The Requirements For An Estate Management Career In Nigeria

The Requirements For An Estate Management Career In Nigeria

Having a career in estate management is something that a lot people desire. You are probably one of them. There are a lot of things involved in this line of career and it is very important that you understand the necessities of having a great career in estate management. It is important to state the most obvious fact that the estate manager works with the owner of the house. This article though is not on explaining the job description of the estate manager. Maybe we will take out time to do that subsequently. We are actually more interested in making the lives of estate managers more interesting by bringing to their notice the interesting necessities of the career while at the same time motivate the prospects; those who will potentially join the profession. So, below is a careful analysis on the things involved in having a career in estate management.

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Four Basic Requirements For Having A Career In Estate Management

Responsibilities Abound

The estate manager is charged with countless responsibilities. He does a lot of things for the betterment and growth of the property. The person is charged with budgeting of the services needed, accounting of the estate, and most importantly, the payroll of the estate’s workers or employees.

The responsibility of overseeing certain projects or workers is also that of the manager. Issues such as maintenance and construction, hiring and training workers at the estate for different capacities and positions are within the purview of the responsibilities of the estate manager. Travel arrangements scheduling for the owner of the house, taking care of pets and maybe planning events such as dinners and other events may also be taken care of by the manager.

These are the practices that are invoked in the United States and is increasingly becoming the practice in Nigeria. Actually, most things are. The simple truth which you have to come to terms with is that anything that has to do with the property; finances and personnel, as far as you the estate manager could be your responsibility.

The responsibilities of the manager are almost limitless and will require your attention from time to time. The good news is that the can be strategically managed. You can find a way to handle it.

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You are the Head of the Household

The estate manager is usually considered the head of the household. As stated earlier, you are responsible for all the work within the household and by extension, the property. This may sound very gross but it is true. The owner of the house or the property most times goes about his or her business leaving you with the responsibility of overseeing the affairs of the house.

The implication or the essence of bringing this to your notice is that it is very ethical to do so. If you are already in estate management and you want to make a career out of it, then you must know these things and make your peace with it. If you are still considering having a career in estate management, it is also very important you know so that you will plan yourself and know if it is right for you.

It simply takes time. Don’t get it wrong, you could be lucky to manage a property that takes little of your time. You just never know. The point we have made here is that you are the head of the household as far the maintenance of the house is concerned.

You will be Required to Work with Everyone

As an estate manager as we have mentioned above, you are going to oversee the activities of workers. The implication is that you get to spend some time with them. Sadly to some and interestingly to some others, it does not end there. You also get to spend time with the owner of the property or estate. You attend to his or her needs if need be. It is also expected of you to coordinate with a lot of professionals that may be linked to the house.

This means that you get to work with the Lawyers, Accountants, construction workers, attorneys, architects, financial advisors, and contractors. You can be the coordinator of a party at the state.

You see the things that you get to do are quite enormous and you require the necessary communication and professional skills to be able to handle all these responsibilities. It is easier to assume that you will be in communication with everybody and have to work with everybody if you are choosing a career in estate management.

Skills are of Essence

The big deal for many people is not really that they don’t have time to involve in the countless responsibilities an estate manager has. It is the fact that they don’t have the requisite skills to carry out these responsibilities. It is therefore pertinent that you work on developing the skills that you need to succeed in that career path. We will show a set of both discreet and covert skills required to become successful in estate management.

  • You have to be resourceful:

    Remember that you are the head of the household. You are to improvise and solve problems when needed. You can’t afford to look lost in the midst of circumstances. That will be very bad.

  • You also have to be discreet in your dealings:

    You will be required to sign a non-disclosure agreement to protect private property. This requires that ability.

  • Communication Skills:

    The way you communicate with both your bosses and the employees in your care as well as the professionals you meet can help you have a great career in the field. Try and master the art of communication to know when to talk and when to listen.

  • Become part of the Family:

    This is very important. To be able to achieve enormous results in the field, you will have to get down from the bossy seat and become a member of the family and grow love and affection amongst the workers and the owners. You will be amazed at the level of success attainable through this medium.

The truth is that estate management is in small part an easy career but it is a career that pays well. The salary structure is quite healthy. You can make a hell of a living from it. No matter the amount of property you manage, you can make a healthy living from it.

If this true as I suppose you knew before you chose it, why not take some time to understand the requirements for becoming a success in it. You just don’t have anything to lose but everything to gain. Good luck.