How To Make Money On YouTube In Nigeria: Your Best Guide

How To Make Money On YouTube In Nigeria: Your Best Guide

Make money on YouTube

It is quite easy to make money on YouTube provided you have the relevant information that will guide you in the process. You can make money online by creating quality and unique video content on YouTube. Just imagine the number of videos you saw on your Facebook timeline in a single day. Let me tell you the truth, people love to watch and engage with quality video content on social media.

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YouTube was founded in 2005 and it has grown to become one of the fastest-growing and popular video sites on the web. A 2018 YouTube stats published by Ominicore revealed that over 5 billion YouTube videos are watched around the world on a daily basis. YouTube has active monthly users of over 1.9 billion. It means YouTube is second only to Facebook which has over 2.27 billion monthly users.

Judging by the popularity and patronage, you can make money on YouTube in Nigeria. This article will teach you how to earn money from YouTube views, how to make money on YouTube channel, etc. have ever asked yourself how do Nigerian YouTubers get paid? In fact, have you stopped to ask “how much can I make from YouTube in Nigeria?

YouTube is an interesting way to make money online, especially when it is done the right way. You will get to know good ways to make money on YouTube in Nigeria. We have shared some basic tips and strategies on how to earn money from YouTube views in Nigeria. You can double your income simply by creating content and monetizing them on YouTube.

Strategies You Can Use To Make Money On YouTube In Nigeria

  1. Monetize your videos for Ads on YouTube

The monetization of YouTube strictly works on the basis of the Google AdSense platform that is provided by Google. To be put clearly, you are paid for your videos by Google AdSense and not YouTube. It is this AdSense that places Ads on in your videos. Before you can qualify for monetization, your channel has to have at least 4,000 hours of watch time within the last year and must also boast of at least a thousand subscribers.

Four Major Steps To Enable Monetization On YouTube

Once your YouTube channel has attained the required and total number of YouTube hours and a number of subscribers, then you are ready to enable monetization on your videos. These steps include the following:

  • Click on your icon in the top right corner of the screen and then click on My Channel in the dropdown.
  • From there, follow the prompt and click on YouTube Studio
  • On the bottom, left-hand side of your screen, you should click the option for Creator Studio Classic.
  • Immediately you are in the Creator Studio, click on Channel>Status and Features. In the box that specifies Monetization, click Enable.

Once you have enabled monetization on your YouTube channel, your videos can be submitted and approved and you can start to make money on YouTube. To earn the revenue that is generated from these ads, you will need to associate a Google AdSense account accompanied with your YouTube account.

  1. Selling And Marketing Of Affiliate Products On YouTube

When you sell products for a commission, it is called affiliate marketing. There are thousands of companies that offer attractive deals to affiliate marketers that promote their products. You can make money on YouTube through affiliate marketing which is a popular way to make money online from home. Consider creating a lively YouTube channel and using it as a primary source for driving traffic and generating sales for affiliate websites.

YouTube is a very good and better alternative to relying on static blogs to drive people to affiliate links. The top five affiliate marketing programs in Nigeria today include the following:

  • Jumia affiliate program
  • Amazon affiliate program
  • Aliexpress affiliate program
  • Konga affiliate program
  • Bet9ja affiliate program

Before you can make money from YouTube as an affiliate marketer, you need o review affiliate products like smartphones, laptops, etc.  You can also create “how to use this product” tutorials. Ensure you add the link to your products in your YouTube descriptions.

  1. Get good sponsorships for your YouTube video contents

When you study some of the successful YouTubers, you will see the sponsorships and advertisements they have in their video recordings. There are lots of companies providing sponsorships to YouTube channels for direct advertisement. Before reaching out for a sponsorship, you need to work on a detailed proposal about the things you are able to bring to the table. One very good and interesting thing about sponsorships is that you don’t have to give YouTube any percentage.

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Most of the time, the amount of revenue you generate from sponsorships is substantially more than YouTube ad revenue.

Steps On How You Can Get Sponsorship Deal And Make Money On YouTube

  • Search for the brands and campaigns that match your target audience
  • Draft your proposal and present it to the brand within its parameters.
  • Once accepted, you will begin collaboration with the brand to produce the project needed.
  • Develop and build out content and seek the brand’s approval.
  • Get paid for your services.
  1. Sell your own products or services on YouTube

You can also make money on YouTube by selling your own products or services to viewers. First, you need to learn and understand what your viewers need and sell them something of great value. To make 100 percent of the revenue and have complete control of the money coming in, you need to sell your own products or service.

For instance, let’s assume that you created a mini online training program that you sell for $250. You can convert one viewer in every 1000 views to your $250 video course. By so doing, you will make $0.25 per view with is 59-times more than what you would have made using YouTube ads. Another good alternative is that you can sell your products on popular e-commerce platforms like Shopify, Konga, Amazon, etc. By linking your products or services in your videos, you can direct traffic to your e-commerce spot.


Although there are lots of ways that you can make money on YouTube, the ones highlighted in this article are options that you can start from. You need to understand that it doesn’t happen overnight. Before you can be able to make a good amount of money, you’ll need to attract thousands of viewers to each of your videos.

Remember that you can combine two or more ways of making on YouTube in order to boost your monthly earnings. You must ensure that your video contents are of good quality for your target audience. If possible, go for a very good digital camera to get the job done instead of using your phone camera.
























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