How To Handle The Transition From Co-Worker To Manager In Nigeria

How To Handle The Transition From Co-Worker To Manager In Nigeria

The transition from co-worker to manager is a normal occurrence in the workplace in Nigeria. As an employee, you have to understand that promotion is bound to occur so long as you keep improving and getting better at what you do in the workplace.

As great as it may seem to be promoted to manager in your place of work, you should also know that it comes with its own challenges as well.

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There are millions of questions that will be running through your mind, these questions include, “will you be successful in your new position?” can you be able to withstand the pressure that comes with being a manager? These questions and a whole lot more will probably be begging for answers from you.

You should know that your most challenging task will get your former colleagues to flow with you as their leader.

Ways You Can Handle The Transition From Co-Worker To Manager In Nigeria

transition from co-worker to manager

  1. Adjust to the situation mentally

The first thing you must do when you are in the transition from co-worker to manager in Nigeria is that you must have to mentally accept your new portfolio.

You must be ready mentally to function as a manager and no longer as an ordinary co-worker in your workplace.

As a manager, you must learn to work and act differently. You must believe that you have what it takes to succeed because this will make your team to have faith in your ability to lead them well.

  1. Always remember that you are now a leader

It is possible to find yourself playing down your new role as manager. In the transition from co-worker to manager in Nigeria, you must never forget to always take the lead and the initiative for your team. If you fail to see yourself as a leader, it will depreciate the belief that your team has in you to lead them aright.

Never fall to the temptation of seeing yourself as the follower that you used to be.

  1. Clarify your team as soon as possible

transition from co-worker to manager

One of the first things you should do as a manager is to talk to your team directly about the new turn of events in the workplace.

Make them understand that you are going to take your new job very seriously and that you demand such attitude from them all.

You must know that feelings will be running around and there will also be people that will be affected.

your job to the best of your ability and never look at the faces of people before you make sound decisions.

  1. Be approachable and open to all

Don’t say because you’re now the manager, people should now have restricted access to you at work.

Always be open to suggestions and new ideas from your subordinates at work. Don’t shut them out with the mindset that you know all and have the best solution to any problem.

This will be a shortcut to failure in your new position. You should know that the support and understanding of your team are very important to achieving your goal in that your new position as manager.

It is your sole responsibility to take final decisions, but that does not negate the inputs of your team.

  1. Don’t be bossy

Many people that got promoted to the status of a manager tend to think that it is an avenue to lord it over their subordinates at the workplace.

Don’t allow the new position to get into your head and make you start seeing yourself as the “Hitler” of the arena.

You must try not to be a dictator because it will really paint you in a very bad light. This attitude will only make your team be jumpy and unsettled at all times.

You must and should interact with them but don’t get too friendly so as to avoid not being seen as unserious.

  1. Accept the fact that you can’t do everything

Even as a manager, there are certain things that you don’t know how to do because no human being is super-efficient.

No doubt you will always be tempted to jump into any challenge just to prove that you are capable of your superiors and team.

If you want others to trust you, you must have to reciprocate the gesture by showing trust in your team to get the job done without your involvement.

It will really go a long way in improving g your team’s confidence at tackling challenges.

  1. Resolving clashes and conflicts among subordinates

There are many forms that conflict at work can come. In the transition from co-worker to manager in Nigeria, your ability to resolve conflicts and disputes within the team and between individuals will really be tested.

Your interpersonal relationship will really be needed greatly to settle disputes and conflicts. Always look at the situation from both perspectives no matter how the people involved are connected to you.

As the leader of the team, never you take sides for any reason. The point you start taking sides, then it is a matter of time before your team comes crashing down on you.

There are many things involved in the transition from co-worker to manager in Nigeria, but the things that have been highlighted in this article will be of great help to you as the new manager if your goal is to be successful in your new position in the workplace.