The Future of Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies – GaryVee Reveals the Truth Here


Asking what the future holds for Blockchain and cryptocurrency? here is all you need to know about the future of cryptocurrency which will help you clear your long-term doubts as shared by GaryVee.

while speaking at ChainXChange Conference, Vegas, 2018.

He wrote in the youtube video

“Too many of you are looking for short-term economic gains from blockchain and cryptocurrencies… If you really looked at things in a 5-20 year window, you’d understand that this is a groundbreaking technology with the capability of disrupting governments aside from their nuclear powers”

Watching the video, you will understand that the best approach to blockchain and cryptocurrency right now is keep your eyes on the long terms wins.

Most folks get into cryptocurrency because of ‘get rich quick scheme’ and so far, have been a major problem faced by the Blockchain technology.

Hence, it is advised to buy and make plans for long-term goals, say ‘5-10’ year to avoid missing out on the groundbreaking technology and opportunity the industry is presenting.

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