How to Find a Book Idea From Scratch Without Any Experience.

How to Find a Book Idea From Scratch without any experience.

What’s My Book Going To Be About

Hey, Coach Enoch, here. And in this post, I’m going to help you answer the question, what’s my book going to be about? So, don’t worry about this, I know this seems a little intimidating. It is all about finding the right book idea for your book. 

Don’t worry if you don’t have a book idea. If you don’t even know what the heck you’re going to write about yet, don’t worry, we’re going to tiptoe into that.

And you’re going to kind of be able to wrap your head around it and figure out precisely what you want to write your book about. The first question to ask yourself – What is your why?

What’s your purpose for this book that you’re going to write? And the way that we’re going to get you to start thinking about this is we’re going to do a little free, right? And the assignment for this lesson is is to take 10 minutes to answer the question.

What will my book be about? Now I know that sounds probably pretty intimidating unless you have just a crystal-clear vision of what your book is going to be about. So, don’t worry, we’re going to break it down a little.

I’m going to break it down to this video. And we’re going to make this assignment painless. And it’s not going to be all the pressure on this one assignment to figure out what your books about. 

We just want to get you started writing, and we just Want to get you to take out that pen and paper or do it on your computer if that’s easier, and actually just start getting words on a page. 

So, a few important things. While you’re doing this free, right? We want to make sure that you reject nothing at this stage, just write and flow, anything that comes from your head, just put it on paper, and keep writing do not filter anything. 

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Now the one important thing is to time yourself for 10 minutes. And if at the end of this 10 minutes, you’re still writing, keep on going, that’s good. Keep going; let it flow. You need help. Here are a few prompts that you can use during your free writing. 

One is I am interested in cooking. I would like to write about that I am writing a book because and I joined this yoga program etc. All we want to get you to do is just start exercising that writing muscle if only for 10 minutes.

And what we want you to do is just write anything that comes to your mind if you can Think of anything right about how you can’t write anything and you can’t think of anything. It’s that may sound a little crazy.

But our past members have done this and found huge success. And this really just takes developing your mind to the next level, and you start tapping into what are your interests? What could you easily write a book about? Why are you writing this book?

Start tapping into all those things. And you will be exceedingly amazed at how things will really start to flow. 

And from my experience seeing this exercise done, my guess is that you actually keep on going past 10 minutes and it’ll be really helpful.

And then we’ll dive into the next chapter, which will give you some more fundamentals on how to find a book idea if you don’t already have one, or how to refine the book idea that you already have. So, go ahead and get started.

Take 10 minutes, put 10 minutes on the clock right now, and get started freewriting about what your books going to be about.

How to Find a Book Idea From Scratch

I’m going to write this section on how to find a book idea if you have no idea what book you want to write, so a lot of you guys probably have at least a general idea of the book you’re thinking about writing. 

But This post is for if you have no idea what kind of book you want to write. So, I’m going to walk you through step by step.

I’m doing this as I write this article because I want this to be real results. 

So, I’m going to start this process with no idea what book I’m going to write, and we’re going to come out of this process with a book idea. So we’re just going to be in this. And you’re going to see exactly how I’m thinking as I’m going through it. 

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So, we’ll start here in the Amazon store. We’re going to go to kindle books here.


Then, kindle bestsellers. And from here, we’re going to see this big list of overarching categories. So, for me, I’m a healthy guy. I like being healthy.

let’s take a look at that. Got 10-day green smoothie cleanse. You see some books here. And we can even dive down further into these categories. I know health is a pretty good category is something that’s always going to sell dieting, all those things. 

Then what we’re going to do once we get in here is we’re going to start taking a look at the kind of books that are selling.

Discover – the whole 30 and change your life and unexpected way. So this is about the “whole 30”. It looks like a dieting book.

Okay, so all this stuff’s on nutrition. It looks like people who come here, there Looking to be healthier and seems to be pretty paleo focused and these books are pretty,

So there’s A lot of paleo stuff. From that, I’m going to say okay, paleo is a big thing. So that’s what I’m going to write it out. 

We’ve been in this section for two minutes now; whatever it might be, however much time you have to three minutes, and I already see something in here, there’s a need. There’s paleo simplified. That’s a significant need. So let’s see if this is even close to what I’m thinking out there.

Okay, I’ve got a great idea. I’m going to start doing keyword research. I’m going to look and see maybe these keywords are being searched paleo for beginners, paleo recipes. Perhaps they’re not, but then I’m going to make a much better title.

So I’m going to say something like, how to understand paleo and less than that less than 15 minutes, something about like thinking about paleo. Here one in less than a half-hour paleo for dummies.

So there you have it. Here in five minutes or less, I’ve just got a book idea. Something I can quickly write, I can consolidate, get it in there. I can get take some of the best ideas from blog posts, whatever. Consolidate it into something simple, easy to read for someone who’s never heard about paleo. 

They can just read it and have an instant, instant clarity, which I’m providing a lot of value because I’m consolidating only the best information so people will gladly pay me for that book. There you have it, there’s a book idea. 

Hopefully, through this post, I’ve proved that book ideas are not that hard to come by. They’re pretty easy. 

There’s a lot of ways to find these ideas, but you just got to get in here and do a little bit of digging. If you don’t have a book idea, here’s where you start getting these categories. See what books are selling.

So there you have it, there’s how to find book ideas super-fast, even if you have no idea at the start. I didn’t expect to get to smoothies and paleo and all this other stuff. But now I have two great book ideas. So hopefully, that helps. Go into the Amazon Kindle Store. Do some digging for yourself and find a killer book idea out there.

Let me know if you have any questions below.




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