How To Make Money From Creative Writing In 2019

How To Make Money From Creative Writing In 2019

One of the most difficult jobs on earth is creative writing. I’m not saying this because I write but because I understand what it takes to create a reasonable content that can add value. I can tell you that it is tasking. However, so many people create content but they don’t make money from creative writing.

This scenario is not fair to all concerned. It will be better if you have creative writing as just a hobby. In that case, you are just writing for the sake of it. There is no justification for working as an elephant and eating as an ant. Even God doesn’t allow or support such.

If you are writing creatively to make money, then you need to understand how to make money from creative writing online and offline.

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When I looked up the ways to make money from creative writing, I realized so many people have searched this particular topic in various dimensions. Some of them include:

  • Ways to earn money writing fiction online
  • How to make money writing fiction
  • How to make money writing short stories
  • How to make money writing about what you love
  • Ways to earn money as a professional writer
  • How to sell your writing
  • How to make a living as a freelance writer
  • How to make writing a career

These related searches motivated me to make a research on how to make money from creative writing. The truth of the matter is that so many people are writers but not all of them make the kind of money they would want. The saddest part is that some people don’t even make any money at all.

I know you can make money from creative writing as so many people do. I make money from my writings and you can make money from yours too. The question will be; are you ready to pay the price of success?

If you are, then, it is about time you started making some money. Let us look at the many ways you can make money through creative writing. If you try them out, I can guarantee that you will definitely make some money.

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Ways You Can Make Money From Creative Writing

make money from creative writing

  1. Sell Ebooks

make money from creative writing

Ebooks are usually self-published and you take most of the profits accruing to you from its sales. If you can creatively put up something that adds value to the world, then you make money from it. There is a big difference between the traditional ways of publishing and self-published books.

To explain this assertion, Jim Kukral gives us the economies of having self-published books and traditional publishing. According to him “If you sell a traditionally-published book for $20, you’ll make $1 – $1.40 per book in royalties, after you pay back your advance. If you sell a self-published e-book for $2.99, you’ll make $2. Sell it for $9.99, and you’ll make $7.

Now, you may sell more books in bookstores with a traditional publisher (plus it’s awesome to have your book on a bookstore shelf), but you have to sell 5 – 7 trad-pub books to make $7, versus selling one $10 ebook. Sell 1,000 books, and you get either $1,400 or $7,000. If all you sold is 1,000 books, you won’t get that $1,400 from your publisher; that’s all payback for your advance. But that $7,000 is yours off the bat. (Warning: this takes a lot of social media marketing and promotion.”

So, if you have a good knowledge of any field, you will make money when you put up a good ebook from that field. You will need expert guidance and to get that, you should consult great ebook templates and understand how it is done.

  1. Run a blog

make money from creative writing

This is one of the most trusted ways to make money from creative writing. As a matter of fact, I will make money putting up this piece together. By reading this, you are really helping the ministry of Entrepreneur Platform (Entorm). So many blogs are profitable today with or without ad sense.

With running a blog, you will need to have good knowledge of certain technicalities. You will need to understand SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and you will need to also have a good idea of link building. These tools will help you become better at blogging and give you the needed money.

However, there is something you must know; blogging could be long term, it could take lots of time. So many people have tried and given up on it but so many blogs are worth millions of dollars so you need to understand the dynamics.

You can create a free blog or host a blog using a paid domain. It is just a little investment and then you can choose a niche and wow your readers with your creativity and value.

  1. Take up an agency job

There are so many agencies out there who are interested in having people put up creative contents for them. You can make money from creative writing if you work for one of these agencies.

You will definitely find agencies that supply their clients with advertising copy, content for social media accounts and blogs and you can get employed by them. You can work for them on full time or part time basis and that is dependent on the number of hours you want to invest in the job.

  1. You can teach classes and seminars

make money from creative writing

If you are a creative writer, you can organize classes and seminars for aspiring writers and that pays as well. You can become the next Jeff Goins who makes money from writing and teaching people how to write. You coach people to become better writers and charge them a fee for it.

The good part is that you can offer webinars and online coaching on how to get this done and this means that you can do this from the comfort of your home or your office. Dependent on the money you charge, you can have two different groups operating at different times of the day within a month.

  1. Offer writing services to others

I have a friend who has been writing a novel for a very long period. Don’t get it wrong, the novel is going to be a bomb because I have been privileged to take a peek into the work. It happened that he needs to edit the work before publishing with Farafina and the editor is asking him to pay 250,000 naira. That is outrageous.

However, it showed another opportunity that exists in the creative writing industry. If you are good and you can take the time to edit someone’s work, you can make money.

Again, writing services do not end in just editing. There is more. You can do proofreading, mentoring and supporting other writers for a good fee.

  1. Freelancing

Away from the other ways we have talked about how to make money from creative writing, you can become a freelancer. You will make a lot of money writing for certain outfits. You can write for blogs, newspapers and magazines and others. You can have one that you regularly write for and others will come occasionally.

The thing about freelancing is that you write at your convenience. You are totally in charge of when to write, how to write and who to write for. If you are good, you will always have people to write for.



Success will come when you have maximized your abilities. For writers, the maximization of these abilities lie in their abilities to constantly create content and to create content, you will need a structure and some kind of rewards for your work.

You don’t have to keep writing for writing sake except you so desire. You can make money from creative writing but that will depend on what you writing on, whom you are for and how you are writing.



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