How To Handle Competition In Business: Your Best Approach

How To Handle Competition In Business: Your Best Approach

competition in business

Competition in business is inevitable, so rather than wish it doesn’t get to you; you should prepare to soar on its wings. You can only rise on the sides of competition if you know how to use it to the advantage of your business. As an entrepreneur or startup founder in Nigeria, it is imperative for you to understand that competition can make or mar your business. It is entirely in your hands to decide which one triumphs over the other.

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The primary purpose of this article is to guide you with excellent business competition strategies that work even in Nigeria. There are different solutions to competition in business, but you have got to identify the solution that best helps your business. So, in this article, we shall be providing you with answers to competition in the market. Every company across all industries faces the task of handling the game. It doesn’t matter if you are selling products online or rendering valuable service in your community; there is every chance that another company is offering the same service.

One of the most significant ways to handle competition in business is learning the best way to address other companies that are your direct competition. You might also want to consider the option of focusing on competitive advantage. All you have got to do is relax and enjoy your reading because it promises to be very engaging as well as informative to help your business. Below are some of the most excellent strategies for competition in the market.

Solutions To Competition In Business

  •       Identify your business niche and then stick with it

The importance of this point cannot be overemphasized, and you need to be very careful here too. There is a big difference between being innovative in your business and moving outside your niche. You must strike a balance between the two. It is always counterproductive to bite off more than you can chew. This has been the mistakes of many young startup founders and entrepreneurs alike. 

To effective combat competition in your business, you need to build a strong reputation of excellence in a particular niche. You should be more focused on a specific customer need and deliver to the very best of your ability. This way, you are minimizing your diversification while at the same time increasing your value creation. 

  •       Can you capitalize on the competition

Turning your competitors into clients is a great and effective business competitive strategy. You have to understand that not all your competitors may be targeting the same clients that you do. When you learn about what your business competition specializes in, it will be easier for you to network and refer clients to them. In return, those business competitors can share about your product and services as well as mention your small businesses to their clients.

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  •       Study more prominent corporations and companies

Studying more significant enterprises has been one of the age-long solutions to competition in business. It is indeed a great business competition strategy that you can maximize your advantage as an entrepreneur in Nigeria. You need to critically examine what these big businesses with the resources have done in the past in terms of beating the business competition and then learn from their wins and mistakes as well. When you study these big companies, they will give a different perspective on how to handle competition in business.

  •       You can build a joint venture relationship

Developing a network of mutual and synergistic relationship will be of great help to you in your quest to handle competition in business. You identify those companies in your industry that say same synergies but are not direct competitors. Once identified, you can approach them for a joint venture proposal. For instance, if you deal in clothes, consider a joint venture with a footwear dealer. It can be something as simple as a referral program.

  •       Start local and get more involved in your local community

Your best customer base is the one in your immediate business environment; you should never forget that. You must be able to handle the business competition in your locality before you go out to try the waters in other places. It is essential that you start local and then expand and build to serve neighboring communities. Your community groups, activities, and initiatives are some of the key things that can help you develop a quality business competitive strategy. One of mouth advertising has been the most effective mean of branding your business, and you can utilize the genuine relationships in your area to serve n your advantage.


Competition in business is healthy because it promotes and encourages creativity and innovation to serve the customer in a better way. There is no better strategy to outsmart your competition than getting to know them and using the information about them to your advantage. When you take a proactive approach to handle business competition, you have greatly reduced the chances of your business failing.





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