7 Mistakes Students Make in Their Career Path

Without an iota of doubt, the objective of life is for one to be successful. There are a lot of youths out there struggling to make ends meet, but I have been drawn to specially address our Nigerian students in the tertiary education level, and this guide is meant to show you the 7 mistakes students make in their career path.

Do you know why lots of youth are wrestling to become fortuitous? Could you make a guess?

Ooops! I hate guessing too, but let me put it to you this way. What do you think will happen when the foundation of a building is not well laid?

That is a rhetorical question, but it is quite self-explanatory. When the foundation of a building is not well laid, no matter what you place on top, it would collapse.

Thus, this phenomenon also applies to your life. Unless you channel your career path well while you’re still a student, you will always struggle to become who you want to be in the long run.

“Life is very simple, but we make it complicated”

A lot of students make mistakes in their career path and these mistakes set a roadblock for success at the end of the day.

Here at *Entorm*, our subject of focus is to make every individual achieve a successful career path, but we have to admit the fact that the foundation of a thing matters, this why we have decided to address the early youths who are still students.

Do not dream of a successful tomorrow if you are yet to do the needful today, your career path in life starts when you’re in school, unfortunately, many folks believe that career only starts after graduation.

I know so many people don’t have Education opportunity, but that does not mean you cannot officiate your career path too and channel it in the right way. You can obviously succeed without going to school in Nigeria.

Nonetheless, I want to address those who are students of today, you need to start building your career path. I wish I have enough words to emphasize this, but take my words serious and engrave it in your heart. Life would be difficult in Nigeria if you have no substantial purpose.

Ensure you avoid these seven mistakes that students make in their career path which I am about to share; perhaps, It is not a going to be funny if you say this to yourself in the future     ” Had I know, I would have done this or that ……”

Now that you’re at the doorstep of your tomorrow, are you going to let things slide and wait for the time, when it would be too late to re-adjust or lay your foundation? I bet it would only leave you running helter-skelter begging for a Job from one company to the other.

Before I reveal the seven mistakes that students make in their career path, I need you to have a knowledge of what it means and what is needed to build your career.

Read this guide: “How to start your career from start to finish” it will help you a lot.

Without further ado, here are the 7 mistakes that students make in their career path.

#1 Mistake: Thinking that the time to start your career is after graduation:

I have spoken with several youths, including those who are now graduates, and those who are in school. Here are some funny statements that I got:

The graduate says: ” If I knew things would be like this I would have started my plans back then in school, now my mates are already resting enjoying the fruit of their labor that was laid back then, but here I am still trying to start up something”

Hear what students who are in school say:

” My plan is; when I graduate, I will start up something and then get married and have children”

Ha ha ha!……i seriously can’t help laughing when I hear this, eventually, 70% of youths I discussed with were saying, after I graduate I will do this or after I graduate I will do that..”

Unfortunately, those who have graduated are saying, “I wish I knew, I would have started before I graduated”

Isn’t it funny? To me, I am not surprised, because this is one of the mistaken phenomena that students make in their career path.

Why this is true, there are most students that start their career while in school because they know that today is the best time.

Let me enlighten you.

Do you know the philosophical meaning of the word “MAN“?

MAN – By rationalism in terms of life, means ” Morning (M), Afternoon (A) and Night (N).

I have been to several seminars, and this is one thing that I don’t fail to tell youths.

As a man ( female not excluded) You have only three stages of life before you finally go to join your ancestor.

Stage one – Morning Age
Stage two – Afternoon Age
Stage three- Night Age

Morning Age: This is the time that a man has to lay a foundation, this the time to plant, this is the time to sew.

As a student, you’re in the morning age. Someone in the age range of 0 -27 is in his/her morning age.

Afternoon Age: This is not the time to plant because it would be too sunny to plant.

Instead, this is the time to water the seed you planted in the morning, the time to add flesh to the building whose foundation you laid in the morning age of your life.

Someone in the age range of 27-50 is in his/her afternoon age.

Night Age: This is not the time to plant, and this is not the time to water the plant, this not the time to build.

The evening is meant to harvest what you planted during the morning age.

The evening age is meant to rest, no man can work at night because it would be dark by then. It is the age where you are meant to eat the fruit of your labor. Someone in the age range of 50 above is in his/her night age.

You see, that is how life works.

But many youths (students) waste their morning age.

Career guide

Some go about rocking parties from Lagos to Jamiaca.

Students career guide

Some go about flirting around all in the name of love.

For some male folks, they go about playing betting games.

It really looks like the fun age, but this is one of the mistakes that students make in their career path, not just students, but early youths.

However, most wise youths and Nigerian students are out there sewing a seed for their life.

In summary: The best time to start your career in life is during the morning age when you still have the strength, please do not prolong it anymore because many who have passed your stage are wishing they could come back.

#2 Mistake: Focusing on Generating Profits without Investing.

Another mistake that students make in their career path is looking for profit…profit ….profit.

If I start this now when will I start making money

Oh no! This is a big career mistake, and I have always cautioned youths and students against this.

When you start a career in your school-days, look away from profit.

Profit will only come as a reward after investment.

The only thing you should do at this age is to invest, don’t think of profit immediately.

But so many students make this mistake in their career route, yes, I am talking about you.

You really want to start up something to make money quick, right? Yes, nobody will not like to make quick money.

If you go over to our career guide which is being read by thousands of students like you, you will learn one thing.

It was stated in that guide that “a career is not a job“, it is not a quick money thing.

A career is a seed you plant in your morning age which you are meant to harvest in your evening age.

Hi, can I ask you a question? Which farmer plants today and harvest it the following day?

A good farmer plants waters the plant and let it grow then harvest it in the future.

If you start harvesting after you plant, you’re going to harvest the seed you planted and not the fruit, if you harvest the seed there would be no fruit for you to eat in the future,

My most candid advice for you is to start harvesting and forget about what you will gain.

Plant, water and let it grow!
Invest, add light your investment and let it grow!

#3 Mistake: Trading career with Education:

Can I get your attention, please!

Remember as a student, you have two fishes to fry: ” Your career which I am urging you to start now” and ” Your education which is at hand”

I used to say that” You cannot chase two rats and catch both at the same time”

I need to re-enlighten you when it comes to your career, and your education, these are two different entities that need your time. Leaving one for the other is not logical.

The third mistake that students make in their career path is trading career with education.

What I mean is, most students transpose education for a career. It is good to start your career in your morning age; of course, I mean when you’re in school.

But, this must be done with wisdom. Education is important just like your career is important.

You have to anchor both and do not let anyone fall.

Don’t get too carried away by your career and forget your examinations and education in totality. Keep both at arms length.

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There are times when you will feel drained by your activities in school and you will have no time to attend to your career, and there are times when you will be so occupied with your career and you won’t have much time for academics.

This is due to the fact that you’re making a mistake, learn to plan your time. Create a to-do list and stick to it!

#4 Mistake: Rushing your career goals

Recall when I said, morning age is meant for planting. But, do you know what most students do?

They plant, water and try to harvest all in the morning age. This is a correct example of trying to catch many rats at the same time. The bad news is you will miss all and you won’t even catch one.

Do not plant, water and aim to harvest all in the morning age (while in school) it is only greediness and it will take over your academics.

You are meant to plant enough seed and wait when the time comes to water it and then harvest, at least you will have time to attend to other things.

There is a saying that there is a time and season for everything. You need to understand this and utilize it meaning.

Trying to plant, water and harvest at once is a wrong goal. But that is not even worse, there are some people that I call a jack of all trade, they do worse than you can think.

I met someone who is trying to achieve three different goals, he is into blogging, he is also into music aiming to become an artist, this same person is into graphic designing/video production.

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Yeah! That is a jack of all trade. As if that is not enough, this dude is a student. Should we call it wisdom or foolishness?

To be frank with you, this guy is a confused student, such people will end up losing everything because he won’t have the time to put in what is really needed for each to grow because he has divided attention.

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This is one of the mistakes students make in their career path, you have to chase one goal at a time and not trying to achieve so many goals with just two hands.

#5 Mistake: Putting hope on Parents for Sponsorship:

Many a time, I used to blame my parents for not attending to my needs, not until I understood something about life.

It is a big misconception. The only thing your parents owe you is to bring you up and guide you while you’re growing up, God used them as the road to bring you into life, your future is in your hands.

If your parents are supporting your career, good for you;  but you need to understand that they don’t hold your future, you’re responsible for who you become so stop putting hope on your parents and work out your own life.
If you think your parents should be responsible for who you will want to become then you’re making a big mistake.

career mistakes by students

Look here, your life is in your hands, how you sail your ship is up to you.

Stop expecting anything from mum or dad, if they contribute to your success, be lucky. If they do not, say thanks, and build up your own goal.

I repeat: Your life is in your hand and your parents don’t owe you anything more than bringing you up.

#6 Mistake: Letting women take over your career path or life focus.

This is a very common mistake that students make in their career path, not just students, but youths as well.

You let women take over your will and ride you about to the extent that you have too many loads under your belt.

The day I released that most women are agents of distraction while trying to start up something in your life, they come from nowhere and get your attention.

Now that i know this bitter truth, I have no choice than to adjust.

Women create weaknesses, once again; there is a time for everything you have to understand this, experience is the best teacher, and I am coaching you base on evident.

Yes, most women will support you but only 2 out of 20 are there to support you.

You must not let women distract you while anchoring your life career.

#7 Mistake: Not having a Mentor.

This is the last mistake that students make in their career path that i will talk about today, don’t believe that you can make it all by yourself.

A piece of friendly advice; you need a mentor to anchor your life. Someone who can watch your back, someone to guide you through, someone who has gone down the road you are about to take and have returned, someone who understands you, someone who knows the true meaning of life.

You cannot always advice yourself, you need people to advise you.

This is the most important mistake that I want you to correct, it is conclusive and I don’t need to convince you that you need a mentor.

Mentors are a heavenly angel sent to guide you and watch your back, so don’t ignore them and ensure you have one.

Wrap up!

Phew! That was much, but I guess I have played my part by giving you the best guide for channeling your career path as a student. From here, the ball is in your court to play.

For more guide like this subscribe to our blog, see you around again.



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