How to Avoid BVN Name Correction Issues in Your Bank Account

How to Avoid BVN Name Correction Issues in Your Bank Account

BVN name correction – Have you been denied access to your hard-earned funds in any Nigerian bank, are there accounts you abandoned because you’ve been so stressed about BVN without any solution in view, the concept BVN to you is a classified nightmare?

If any of the above lines sounds like you, then this guide “BVN Name correction” is meant for you.

I will implore you to sit tight going into this guide, this is firsthand information you will part with a fortune to get if at all any specialist is willing to walk you through. For the benefit of being an reader, here you’ll have it at no cost to you.

In line with the topic of this guide, you will as well get cleared on the following:

Ø  How to change BVN phone number

Ø  How to change BVN phone number online

Ø  BVN registration portal

Ø  BVN linker

Ø  How to correct BVN date of birth and many questions will be treated as we advance.

For a better appreciation of this topic and knowledge base, let’s take a look at the concept of BVN itself.

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What is BVN?

Simply put “Bank Verification Number.”

This is a unique eleven digits number assigned to every bank customer by the Central Bank of Nigeria aimed at checkmating money laundry and terrorism financing alongside other financial related crimes being carried out or aided through the bank.

Recall, the history of BVN in Nigeria dated back to 2014, it helps identify individual customers by the aid of physiological features like fingerprints and signature.

With this evolution, it then stands that there are no two customers or humans who have the same fingerprint (A biological study on physiological and morphological variations explains that better).

With that in mind, do also understand that no two customers have the same BVN number.

Application of BVN

Example 1.

Let’s say Mr. Donatus Okoye wants to access a facility of N1,000,000 from bank ABC. On his loan application, the bank foremost carries out a Credit Risk Management Assessment (CRMS) on him.

The essence of this exercise is to ascertain that Mr. Donatus is not owing to any other Commercial, Microfinance bank, or credit institution in Nigeria, which is order wise referred to as integrity on his credit score.

This process will also expose any financial indictment on his person on the course of his monetary dealings with the Nigerian financial institutions.

This ranges from financial fraud, Money laundry and terrorism financing, you just name them.

How then will the bank know the financial history of Mr. Donatus since he probably has never been involved in any financial transaction with bank ABC in the past?

The answer lies in his BVN, BVN is a mirror that gives an insight into your financial history and involvement, irrespective of the bank.

Away from that, let’s get back to the main topic, still on BVN name correction.

You do not cure an ailment without recourse to its remote cause.

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Why BVN Correction?

A number of factors gave birth to this trend, these include:

Ø  Wrong date of birth captured during account opening or BVN capturing

Ø  Wrong name used in either bank account or BVN

Ø  Change of name by marriage and personal reasons

The above are the major reasons that often times necessitate a correction on someone’s BVN details.

Wrong Date of Birth Captured During Account Opening or BVN Capturing

This is a common practice where customers go about opening accounts with fictitious dates of birth, they are ignorant of the impending or looming dangers of these practices ahead.

Funny enough, their accounts in three or more banks have different dates of births prior the BVN system in 2015, on the arrival of BVN, such accounts cannot be linked with their BVN which supposedly as well as a different date of birth.

Look at the below scenario:

Example 2

Mr. Ade Tokunbo, a customer of bank ABC, has a savings account with the aforementioned bank with his date of birth in the following order 09/05/1980.

He as well proceeds to bank DEF, opened a current account with his date of birth 12/16/1980 as well.

In view of the above, while being profiled for BVN, he issued 07/06/1980 as his date of birth as well.

From the scenarios under review, his genuine date of birth happens to be that with bank ABC.


Bank ABC cannot link his BVN to his account despite being his pioneer bank, irrespective of where the BVN was profiled.

Bank DEF as well cannot link the said BVN to Mr. Ade’s account either, why?

The date of birth on the account is different from that seen on the BVN.

This is usually discovered during BVN linkage, and according to CBN instruction, no such BVN with irregular details should be linked to an account, it’s considered details irregular and it stands at that.

This is a burning issue that customers like you are going through, sadly enough, a handful of customers are still doing this as I write this piece.

Learning point

Ensure to supply your genuine date of birth when feeling bank documents. That leads us to the next error.

The wrong Name Used in Either Bank Account or BVN

I haven’t just come to terms with why you should choose to provide half-baked information to the bank while opening an account or registering for your BVN. That on its own is suicidal and criminal.

If you have a thousand names, why not choose specific three or two to maintain your official information as this. It wouldn’t kill you or change your status whatsoever.

Whatever name you supplied to bank ABC should be applicable to bank DEF, every detailed instruction in the example 2 above should apply to this case.

Change of name by marriage or personal reasons

This is the most acceptable reason for the three, it’s direct and reasonable enough. Once a woman got married to a man, it’s customary that things will have to change, the surname to start with.

How to Avoid BVN Name Correction Issues

This is about the most fascinating aspect of this guide, I promised to show you how to avoid getting your fingers stuck in this BVN issues, it’s not a palatable one, ask a friend or family who’d gone through it. Only then can you appreciate the piece you’re reading right now.

You can avoid BVN issues by following these simple steps:

Ø  Before you visit a bank for account opening, kindly go with a valid ID card that contains the name you wish to be addressed with and the correct date of birth.

Ø  While filling the account opening form, ensure you enter your correct name as contained on your ID card and correct date of birth in the columns provided neatly and accurately.

Ø  As a note, remind the customer service officer of the need to capture your name exactly without missing any letter, as well the date of birth while inputting your details on the system. Some may feel embarrassed but you just have to, they most often go careless on customer details, which thereafter amounts to serious issues.

Ø  While enrolling for BVN, write your name and date of birth neatly and correctly on the BVN enrolment form.

Ø  While being captured by an officer on the BVN platform, remind them to pay special attention to your name and date of birth. They must not miss or interchange a single letter not even a number should be captured/inputted wrongly.

If you follow the above steps religiously, I assure you the possibility of having the BVN name correction issue will be next to zero. I hope you’re pleased to discover this simple but yet vital information.

However, in any case the deed has been done and you’re looking up to a way for possible correction on your BVN/date of birth or account name.

Follow the below steps

Ø  It’s assumed you’ve visited your bank and had been informed of the anomaly in your account and BVN.

Ø  Kindly seek advice from the customer service officer on the way forward which most probably will be

Ø  To get a court affidavit either for name correction/change or date of birth as the case may be

Ø  You are expected to publish same on a national daily except where stated order wise

Ø  Having acquired the affidavit, get back to the bank. This correction should be effected within 24 hours of meeting this requirement.

Ø  In some cases/banks, the correction is effected immediately in the bank if the discrepancy has meddled with the account name again if the bank is the BVN and account domiciled branch.

Ø  Once this correction is effected, it will be done across banks, where your accounts are domiciled.

How to change BVN phone number

Why exactly will a customer want to change his or her phone number, probably he/she no longer has access to the phone number associated with the BVN? To achieve this,

Ø  Kindly visit your enrolment bank

Ø  Communicate your intention to change your BVN phone number

Ø  You will have to fill a BVN correction form

Ø  Provide your valid ID card with your name and date of birth correctly written

Ø  Fill in your now preferred phone number correctly

Ø  Your BVN phone number will be changed within 24/48 hours at most

Ø  Some banks may require you to get an affidavit

How to change BVN phone number online

You cannot change your BVN phone number yourself, you can’t do that online. Only an authorized agent bank can start this process.

BVN linker

This is the practice in which you link BVN to your various accounts as domiciled with different banks. You can do this by visiting the bank branch, submit your BVN for linking after which you will be able to effect withdrawal on your account.

To link it yourself read: How to link BVN to your bank account


BVN name correction is not a herculean task as many customers would perceive, it, however, becomes a nightmare when you fail to adhere to the operational and correctional procedures.

I will always be here to entertain your questions, listen to your challenges as well as proffer solutions where applicable to ensure the issue of BVN name correction no longer makes you uneasy. In the mean-time, thank you for the audience.



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