Top 50 Oil and Gas Companies in Nigeria

,Are you curious as to which oil and gas companies make the top 24 list in Nigeria? I might be the only one feeling this way, but I think that everybody aims to find their spot in the Nigerian oil and gas industry.

Have you thought of where you’d like to work after graduation? Did the oil and gas sector just flash through your mind? If it did, I totally agree with you! This sector is one of the highest paying sectors, if not the highest.

I know you can imagine yourself getting a well-paying job freshly out of school if you are reading this as a student. If you are done schooling, you may consider working in an oil company in Nigeria because of the lucrative compensation packages.

Dear reader, money is an important part of life. A lot of it even, even better. Wealthier people are known, regarded and respected even in our religious institutions.

Oil and Gas companies in Nigeria.

Oil and Gas companies in Nigeria

Oil and gas companies in Nigeria contribute greatly to federal government revenue because it’s Nigeria’s largest export.  Let me now review the top 50 Oil and Gas companies in Nigeria.

The Top 50 Oil and Gas Companies in Nigeria  

It is my hope that you find the following list of the top 24 oil and gas companies in Nigeria useful.

  1. Shell

Shell has for many years led Nigeria’s oil and gas sector. This company was the first to discover a commercial oil field in Oloibiri, Delta State.

Shell is owned by the Royal Dutch Shell, and is responsible for over 21% of the total petroleum produced in Nigeria. That is approximately 629,000 barrels daily sourced from over   80 fields.

  1. Chevron

With its over five decades of operation in Nigeria, Chevron is in tough competition for the place of the most popular oil and gas company in Nigeria.

It produces hundreds of thousands of barrels of crude oil and several millions of cubic feet of natural gas every day.

Chevron deals in about every phase of oil and gas, including natural gas, exploration and production of hydrocarbon, geothermal energy industries, manufacturing and sales of chemicals, refining, transportation and marketing of end products.

  1. Total Nigeria Plc.

Total is an international energy company actively functioning in over 130 countries. It has for more than 50 years, provided oil and gas services in Nigeria, and is one of the leading companies in this sector.

  1. Exxon Mobil Oil

Exxon Mobil, with a net worth of over $400 billion, is another big player in this industry. This company is involved in the exploration and production of crude oil and natural gas.

Exxon Mobil isn’t just concerned with oil and gas. It has spread its tentacles to various other business ventures, such as deep water production, and so on.

  1. Addax Petroleum

Addax Petroleum came into being in Nigeria in 1998, by the signing of two Production Sharing Contracts (PSCs) with the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC). It currently runs with more than 100 oil wells in Nigeria.

  1. Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC)

The Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) was the result of the merger of the Nigerian Petroleum Corporation and the Nigerian Federal Ministry of Mines and Steel on the 1st of April, 1977.

NNPC is a state-owned corporation saddled with the responsibility of managing the country’s oil and gas resources, and presently runs many depots across Nigeria.

The company has refineries in Kaduna, Warri, and many others.

  1. Nigeria Liquefied Natural Gas Limited (NLNG)

Nigeria Liquefied Natural Gas Limited, a world-class oil and gas company, was formed in 1989. It has since then helped in shaping Nigeria’s oil and gas sector.

The company deals majorly in natural gas and geothermal energy.

  1. Equinor Oil and Gas Nigeria

Formerly known as Statoil, Equinor has been operating in Nigeria since 19(what?) and has attained great feats since then.

Equinor is known for its role in the exploration of Agbani Oilfield in the Niger Delta region.

  1. Petrobas

Petrobas is a Brazil state-owned oil and gas company that has made its name in the Nigerian oil and gas sector. Despite its popularity in Brazil, Petrobas decided to venture into the African market and make a name for it. The company focuses on oil, gas and alternative energy resources.

  1. Nexen Inc.

Nexen Energy ULC is an independent subsidiary of CNOOC Ltd. This company is one of several Chinese companies under CNOOC Ltd. that has come to become notable businesses in the oil and gas sector.

Its major assets in Africa are offshore projects that started in 2012 in Nigeria, and deep water explorations.

  1. Hardy Oil and Gas Nigeria Plc

This is one company that is interested in breaking into the Nigerian market. Its financial interest is presently in onshore assets in Ataka and Oza.

Together with Bayelsa Oil Company Limited and Millenium Oil and Gas Company, it is one of the best oil fields explorers.

Hardy Oil and Gas Nigeria has a 20% interest in Atala and Oza, and a net worth of over £67 million.

  1. Conoil Nigeria

Conoil Plc, another big player in the industry, is a petroleum products marketer, producer and marketer of lubricants, household and liquified petroleum gas for home and industrial use.

The company, formally known as National Oil and Chemical Marketing Plc, was incorporated as a private limited liability company in 1960. It became a public company in 1989.

Conoil is the first bulk marketer of petroleum products in Nigeria.

  1. Eni (Saipem)

Eni Saipem is another big name in the Nigerian oil and gas sector. It deals mainly in gas and global oil.

This oil and gas company is operational in 71 countries across the globe, and has a 33,000 manpower base.

  1. Oando Plc.

Oando is named Africa’s largest independently-owned oil trading compay, dealing in a wide range of refined petroleum and crude oil products.

This company was born in 1956 when ESSO (what does it stand for?) started operating as a petroleum marketing company in Nigeria.

Wale Tinubu, the nephew of Bola Tinubu is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Oando.

  1. Sahara Energy

Another big player in the oil and Gas industry in Nigeria is Sahara Energy Resource Ltd. It is located in Victoria Island, Lagos, and is well-known for its role in oil production, marketing and trading.

Sahara Energy is very active in the downstream, midstream, upstream, infrastructure and power sectors.

  1. Nestoil

In 1991, Nestoil started as the oil and gas arm of Obijackson Group. At that time, participation of local companies in the oil and gas sector was minimal.

Nestoil has beaten expectations by completing and delivering top-notch services on time. This successful company now boasts of more than 1,500 employees.

  1. Seplat Petroleum

Seplat came into being in June 2009, through the collaboration of Platform Petroleum Joint Ventures Limited and Sheba Petroleum Development Company Limited.

Their primary focus is to pursue opportunities in the upstream oil and gas sector, and divestment opportunities arising from major IOC’s portfolios.

  1. Halliburton

Halliburn came to Nigeria in 1959 and the company specializes in mostly oil field services. This company is doubtless one of the largest providers of oilfield services in the country presently

  1. Intels

Intels Nigeria Limited was formed in 1984,  and has become a  top producer of oil and gas in Nigeria. This company markets refined petroleum products, manufactures and markets lubricants, household and liquified petroleum gas for domestic and industrial use.

  1. Forte Oil Plc.

Forte Oil Plc was founded on the 11th of December, 1964 as British Petroleum Nigeria Limited. Fourteen years later, the company changed to a public liability company.

Forte Oil is chaired by Femi Otedola, a Nigerian businessman, fuel products importer and philanthropist.

  1. Schlumberger Oilfield Services

Schlumberger Limited is a world-class oilfield services organisation providing technology, data and information solutions and integrated project management, thereby maximising reservoir performance for customers in the oil and gas industry.

  1. Amazon Energy

Amazon Energy is one of Nigeria’s major diversified energy services providers, that builds infrastructure to support the oil and gas, and power sectors.

  1. MRS Oil Nigeria Plc

MRS is an oil marketing company with its headquarters situated in Lagos, Nigeria. It started marketing petroleum products in Nigeria in 1913 under the brand name Texaco.

Their major operations are wholesale and retail of petroleum, aviation fuel and blending lubricants.

  1. Chibeco Oil and Gas

Chibeco is also a big name in Nigeria’s oil and gas sector. The company is committed to providing high quality petroleum products to customers promptly, and at reasonable prices.

Besides the 24 oil and gas companies in Nigeria listed and discussed above, there are more oil and gas companies in Nigeria and they are:

  1. Ariosh Limited

  2. Ascon

  3. Cakasa (Nigera Company Ltd)

  4. Capital Oil Plc

  5. Crestville Engineering and Technology Company Limited

  6. DeltaAfrik Engineering Limited (Deltatek/WorlyParsons)

  7. Denver Petroleum Services

  8. Elf Marketing Nig Ltd

  9. Fabrico Oil and Gas Limited

  10. Gaslink Nigeria Limited

  11. Geolynx Ltd

  12. Honeywell Oil and Gas Limited

  13. Linkso Engineering Design and Consultancy

  14. Lonadek Oil & Gas Consultants

  15. Lordmart Nig Limited

  16. Lubcon Limited Oil and Gas

  17. National Engineering & Technical Co. Ltd. (NETCO)

  18. Nigeria Agip Oil Company Limited

  19. Point Engineering Ltd

  20. Sigmund Engineering Company Limited

  21. Texaco Nigeria Ltd

  22. Tudaka Petroleum & Gas Co Ltd

  23. Weltek Nigeria Limited

  24. Zenon Petroleum and Gas


The Oil and Gas sector is Nigeria’s largest source of internally-generated revenue. The oil and gas sector comprises multi-billion Naira companies. They have a large employee base and are the biggest contributors to Nigeria’s economy till date.

People who work in or manage the Oil and Gas Companies is Nigeria are keynote individuals in the society. If you doubt this statement, Google information about the CEOs of oil and gas companies/firms and see their net worth. I can’t imagine anyone leaving a company as pocket-filling as that.

Oil and Gas companies are still thriving, even though some people have seen it as the cause of Nigeria’s lack of economic diversification. If this post has been beneficial to you, please like, share, and leave a comment.



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