How To Find Investors For Your Business: Things You Must Do

How To Find Investors For Your Business: Things You Must Do

Find investors for your business

As an entrepreneur, one of the challenging parts of running a business is how to find investors for your business. Many angel investors and venture capitalists receive tens of pitches every day, and they don’t have the time to meet everyone. It is common for first-time entrepreneurs and startup founders to meet dozens of investors before closing a round of funding. So, as an entrepreneur, you will need to identify dozens of potential investors who could be interested in your company. 

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Capital is essential and indispensable in any business venture you wish to go into. You will need money to start a small business or even expand an already existing one. One very viable option on the table of every entrepreneur is to bring on investors. There are dozens of potential investors out there; the major challenge is how to find them. Finding investors for your business is not difficult if you know the strategy to adopt. 

Of all the potential investors available, you need to identify the particular one(s) that will invest in your business. In this article, we shall be talking about the things you need to do when searching for investors for your business. You must understand that finding angel investors is not like finding sand on the beach; you need to put in the work. The fact is that no matter how great your business has grown or how great your product is, more capital will always be a necessity in business. 

Tips On How To Find Investors For Your Business 

  •       Build A Strong Network

Most times, you need to be referred to an angel investor or venture capitalist. It is essential that you know the right people in the business or entrepreneurial circle. Walking up to an investor with your pitch has a very low success rate. When you have someone refer you to the investors, it will go a long way to improve your chances of getting the funding you are seeking. As an entrepreneur or startup founder, you need to immerse yourself in your local business as well as a social community. 

You need to set your sight on business owners because they are the ones who have the tendency to become angel investors or perhaps even know the angel investors. It is very important for you to be part of trade and business organizations and avail yourself of the meetings. Your community organizations are also great avenues to build your network. You can also attend trade fairs and events and get your face out there for people to see. 

  •       Angel Investors Move In Packs 

You need to realize that most of these angel investors and venture capitalists don’t fly solo in their business approach. They often operate as a business investment syndicate, which pools their resources together and share the risks involved. You can always consult the Business Economic Center in the environment where you live. There may be an active syndicate of angel investors. If you identify such groups of angel investors or venture capitalists, it is an easy means to find investors for your business. 

  •       Consider The Connection Services On The Internet

By leveraging one of the websites that provides angel investor and entrepreneur matching, you may be able to find an investor for your business startup. Even if you failed to land an investor, chances are you will get your business proposal across to a wider audience. Consider the Angel Capital Association (ACA), which is the largest professional development organization for angels in the world. It has over 13,000 member accredited angel investors as well as 260 angel groups. 

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This website is a great resource for finding angel investors around the United States and Canada. There are also other ones like that in other regions of the world like Gust, Carrefour Capital Connexion, The BC Angel Forum, etc. So, as an entrepreneur seeking to find investors for our business, these internet connection services can do the trick.

  • Online Fundraising Platforms

There are many online fundraising platforms that have become very popular with accredited individual investors, angels, and banks. These people are looking for ways to invest their capital. Some of these fundraising platforms operate as peer-to-peer lending sites that offer business loans to entrepreneurs and startup founders. If you fail to get the funds that you seek, it is not a total failure because you will certainly get noticed. The essential requirement on these platforms is to find the right match for your venture and business needs. You need to be very realistic about the things that it will take to make your proposal work. 

  •       Attend events and business conferences

No one will hear about your business if you keep shying away from business events and conferences. Business success is all about visibility and getting noticed by the right investors. In business, who you know and who knows you can always count in your favor, maybe not today but certainly someday. You can try to identify the people attending the conference or the event and then schedule a meeting with them. If you are launching a new business or operating an early-stage company, going to events is a great way to publicize your business. Attending events where you are likely to find investors for your business or startup. 

  •       Have a blog

One of the most underestimated ways of attracting inbound attention is blogging. You might not own a blog yet, but you can publish about your business on Linkedln or medium. Writing and creating awareness about your business is a great way to attract potential investors for our business o startup. If the particular investor you are targeting owns a blog, you can become active in the comment section by making valuable and quality comments. 


You can leverage the different tips highlighted in this article to find investors for your business. Capital is indispensable in the success of every business; therefore, you must take it very seriously. 

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