Entrepreneurs Are The Laziest Set Of People On Earth; Here is Why

Entrepreneurs Are The Laziest Set Of People On Earth

Ok, right now, you may be thinking I’m insane but I’m definitely not.

I won’t be surprised at the end of this post someone who still don’t get the real point will say my claims that

Entrepreneurs are the laziest set of people in the world’ is baseless.

Before I dive into the pool of entrepreneur being lazy and all that, look at the claim I made on my wall on Facebook and how people reacted to it.

The post says “Truth be told, Entrepreneurs are still one of the laziest set of people in this world”

And it called out a good number of young guys that reacted to it.

Below is the post embedded from Facebook.


So in this article, I want to back up that claim. Don’t be shocked with what you will see at the end of this article.

Firstly, I would want to know your take on this in the comment section. Do you really think that entrepreneurs are not just lazy but the laziest set of people?

Below is a lazy claim about entrepreneurs made by Anyaogu Ikechukwu Joshua on Facebook.

Lazy, Lazier, Laziest

CEO’s are very LAZY

Business owners are LAZIER than them

But Entrepreneurs are the LAZIEST set of people in the world

You know why ???

Posted by Anyaogu Ikechukwu Joshua on Monday, June 26, 2017

The thing here is, Entrepreneurs are not really lazy when we begin to look at it from the layman’s view but the attributes of what a lazy man does is what entrepreneurs use as their pillars for recording success. Below are the attributes of the laziest set of people and how it correlates with entrepreneurs.

4 Reasons Why Entrepreneurs Are the Laziest Set of People

  1. Finding shortcut and easier ways of doing things.

Ok, this one is fact and you can never doubt it that lazy people like doing things that are very easy. Lazy people find the shortest and simplest means of completing a task.

Recall the popular quote from Bill Gates that says I choose a lazy person to do a hard job. Because a lazy person will find an easy way to do it”.  Entrepreneurs have the trait of making life easier in general and that over time have changed the world to be a better place. So you see; entrepreneur are very lazy people. lol

  1. Lazy people Device a New Means of Doing Things (Innovation)

Remember the popular saying above by Bill gates that says “give a lazy man a task and he will find the easiest way to do it”?

Recall the statement of Lech Walesa that says “I’m lazy. But it’s the lazy people who invented the wheel and the bicycle because they didn’t like walking or carrying things.” Now you get the real gist. Lazy people just like entrepreneurs innovate the world and find new ways to handling project which will make the pretty simpler instead of following the long and normal process of doing things that hard working people do.

So, overall laziness is a way for innovation. Obviously, it doesn’t mean that just sitting on their asses whole day and doing nothing. Here, laziness means finding an innovative solution to reduce the work and it will finally create some new invention.

take a look at the image below and see how laziness led to the invention of straw… lol.

lazy man using straw to drink water

I have shared a hint pointed guide on how I became a millionaire even as the laziest person in my family. Do check out the article, it might change your life too.

Just like me, I had no other option but to innovate with the things is feel won’t stress my life and I do them while doing nothing.

While looking for more claims to backup my statement about entrepreneurs being the laziest people, i came across a thread on quora withe the question How has laziness lead humanity to great inventions and discoveries?

 Laziness has lead the invention to iphones and smartphones from an old flip phone. What we want is comfort, and make our lives easier and better. Why did we invent smartphones today? To make our lives easier. This is an example of laziness. The access to all great apps and tools that smartphones have, has made our lives much better and easier rather than clicking the buttons on a flip phone multiple times to write a small message.

  1. Entrepreneurs Always want people to Help Them Get What They Want

There is a Lithuanian Proverb that says “Offer the lazy an egg, and they’ll want you to peel it for them”.

There is none and they has been never any successful entrepreneur that made it to the top alone. Call it team work, call it outsourcing, call it hiring or anything, the fact is that entrepreneurs think and strategize only with their heads and then, get people to do the job in their name. Remember a lazy man will always want people to help out, not because they cannot handle it but because they hate anything that will put them under stress or pressure.

To an average man, a hardworking person is someone that does all the work.

  1. Lazy Man Takes Action Only When He Is Hungry For What He Needs.

Ok, lets take a deeper look into this one. Laziest set of people will never want to do anything unless they are desperately in need of something. They do what they believe to give them freedom and that’s what real entrepreneurs do.

Every successful entrepreneur has a touching and motivating story to tell, why? Because they have been dared to make a move from their comfort zones. They want to get everything at ease and that’s why in the process of doing so, they eventually turn into inspiration to others by coming up reputable innovations.

Using a short story to illustrate this.

Let’s assume Mr Alex used to work in a company where he is paid 50, 000 naira a month and he’s comfortable with it while Mr Chris earns same 50,000 naira a month but runs into depth of 10,000 at the end of the month. Now, between these two people, Mr Chris, having the highest potential of looking at something else to do that will pay much higher than 50,000 at a considerable working condition or environment, decided to take up the challenge by making a move. Why? Because he is hungry and need to be satisfied.

Both Alex and Chris are hardworking but Chris is hungry and gets a severe need to upgrade his monthly earning; that’s why he decided to find an easier way of coming up with something else because nobody leaves his place of work to another place that’s less comfortable. So definitely, the now option must be better than the first.

A lazy man will never stand u

Having said all these, entrepreneurs are definitely not lazy because they broke the dictionary meaning which says.

the quality of being unwilling to work or use energy; idleness.

Having hinted out all the points above, it’s now a clear fact that entrepreneurs and lazy people have a common trait but uses different energies in application.

So, it’s a clear fat that entrepreneurs are the laziest set of people if you understand the stand behind the statement but if you don’t then, entrepreneurs are the most hardworking and innovative people that has made the world what it is today.

Alright, over to you now, lets hear your thought about this statement ‘entrepreneurs are the laziest set of people on earth by GT Igwe Chrisent’