How To Enter A New Market: Your Market Penetration Tips

How To Enter A New Market: Your Market Penetration Tips

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It is not always easy when you want to enter a new market with your product, market penetration can either make or mar your business. You obviously and definitely need a good market penetration strategy to sell and market your products in a saturated market. In a highly competitive market, you will need to have a strong and effective market penetration strategy to enter the new market. You need to understand that a good marketing strategy is a recipe for gaining relevance in a new market.

When you want to expand your business into new markets, it is very advisable that you genuinely conduct a quality marketing strategy. If you are looking for how to enter a new market, you must have to develop a top-notch marketing strategy to thrive. The current market space might have stiff competition or maybe your product has a low turnaround time. Whatever the case may be, you must come up with a good market penetration strategy if you want your business the competition.

I understand that penetrating a new market can be very tough sometimes and might even be worse, especially when you are competing against great corporations or industry giants. You also need a good marketing strategy when you are new in the business, have a low marketing budget, and when the market is highly competitive. If you want to win and win big in any market, you must penetrate that market like a genius. If you are able to do this very effectively, trust me you will rule that market in no time.

The purpose of this article is to provide you great marketing strategy that leads to an effective market penetration.

Tips For Effective Market Penetration

  • Consider cutting the price

Price reduction has been an age-long strategy used to enter into a new market or gain good market penetration. When you find yourself new in any market space or facing stiff competition, you might want to consider dropping the price of your products and services. You need to understand that there are many things to consider before cutting the price of your product in the market. Ensure you don’t cut the price to the level that your profit margins begin to fall on the negative.

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When dropping the price of your product, you need to do some modifications to the cost of production so that your margins won’t have to suffer. Another thing you must consider the quality of your product. At the end of your modification, is your product still good? This tells you that the price modification approach isn’t that simple and requires a lot of critical thinking before implementation.

  • Develop ways to attract new users of the product

It is not an easy task encouraging non-users to start using your product. This is the place you will need great and outside the box idea for a marketing strategy. There are many marketing strategies and tactics that you can employ to woo non-users into patronizing your products. There was a time when people don’t make use of mini-refrigerators but a good marketing strategy and tactics brought that into fruition. You need to work on your marketing department to come up with an effective approach to encourage new users into using your product.

  • Increase your product reach

If you have a product that is channel driven, then you best market penetration strategy is to increase the reach of your product. This way, you will most probably sell better than your competition. Your best approach would be to find more channel dealers and partners who will help move your business to a wider audience. The underlying tactics that you must employ is to keep your channel dealers and partners motivated and happy with bumper commission packages and discounts.

When you engage more channel dealers and partners, you ensure that your customers have easy and quick access to your products and services.

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  • Increase your products and services promotion

To increase the market penetration of your product in a highly competitive market, you might want to consider increasing your product promotions. Old promotions might not do the job, so you would need to revamp the entire approach and be very innovating about the whole thing. You must remember the proverbial Greek gift to the great city of Troy, use these promotions to rope your customers in and tie their loyalty to your product. Promotions like trade discounts, sales promotions, etc will increase your chances of entering the new market or penetrating the market.


Market penetration is an indispensable factor if you wish to enter into a competitive market. The points I have listed in this article will increase your chances of ruling a new market. However, you need to know and understand your consumer behavior and your environment before you can adopt any particular strategy.





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