How To Register and Get Your National Identity Card Sharply In Nigeria

How To Register and Get You National Identity Card Quickly in Nigeria

In this post, we will be looking at the various step by step guide on how to register and get your National Identity card quickly in Nigeria without much stress.

With the National Identity card, you show real evidence that you are a Nigerian citizen any day anytime.

You can use the Nigerian national identity card create a new bank account, creat account with sensitive websites like Payoneer, Fiverr, etc. Kindly follow the guide below to get started

How To Register National Identity Card In Nigeria

  1. Visit the NIMC website at locate the enrollment portal option or kindly click to go straight to Nigerian National identity card enrollment portal to access the Enrollment Form
  2. Fill the Enrollment Form online with all your details and print out a summary sheet with a 2D Barcode and Registration Identification Number.
  3. Go to the enrollment center, where an enrollment officer scans the barcode to pull up your information from the database.
  4. You should verify and confirm the enrollment data on the system.
  5. Your headshot photograph, fingerprints, and signature would then be captured.
  6. Submit your supporting documents for scanning.
  7. Your enrollment is acknowledged where two slips would be given to you. (a) Transaction Slip (b) NIN Slip indicating completion of enrollment.
  8. With everything properly done, you should not have any problems getting your identity card quickly. 

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Supporting Documents of National Identity Card

  1. You are required to bring along any of the following as a proof of your identity for your enrollment.

    Old National ID card.

    2. Valid Driver’s license.

    3. Valid International passport.

    4. Voter’s ID card.

    5. Govt. staff ID card.

    6. State of origin certificate.

    7. Birth certificate/declaration of age