How To Export Dried Hibiscus Flower (Zobo leave) From Nigeria: Your Guide

How To Export Dried Hibiscus Flower (Zobo leave) From Nigeria: Your Guide

Export dried hibiscus flower

It is not difficult or highly expensive for you to export dry hibiscus flower (zobo leave) from Nigeria to the international. Oftentimes, most people think that the exporting business is strictly meant for the rich in the society. I know that when you have finished reading this article, you will definitely not be thinking in that light anymore. Although hibiscus farming in Nigeria hasn’t really been the pick for many farmers, there is huge potential in the business.

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It will interest you to know that hibiscus has the capacity to generate billions of naira on yearly. The good thing about zobo farming in Nigeria that you can actually cultivate in any part of the country according to the president of Federation of Agricultural Commodities Association of Nigeria (FACAN). You can generate millions from this business only if you learn the basis on how to export dry hibiscus flower.

Dried hibiscus flower can be used in the production of lots of food substances, herbal tea, local brewed drink, herbal beverages confectioneries, etc. According to some medical experts, the consumption of zobo helps in detoxification. The hibiscus flower also contains anti-aging agents and this has made it of the key raw materials in global confectionery industry. Exporting dried hibiscus flower holds a great promise as an economy booster as you can see in the case of Nigeria.

In 2017 alone, Nigeria made a whopping $35 million dollars from the export of dried hibiscus flower (zobo leave. It will be far more profitable and beneficial for you export of dried hibiscus flower than just scavenging for non-existing white collar jobs. There are huge business opportunities for you when you export dried hibiscus flower to the international market.

How Lucrative Is It To Export Dried Hibiscus Flower (Zobo Leave)?

Without any iota of doubt, it is highly profitable to export dried hibiscus flower (Zobo leave) from Nigeria to other countries. As it stands, there is huge demand from foreign buyers in Asia, Europe, and America. You should actually take full advantage of this opportunity and start earning six figures in income.

Farmers that export dried hibiscus flower reports that they can make up to $2000 per ton of zobo leave in the international market. This is something that you really don’t want to allow pass you by. Within 9 months alone in 2017, Nigeria generated about N12.6 billion by exporting dried hibiscus to Mexico alone. This figure does not include the amount generated for the export to European and Asian countries as well.

This is an indication that it is highly profitable and lucrative to export dried hibiscus flower from Nigeria to other Western countries.

You Want To Export Dried Hibiscus Flower? See Requirements

There are certain important things you must put in place before going to export dried hibiscus flower (zobo leaves) from Nigeria. The major things that you must have sorted out include the following:

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  • Get Your Export Business Registered

Before you delve in to export dried hibiscus flower from Nigeria, ensure that you have got your business registered legally. In order to achieve this, you must it as a limited liability company with the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) in Nigeria. After you have registered with the CAC, then you proceed to register with the Nigerian Export Promotion Council (NEPC). It will also be good for you to register with any local associations regulating the purchase and sale of dried hibiscus flower or zobo leaves.

You need to note that having a registered business name won’t make you eligible to register with NEPC. This means that you must have your limited liability company registered before you can function as exporter in Nigeria. Please, for you to have a relatively easy flow in your export business, ensure your export license from NEPC is in order.

  • Identify Farms To Access Your Products For Export

You need to ensure that there is ready availability of the produce, and to do that means you would need to be in touch with farms that will readily supply you. It is advisable that you go direct to the farmers instead of going through middlemen so as to get the best possible price. If you make the mistake of buying from an intermediary, you would experience slow delivery, high cost, and low profit margin.

  • Give Your Export Business A Good “Face”

I want to believe that you want to export dried hibiscus flower not just for fun of it but for business. Having said that, you would need to set up a good business structure of international repute. Don’t start a business; also ensure you have a good brand around your business. Some of the things you need in order to achieve this include, a good website, online company profile, permanent business address, and a corporate offer format. You can go ahead to customize the offer format so that you can send it to buyers who request an offer.

If you find it financially none feasible to own a physical office at the initial stage, try using a virtual office at a co-working hub for the time been until you get your own office building. The important thing is that you have a physical location where your buyers can locate you at anytime. A well organized business fills you with confidence and also increases the level of trust that buyers will have towards you.

  • Make Out Time To Source For Buyers

If you achieve everything else and fail to land a buyer for your dried hibiscus, then you are not in business. You have to make out time to source for international buyers by searching on the websites of alibaba, exportersindia, and linkedin.

  • Exporting Your Dried Hibiscus Flower

When you seal an agreement to export dried hibiscus flower with a buyer, you must have been issued an Irrevocable Corporate Purchase Order and have signed a Sales and purchasing agreement. Once the above conditions have been certified, you can then proceed to export dried hibiscus flower to the buyer.

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You can choose to do the shipment using Free On Board (FOB) or Cost, Insurance and Freight (CIF). The CIF means you will have to cover the cost of everything including insurance and transportation until the goods arrive at the buyer’s port of destination. You will only bear the cost of transporting the goods and other logistics until it arrives at the shipping point if you are using the FOB.

Challenges You Can Expect When Trying To Export Dried Hibiscus Flower

There are certain challenges that you might experience in the course of your dried hibiscus flower exporting business. Some of these challenges include the following:

  • Beware of fake buyers and fraudsters in the business who wants to defraud you of your money and/or products.
  • There are times the suppliers might fail to deliver due to poor supply chain management. It will be in your interest to always have contingency plans should such scenario play out.
  • The issues of confiscation and seizure of your good by government official due to one reason or the order also slows down the business.


To export dry hibiscus flower, you need to trade carefully so as not to flaunt any law or come short in any way. Dry hibiscus flower exporting business in Nigeria is very lucrative with very good profit margins. Venturing into agricultural export business in Nigeria with a focus to export dried hibiscus flower is a good way to build a long-term business.






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