How to Protect Nigerian Teenagers on Social Media

Nigerian Teenagers on social media are more social media savvy than ever. A thirteen-year-old teenager has advanced digital knowledge already. An enormous 80% of teenagers on the internet make use of some forms of social media, and also, they are giving out more personal details about themselves on social media more than ever before.


Teenagers these days spend a decent amount of time on the internet using social media, streaming online content, and also even uploading their personal video clips on YouTube. In this technology era that we are right now, you will find several teenagers building mobile apps, and also doing notable things on the internet.

Nigerian teenagers on Social media usage

Protecting Nigerian teenagers on social media

  1. Nigerian teenagers on Social media: Monitor the Images your teens’ Posts on social media                      In an ideal world, a teen wouldn’t want to post an image of herself on the internet. If she wants to share images together with her colleagues through email as well as other social networking sites, be very sure you are familiar with exactly which images are being posted. Ensure the image content is totally safe and also that no exact locations in the background can be noticed.

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  1. Nigerian teenagers on social media: Teach teens about internet Reputation                                                 A lot of teens don’t understand the strength of the internet world. Make sure your teens know what a digital footprint is and also its effect. Posts or images posts could be seen by a prospect college officer, as well as the employer.
  2. Nigerian teenagers on social media: Talk to teens regarding Online Risks and also Dangers                          You might feel like you are frightening your teens when talking to them concerning the hazards of being on the web. However, it is better for them to be afraid as compared to be oblivious.

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  1. Nigerian teenagers on social media: Get to Know the Technology                                                      Teenagers having grown a mastery of technology quickly could without difficulty picking up on some new device, quicker than regular parents can. It is each parent’s duty to be accustomed to precisely which key features are added in the devices the teens are using.

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  1. Nigerian teenagers on social media: Use Parental Control Apps as well as Software                              There are mobile apps to regulate the teen’s Social Media Activity remotely; even lets you view and also plan teen mobile as well as tablet App, Monitor the teen activity on the website as well as even obstruct URL adult websites, gambling as well as block porn e.g. Nischint Parental control app.