about your goals and the plan of action. There has to be room for adjustment as certain circumstances you may not have envisaged at the beginning begin to rear their ugly heads. Don’t forget that.

  1. Build your resume

In this time, you need to have an outstanding resume in order to become very successful in your career. It is of essence that you do that especially if you are not a business owner. In so far as you want to build a career in a certain establishment that is not yours, you have to worry about your CV.

Your resume tells people what you are good at and what you are not good and that will go a long way in determining if they will hire you or not so you have to make it worth the stress.

When opportunities arise, you should be ready. You may have to let professionals put up a good resume for you because it is very essential.

Your resume is basically your way of saying “I’m good at this, good at that, and I can help by doing

  1. You need Ambition

Do you really know how to be successful in a career path or how to succeed in career goals or how to build a successful career? You may think you know which is okay but without the right ambition, you will always have limitations and you will have the danger of getting stagnated and comfortable with a certain level of success.

For you to get to the apex and become very successful by the definition of career success, you must cultivate the drive, the right hunger, and the right ambition. You need to be steadfast and willing to keep on keeping on for you to get there.

People that have achieved a high level of success are always people with incredible ambition. Cultivate one but don’t let it infect you with negativity.

  1. Build confidence

Patience with God is called Faith, patience with others is called love and patience with self is called confidence. I’m a very big fan of these lines. My concern though is patience with self which is referred to as confidence.

To succeed in your career, you need confidence which will eliminate the options of fear and doubt in your life.

Let me tell you the truth, these things will always pop up but how you deal with them will determine how far you will go in your career.

If you consider the successful people, you will find out that they have learned how to conquer their fears and put their doubts aside because they know that even if they fail at something, they will a lot of other opportunities to succeed in their next endeavor.

  1. Get curious and inquisitive

While it is good to accept certain aspects of departmental policies and rules, going against the flow doesn’t necessarily represent a bad thing. Sometimes, you need to see the world from a different perspective and do things differently.

This is what you must do to become very successful in your career. You need to be curious and inquisitive in your dealings with people working with you. It makes you a leader and the guy people come to.

When you ask questions that are reasonable anyway, you see opportunities that others don’t and you bring results that others won’t be able to bring.

The status quo should not be a problem. You don’t have to be satisfied with it if it is not working effectively. It can be changed for greater good by you and your ideas and most times, things like this catapult your career.

  1. Cultivate a growth mindset

What mindset do you go into a career with? How do you visualize yourself in the nearest future? These are things that will have long-lasting implications on your career growth. The mind is an important element in getting yourself to the apex of your career.

To become very successful in your career, you will need to build that mindset of progressive growth and self-development at all times. You have to forget your flaws an focus on your strength and abilities and how you can improve them.

Adopting this mindset allows people to thrive in challenging times. A growth mindset sees failure as a springboard for growth, as opposed to a fixed mindset, which avoids challenges, gives up easily and feels threatened by the success of others.

  1. Be passionately committed

Life can be funny and sometimes, you will have to be stronger than the challenges of life so as to be very committed to your career. Without commitment, all other things that you have may just be in vain.

You will have to become a wholesome believer in your goals and dreams and work passionately towards achieving it. When you are passionate about something, getting committed to it won’t be an issue and progress and success will eventually follow.

I don’t want to school you on passion but you need to know that you cannot fake it. It is intrinsic to you and inherent in you. Once it is there, you will succeed in your career without question.

  1. Learn to be calm under pressure

In the course of your career, you are going to be faced with a lot of stress and pressure. Most times, losing your cool may seem as the only viable option. You don’t have to do that not because it doesn’t make any sense but because it limits your growth and your success.

The people that are wildly successful have learned how to harness their frustrations and vexations and rechanneling them to other aspects of their career. They don’t crumble at the sight of pressure but they work hard to get things underway.

  1. You have to be an optimist

To become very successful in your career, you will have to become a great optimist. Where people see casting downs, you will have to see lifting ups, where people see problems and challenges, you see potentials and opportunities. You have to be better than the people around you who would probably want the easy way.

However, your optimism doesn’t have to be utopian. It has to be quite realistic. When very successful people see potentials, they don’t delude or kid themselves with the notion that it is going to be a walk in the park. They know that they have put in their best efforts to conquer situations like that.

  1. Be a Strong communicator

Communication is the key to success. Every hugely successful person in his career will tell you that to get to the apex, you will do well to learn communication or you will fumble. They will tell you the importance of being a good communicator to your success.

In the field of negotiation which will always pop up either as a business owner or as part of an establishment and you will come tops if are a good communicator. When you want to convey important messages that will have to be executed perfectly to your staff, team members or your superiors, you will have to look critically at what it takes to give the right information and all it takes is becoming a good communicator.