Interview: Meet Seun Ogundele, CEO FastPlus Business Innovation & Young Boss Empire

“Stop chasing the latest business” – Seun Ogundele, CEO FastPlus Business Innovation & Young Boss Empire

Hello full house, today we have a special guest in the house; Seun Ogundele, the founder, and CEO of FastPlus Innovations and Young Bozz Empire. His full name is Seun Steve Ogundele, born on the 15th of August 1992 in Ibadan, Oyo State, Nigeria. He graduated in 2015 with 2nd class upper in Computer Science from Afe Babalola University Ado Ekiti.

At the moment, Seun is one of the smartest entrepreneurs in the online marketing and software niche in Nigeria. He has got a lot to share with you guys and you can’t afford to miss a line from him.

So, let get into discussion with the boss himself;

  1. Can you please introduce yourself to us? Who is Seun Ogundele?

Seun Ogundele is an Entrepreneur, Marketing Strategist, Business and I.T Consultant. I am the CEO of Fastplus Business Innovation & Young Boss Empire, The former is into I.T & Business Training and Web Development while the latter is a record label with 2 artiste signed under the label. Won several awards in the Entrepreneurship, Most Innovative and the likes from 2010 till date and also got featured in some national newspaper dailies like Punch, Success Digest, and The Nation.

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  1. At young and vibrant age, how is life with you and what is the growth like so far? Please tell us your story.

Well, I thank God for everything that has happened in my life so far. It was not an accident but as a result of the determination to achieve my dream with hard work and my personal relationship with God. I started business with nothing back then in my finals in secondary school. A lot of people laughed at me when I told them am going to earn a living online, but here I am today I have floated Companies like Fastplus Innovation, NairaWin Entertainment, and Young Boss Empire. The growth has been tremendous, I thank God for that.

  1. What would you consider as your biggest challenge in the journey so far as an entrepreneur?

Hmmm…. There are lot of challenges one face as an entrepreneur so it’s not just one but the ability to always find solution is what keeps me going because I have always had this mindset that I must always find a way out no matter how big the challenge is because I can’t go back to where am coming from.

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  1. You are the Founder and CEO of FastPlus Innovations and Young Boss Empire, can you tell us about these companies?

Yes I am. Fastplus Innovation was founded in 2011, is one of the Fastest growing I.T firm which specializes area of Website and Software Development, Security & Surveillance, Online Marketing Consultancy, Learning Management System and Educational Portal for Schools, Colleges, and Universities.

We are at the core of the Internet Revolution in global visibility, branding, and marketing. We understand it, appreciate it and can transform any individual or business over night, by harnessing its power to produce results. We deliver Web driven technology solutions that will enable our clients to gain competitive advantage, enhance productivity and boost productivity as well as reduce costs.

Young Boss Empire is a record label founded in the year 2016. Currently, we have two Artiste signed under the label, Emnsmol & Phoenix with their Producers SelfSteve and Jerry who currently resides at the Label House. Phoenix drops visuals to his Hit Single “Senufunwon” Last year and also drop 2 Hot songs early this year “Je ka jo” and “Warmed Up”. Emnsmol sings mostly for the ladies with some of his love songs like “Olufunmilayo” and party jam “O ya”.

  1. Have you ever been involved in any other start up?  If yes, can you tell us about it and it’s success record so far?

Yes I launched a sport betting company sometimes around 2013 but finally, put an end to it in 2015 since I wasn’t getting the kind of result I was expecting from it and was still an undergraduate busy with studies.

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  1. People are already looking up to FastPlus to be the next big thing, what are we to expect from your companies?

We ensure to keep providing quality service to our clients and recently we have focused on developing business automation tools that will help lots of online Entrepreneur example of such software are the Virasoci App, OmniSocial, Clickapix and recently OmniEngine. We are also moving our products and services to the international platform this year. So it’s been a good year for us and people should expect more quality products and services from us this year.

  1. With your level of success so far, what do you think are the things that will make incoming entrepreneurs and new start-up founders not to see the limelight?

Hmmm…. Well, am glad you asked this. The mistake most entrepreneurs make is the “shining object syndrome” what this means is “always chasing the next big thing” there is nothing of such. If you really want to be successful, you need to pick just one business and focus on it until you start getting results….still focus till you are able to build a system around the business before thinking of trying something else out. Also as an entrepreneur, you need to always improve your skills and knowledge by attending training seminars and reading books.

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  1. What are your goals for the next 5 to 10 years?

My Goal for the next 10 years is to expand my business here in Nigeria, ensure we get our products into the international market and also diversify into other businesses.

  1. Got some advice for other entrepreneurs and the whole Entrepreneur Nigeria community on starting their own businesses?

Stop chasing what you mostly called “the latest business” instead focus on a business, work on it and don’t give up until you start getting results from it. Any materials or training you are attending should focus on your current business. Work smartly, Be Disciplined, Hardworking, diligent and be closer to God. If you can do all this then there is no way you won’t become successful.

  1. What do you think about us, Entrepreneur Nigeria in particular? Any advice for us?

You guys are really doing great things keep it up…

It’s our pleasure having you on Entrepreneur Nigeria sir. Thanks for coming around. you can read more of Seun’s story from his facebook wall.

Below are Photos Of Our Guest Today (Seun Ogundele)

Seun Ogundele seo fastplus innovation and young boss empire

Seun Ogundele, CEO Fast Plus Business Innovation, and Young Boss Empire

Seun Ogundele seo fastplus innovation and young boss empire

Seun Ogundele seo fastplus innovation and young boss empire

Seun Ogundele seo fastplus innovation and young boss empire

Seun Ogundele seo fastplus innovation and young boss empire

Seun Ogundele seo fastplus innovation and young boss empire


Seun Ogundele seo fastplus innovation and young boss empire

Seun Ogundele seo fastplus innovation and young boss empire

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