How To Retain Your Customers In Nigeria: This Will Do The Magic

How To Retain Your Customers In Nigeria: This Will Do The Magic

Your ability to retain your customers is the hallmark of a good entrepreneur and businessman or woman. Let me tell you something, no matter how great or wonderful your products are, it will all be for nothing if your customers don’t feel valued. So, you have got to put your game face on and do all it takes to make your customer loyal to your products. Loyal customers are hard to come by these days, so if you have got them, do what it takes to retain.

retain your customers

This article provides you with tips on how to retain your customers in Nigeria. The fact remains that every good business is built on quality sales. When it comes to building a great business, you must create an enabling environment that fosters relationship. Whether you accept it or not, your goal in that business is to generate profit. Other things that come with it are secondary. Even in your quest and desire to make a good profit, you must ensure your customers feel valued at every point in time.

We currently live in an era where the customer is the “length and breadth” of your business. Unlike what transpired during the days of the industrial revolution, the customer is the epicenter of every business decision. If you fail to understand this, then your business is going nowhere. Capture the heart of your customers and you will have nothing to worry about your competitors.

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Important Tips On How To Retain Your Customers

  • Be True To Your Word

Every good entrepreneur with a customer-centric business operation sticks to his work. If you are looking for a way to retain your customers, there is no better way that sticking to your word. Don’t promise your customers anything that you can’t be able to do. It is better not to make a promise than make a promise and then break it.

If you promise your customers a standard service, quick delivery, or assured service guarantee, make sure you provide that no matter what. Avoid playing any smart trick on your customers because it will definitely backfire.

  • Develop A Good Rapport With Your Customers

Bad communication is a relationship killer and the way and manner you communicate with your customers will go a long way to determine whether they will continue to patronize your business. So, in your quest to retain your customers, you need to develop good communication skills. Bad communication is a relationship killer that you must try to sort out as fast as possible.

It is highly imperative that you develop and adopt good manner to interact with the people that patronize your goods and services. The saying that “customers are always right” is a universal truth that you must commit to heart. No matter what your customer does, never you exchange words with him or her because you never can tell what tomorrow brings.

  • Giver Your Customers Discounts On Your Products And Services

In order to retain your customers, you should give discounts once in a while to tell your customers that you care and have their interest at heart. It is a fact that the business environment is increasingly becoming more competitive. So, for you to have the loyalty of your customers, periodically give them discounts on the products they purchased. You need to constantly make your customers feel that you value them and will always look out for their interest.

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Discounts shouldn’t be seen as a minus to your bottom line, rather it is an incentive that will draw more people to patronize your business.

  • Make Out Time To Reach Out To Customer’s Feedback

It is suicidal (business-wise) to always assume you know the mind of your customers. One very good and reliable way to know what your customers want is through their feedback on your products and services. When you go through your customer’s feedback, you will understand what they actually need and how they prefer you deliver your products and services.

  • Always Give More Than What Your Customers Ask Or Need

You may be asking how you can generate profit if you keep giving customers more than what they ask for. Well, there is always room for a little surprise for your customers when you deliver your services. You must not spend more than you earn just to make your customers happy. That extra time you spend trying to ensure your customers get their product intact, an extra month warranty, a quick refund, etc can do the magic.


The tips above on how to retain your customers is not a guarantee that all your customers will be loyal to your products and services, rather it ensures that greater percentage of your customers will always patronize your business. No matter what you do, don’t joke with your customers because they are the lifeline of your business.



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