How to Start Used Clothes and Shoes Business in Nigeria – Mini Importation In Nigeria Part 1

Mini Importation In Nigeria | How to Make Money From Used Clothes and Shoes Business in Nigeria

Mini importation is a very good Business, you can import so many thing at once but today, we will be talking abt Importing used clothes and shoes in Nigeria.

This business is popularly called BEND DOWN SELECT in Nigeria. Many people would rather prefer to buy shoes from the fairly used shoe dealers than buy the Aba made, China made, or Idumota Oshodi made shoes in Nigerian markets. Not as if they are not patriotic but because they love the quality. It’s better they get Oliver Fox from an imported fairly used dealer that they’re sure is the genuine quality even though it has been used than getting a brand new Louis Vuitton in Idumota that is actually fake and made in Aba. Although you can still get very few quality once that are locally made.

There are so many people in Africa, Nigeria to be precise who prefer to go for fairly used tokunbo shoes whenever they don’t have enough money to buy pure designers than buying the inferior new ones. One thing you should know is that original things last longer than the fake new ones.

Importing used clothes and shoes in Nigeria has been a big business over the years and the trend doesn’t seem to vanish soon. So I advise you take advantage of this opportunity. It is a very good business opportunity that is fitting for those outside the country where these things are gotten very cheap, sometimes free.

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In Abakaliki where I stay, I often see people gather each time I am passing by Meat market, upon getting a closer look, i do see either there is a new arrival of used clothes and shoes and people are busy in numbers selecting their choice of designs and paying instantly. I believe by now you should know what am talking about. So don’t waste your time thinking or wondering if this business is profitable because it’s paying those that are doing it well.


  1. A used cloth in USA cost about $0.5 dollars in Bale of 25kg grade
  2. If the bale contains like 200, the price will be $0.5 x 200 = N15,500.
  3. If you bring it into Nigeria, the same bale will be sold for up to N75,000
  4. Now you will be making N50,000 pure profit! I suggest you sell at a cheaper price to help your country people and still make good profit.

Note: Used clothes and shoes are classified as contraband in Nigeria.

So How do you get into this Business of Importing Fairly used Clothes?

1. Get a shop back home if you are outside Nigeria where you will be stocking your goods when it arrives. The same shop will be used for displaying your goods so that anyone who would like to bend down and select could do that conveniently. If you don’t know, some of the clothes that are sold in some fashion boutiques are bought from those who imported fairly used clothes as some of the label are still intact proving that they have not been used before.

(Note: try as much as you can to get a shop that is large and do well to pimp the place to a modern look some that it won’t look local so that you can get the attention of the Nigerian Ajebutters for your importation Business)

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2. Source your products online at eBay or Alibaba and select the preferred supplier. Or you go round and look for suppliers. You will have to arrange for trusted business partners back home if you’re outside the country, or better still any of your trusted relative in Nigeria who will be in charge of the goods whenever it arrives home.Set your logistics in place and begin to import. As soon as it arrives, your partner at home will take over from there and handle the sale, distribution and disbursement.

Please, If you are into this business or you have engaged in it before and have some experience in it, please go to the comment box and make your contribution for a better explanation.

It took me good time to write this guide on how to make money importing used clothes and shoes in Nigeria, Now return the love by sharing this post to your friends.

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