Satowallet POS Mining: How to Earn By Using Satowallet Multi Coins Wallet

Satowallet POS Mining is a new feature on the Satowallet multi cryptocurrency wallet that allows uses to mine coins using the Satowallet Android and iOS App.

Just when we thought it couldn’t get any better, Satowallet launches POS mining feature On its Android and IOS app on the Satowallet mobile app.

satowallet pos mining

I bet this gets you pondering, in addition to

  • zero-fee transactions,
  • Auto coin swap,
  • Superb security,
  • Segwit enabled and much more.

Our internal team conducted a survey USING survey Monkey and our feedback has it that many will be excited to be able to mine cryptocurrencies using Satowallet App.

On that, we decided to enable this feature which will allow every Satowallet user to earn more from mining their cryptocurrencies on daily basis.

Oh yes, everyone wants some more, reason you are willing to read even further.

The last thing I have in mind is to bore you with what POS or POW is, it is no news that Satowallet delivers A-class services, ensuring its esteemed users gets the very best services in the crypto space, need I say, second to none.

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So How Much Do I Make Staking My Coin?

With over a thousand POS coins in crypto, it is only logical that their staking percentage differ just as the projects, kindly check your chosen coin specification to calculate your stake.

It’s only logical to think “why then should I choose SATOWALLET POS MINING”

  • Satowallet guarantees that all stakes are credited daily by GMT 11:00 AM.
  • Satowallet guarantees your wallet open at all times in order to generate stake on whichever coin of your choice.

How Then Do I Stake? Step By Step Guide

To get started with Satowallet POS Mining, kindly follow the step below:

  1. Download Satowallet for Android and IOS Mobile Wallet App (according to your devices), create, verify and set up your account. (if you don’t already have one)
  2. Select (a) coin(s) with stake ability. (yes, no limits) example, (Abjcoin, Pivx, Electra, Procurreny, etc)
  3. Credit your wallet address with various coins you want to mine on Satowallet, either by Depositing or using the Buy Feature on Satowallet.
  4. Once that is done, your coins will start staking automatically on Satowallet. So, sit back, refresh your wallet every 24hours for your daily rewards.

That’s all!

Let’s know what you think in the comment section.