How To Create An Enabling Business Environment For Your Employees

How To Create An Enabling Business Environment For Your Employees

enabling business environment

When it comes to creating an enabling business environment that makes your workplace a positive, you need to give it your all. Creating an enabling business environment is crucial to managing your employees. One of the most important things you can do for your workers is to ensure a supportive work environment. As an entrepreneur or startup founder, you need to understand that your workers are you your first customers.

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In this article, I will be explaining some vital points on how to improve the work environment for your employees. So, if you have been searching for how to create a supportive work environment, you are definitely in the right place and most probably at the right time. There have been horrific stories about terrible jobs or bad managers. The one thing both have in common is a harsh or negative workplace environment. For every employee, the motivation to work is hugely influenced by his or her environment.

So, creating an enabling work environment will definitely yield positive results for your business and your employees.

Tips On How To Create An Enabling Business Environment For Your Workers

  • Good communication with your employees

As a business owner that wants to grow, it is important that you develop good communication link between you and your employees. You can never overemphasize the impact of having a good communication channel. It always leads to a positive working relationship. When you have a positive working relationship with your workers, there is virtually nothing that you can’t accomplish. All it takes is for you to understand your workers and what makes them happy. An equal amount of communication is needed for you and your employees.

To have good communication in your workplace, you need to be clear and direct. When issues come up, don’t avoid them by pretending that they don’t exist. If you do that, it will definitely fall backfire in the long run. Always address problems and make it clear to your workers why it is an issue and detrimental to your business.

  • You need to be open to ideas from everyone

Every worker that is working for you is there for a reason and if you can’t find the reason why you have a particular employee, then there is a major problem. Always encourage your employees to air their views on any subject matter that concerns the business. You must also try not to ridicule any employee because of his or her view on a subject matter.

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When you do this, it sends the message that all your employees are valued and that they are part of the decision making process. It gives them a sense of belonging and thus motivating them to put in their best. You can select a particular time of the day to for your employees to walk into your office and share their ideas with you. When you do this, are creating a positive and an enabling business environment where everyone has a say.

  • Recognize and celebrate hard work

This is another way that you create an enabling business environment and increase productivity in your business as an entrepreneur. It will be good if you reward a worker or employee who does a good job. When you appreciate hard work, you are telling the individual to keep up the good work. At the same time, you are also telling others that hard work doesn’t go unnoticed. It makes your employees be eager to put in their best into the job.

Staff meetings are a great time to celebrate exceptional employees in your company. You can decide to allow those employees to leave work early or present them with a tangible price.

  • Let your employees know that you trust them

It is inherent in every business owner or startup founder to want to micromanage and ensure that everything is working smoothly. Well, sometimes, the best thing to do is allow your workers to take the initiative in certain areas. You need to send the message that you believe in them and that they have what it takes to get the job done. Trust your employees to do a good job, then sit back and watch them do it. Always remember that you hired them for a reason, and that is to get the job done, so allow them to do the job.

  • Make out time for relaxation activities

It is not always easy for your employees to be spending up to 8 hours in the office without some time to cool off. There are many ways you can synergize your fun and work in the office. You give your employees permission to decorate their office space with some of their personal things like the family picture, and so on.

Ensure you have a break time for your employees to ease the pressure during work hours. A miserable and sad employee can never be productive. So, create an enabling business environment by making out time for fun activities.

  • Be the one to take the lead

As the owner of the business, the onus lies on you to set the ball rolling for your employees. When it is time to show courage and grit, you show them how it’s done. Avoid being negative with words because your employees will act and follow suit. Smile is contagious no doubt, but a frown is even more contagious.


There is never a dull moment in an environment that is supportive and positively charged to encourage employees. So, as a business owner, you need to ensure that your business environment ensures your workers are in high spirit to give their best at every point in time.




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