4 Ways Of Making New Employees Feel Important In Their Workplace In Nigeria

4 Ways Of Making New Employees Feel Important In Their Workplace In Nigeria

It is always very great and exciting having new employees in your company, but the challenge is making them blend in at work with the already existing workers. Making new employees feel important and welcomed in their workplace is what this article is bringing to you, the employer.

You should know that the new employee is just fresh to the business and he/she is feeling strange like an outsider trying to fit into the environment and at the same time analyzing a great deal of information.

As an employer of labor, you should take note to make sure that your new hires are eased into the work without much stress and apprehension.

Making new employees feel important starts by making them feel that they are already part of the team right from day one.

You must make sure that no one makes them feel sidelined or out of place because it will go a long way in making these new employees blend in faster in their place of work.

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4 Tips For Making New Employees Feel Important In The Workplace

  1. Having A Very Good Pre-Boarding Process

This is one of the ways of making new intakes feel important at their workplace from the get-go. This pr-boarding is the process educating people about your company from the onset.

For many companies, this pre-boarding process starts from the interview room. Here, the interviewer brings to the knowledge of the potential employee, the key organizational values, mission, and vision.

The new intake gets to know the things that the company he/she is about to start working for does and how they do it in an in-depth fashion. Having a nice pre-boarding process is a very good way of making new employees feel important and in the right place.

  1. Build Very Good Foundation For A Strong Relationship

It never in the best interest of any new hire to walk into a company that is full of unfamiliar faces, especially on his/her first day at work.

The company should have an already existing program that allows new employees to get to know at least a few persons in the workplace before the resumption day.

For example, the company should have a group that the new employee will be working under. The group leader should as a matter of importance meet the new intake probably over lunch to discuss and intimate him/her about the group and her members.

This automatically makes the new employee feel that he/she has been a long time member of the company. The new hire might not know everyone in his/her group, but at last, he won’t be walking into the company on the first day looking lost and out of place.

This is really a great way of making new employees feel important at their workplace.

  1. Create Very Good Friendly, Working Environment

The major thing that makes new intakes feel like outsiders are the very fact that the already existing employees already know one another and there is already an existing rapport between these existing employees that the new ones feel as though they have been dropped in a planet full of aliens.

To tackle this challenge, the employer should have a way of blending these new hires with the old ones so as to bridge the gap between them. You can start with a welcome party for the new employees on their first day at work. The social environment will really set things in motion between the old and new employees.

making new employees feel important

  1. Be Polite And Accommodating

It is always very important for new intakes to be careful on their first day at work. They are careful not to say the wrong word or take the wrong action.

They always feel they are on the edge. Therefore, as the employer, you should be polite in correcting their wrong actions and words on the first day, it really goes a long way in making them feel at home and love.

Understanding that new hires long to impress, and as a result, they act irrationally most of the time. You should be calm and accommodating in dealing with them because it will really go a long way to settle their nerves and bring out the best in them.

Making new employees feel important and loved on their first day at work sets in motion a very good foundation for greatness for them in your business establishment.