How To Become A Nigerian Female Actress: 8 Important Tips

 How To Become A Nigerian Female Actress: 8 Important Tips

Become a Nigerian female actress

It is quite easy to become a Nigerian female actress if you know the pros and cons of the industry. You will be surprised to know that the Nollywood movie industry makes more movies than any other movie industry except Bollywood. This article will guide you on how to become the fresh female Nigerian actress we have been waiting for.

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Now is arguably the best time to become a Nigerian female actress. The reason is that the Nigerian movie industry needs actresses, especially new talents that will take over from old ones. Come to think of it, who isn’t tired of seeing the same old faces? This article is meant for that beautiful young lady reading this right now who has the dream of becoming an actress in Nigeria.

Yes, am talking to you. You can become the next big thing to happen in the Nigerian movie industry by living your dream. So, get on board lets show you the way to get it done. There are certain requirements you need to fulfill to become a Nigerian female actress.

8 Tips To Become A Nigerian Female Actress

  • Develop the talent

To become a Nigerian female actress, you need to develop the talent. There is nothing that beats raw talent. As a natural actress, the ability to portray different characters will come easy to you. The first step is recognizing that you have got the raw talent. You will also need others to recognize you have got talent too. An acting coach or professional actor can be a very good way to develop your talent.

  • Go To A Good Acting School

You might have raw talent but your talent needs to be refined and polished. This is where acting school comes in to help. To become a Nigerian female actress, an acting school will ensure proper coaching from a professional acting coach. These coaching schools will help in honing your skills. Acting schools will help you to learn how to memorize lines, get over stage freight, among other things.

You can check on the different acting schools in Nigeria through Google. Before you enroll in these schools, confirm the authenticity and credibility of these schools before applying. You can also take advantage of drama groups in churches to learn the basics. In Nigeria, most of the actresses started off with acting in church plays. To become a Nigerian female actress, you must learn not to despise your humble beginnings.

  • Ensure you have a degree

If it is your wish to become the next big thing to hit the Nigerian movie industry, you may need to get a degree in theater arts as well. Although it is not a requirement, your degree will get you exposed to the theoretical and practical aspects of film and theatre.

  • Choose a good location

 You must understand that every industry in the world has a hub and the go-to places. This is to say that location is very vital when it comes to breaking into the Nigerian movie industry. In Nigeria, the hub of Nollywood is Lagos. Don’t get me wrong; I am not saying that you must relocate to Lagos before you can be discovered you can be acting in your local church and get discovered.

The bottom line is that the chances of you landing that role that will skyrocket your career is higher when you are in Lagos. It is never a bad idea for you to be located in the area where the industry movers and shakers are located. When you cannot move to Lagos, you can identify the closest movie hub.

  • Ensure you have an online presence

So, have you thought it this way? Instead of waiting to be discovered, why not put yourself out there. You can create an online presence by making a video of you acting and then upload it on social media platforms. Just with a click of a button and millions of people can view your video on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.

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Don’t just spend time on social media chatting with friends; use it to your advantage. Advertise yourself without many expenses, you never can tell who is watching. If you are up to it my dear, why not give it a shot.

  • Consciously grow your network

The bitter truth is that you cannot become a Nigerian female actress all by yourself. You certainly need the assistance of those that have gone before you in the industry or those on the same path as you are. Start building a network with serious and focused actresses or aspiring ones in the Nollywood industry. You can also join supportive and credible organizations for Nigerian actresses.

Having contacts in the Nollywood industry would allow you to know which roles are available. It will also help you to know when auditions are to be held and so on. You will have access to privileged information that may not be advertised but known only to those in the industry.

I will advise that you avoid getting involved in questionable acts just to get acting roles. You should also consider having a good mentor.

  • Get an Agent

If you have the financial capacity, you can consider getting an agent. You can sign up with credible agencies with a good reputation and track record. Although these agencies charge service fees, they help you to get auditions which will then lead to acting jobs.

  • Walk the Walk

The truth is that is you want to become the next Genevieve Nnaji, Mercy Johnson, Ini Edo, Rita Dominic, etc, you will have to work for it. Hard work doesn’t kill, it only makes you stronger. Seize every opportunity to improve your acting skills. You shouldn’t mind if it pays little at the moment, it will certainly pay later. Always focus on improving your skills and getting as many jobs as you can handle.


To become a Nigerian female actress might not be a stroll in the park and you will most probably need to have a side job to keep you going in the initial stage. At those trying times, always have your mind fixated at the prize. There is no one who becomes a superstar overnight, not even Genevieve Nnaji, Ini Edo, and so on.

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