9Mobile Tariff Plan 2020 – List of Tariff Plans and Price

9Mobile was once known as Etisalat Nigeria, until its ownership and management changed in 2017. Following this change, new tariff plans were created to help subscribers meet their various needs.

In this article, I discuss 9Mobile tariffs that allow users to make very cheap local and international calls, their migration codes, and how to calculate their charges.

9Mobile Tariff Plan 2020

9Mobile Tariff Plan 2020 – List of Tariff Plans and Price

I will discuss the following tariff plans:

  1. 9mobile MoreLife Complete Tariff
  2. 9mobile MoreTalk Call Plan
  3. 9mobile TalkZone Tariff Plan
  4. 9mobile CliqLite Tariff Plan
  5. 9mobile MoreFlex Evolution Tariff Plan.

1.) 9mobile MoreLife Complete Tariff

MoreLife is a cheap 9Mobile tariff plan, that allows its users make local, and some international calls at 15 Kobo per second.

MoreLife Complete Features & Benefit:

The following are some of the features and benefits of using this plan.

  • Calls to local and international numbers at ₦15 Kobo per second.
  • Daily access fee of ₦ If this access fee is deducted up to 20 times in a month, customers get 15 minutes free data, and 15 minutes free on net calls.
  • SMS is charged at ₦4 to local networks, and ₦15 to international numbers.
  • MMS is charged at ₦
  • Subscribers get to receive calls for free while they are abroad, from selected networks in 14 countries. These countries are:
    • USA (T-mobile).
    • UK (Vodafone).
    • UAE (Etisalat).
    • South Africa (Vodacom).
    • Spain (Vodafone).
    • Ghana (Vodafone).
    • Kenya (Safaricom).
    • France (Orange).
    • Saudi Arabia (Mobily).
    • Morocco (IAM).
    • Netherlands (T-mobile).
    • Germany (T-mobile).
    • Turkey (Turkcell).
    • Egypt (Vodafone).

MoreLife Tariff Plan Call Rate:

With the MoreLife tariff plan, all calls to other networks in Nigeria are charged at 15 Kobo per second, and same price is attracted by calls to seven selected countries outside Nigeria.

If you’re wondering how long ₦100 airtime recharge can last, here’s a breakdown:

  • 15 Kobo = 1 second.

X Kobo = 60 seconds

X = 60 x 15 = 900 Kobo per minute

But ₦1 = 100 Kobo.

Therefore, 900 Kobo to Naira = 900/100 = 9 Naira.

So the call rate of MoreLife tariff is 15 Kobo per second, or ₦9 per minute.

If ₦9 Naira = 1 minute,

Then ₦100 Naira = X

X = 100/9 = 11.11 minutes of talk time.

From the above, you deduce that with ₦100 airtime, you can make calls of up to 11 minutes 6 seconds, or 22 minutes, 12 seconds with ₦200.

This rate is definitely one of the best you can get in Nigeria.

MoreLife Complete Migration Code & Airtime Balance:

To migrate, simply dial *629*1# or send 1 as an SMS to 620, and *232# to check your airtime balance.

2.) 9mobile MoreTalk Call Plan

9Mobile’s MoreTalk plan is one of the cheapest in calls you can get from them, at least for calls to You&Me numbers registered on the You&Me list.

You get free airtime to call five You&Me numbers and free browsing data upon recharge of ₦100 or more. You can also make your recipient pay for the calls you make.

Some features and benefits of MoreTalk

  • Subscribers are given ₦100 and ₦300 bonus credit to call five You&Me numbers when they recharge ₦100 and ₦200 respectively.
  • Free 10MB data when you recharge ₦100 and above.
  • Data and voice bonuses are only valid for seven days.
  • By adding 268 in front of a number, you make the recipient pay for that call.
  • To add a You&Me number, dial *233*1*, or *233*2* to remove a number from the list.
  • To see your list of You&Me numbers, simply dial *233#.

MoreTalk Tariff Call Rate:

Subscribers to MoreTalk tariff pay 40 Kobo per second for calls. After the first ₦25, they can start paying 25 Kobo per second for the rest of the day.

Talk time for 100 Airtime to MTN, Glo & Airtel.

For 100 Naira you get 1.042 + 5 = 6.042 minutes talktime.

It is another whole new story if you didn’t finish the airtime in a day.

  • 40 Kobo = 1 second

X = 60 seconds

X = 2400 Kobo per minute or ₦24 per minute

  • ₦24 = 1 minute
  • ₦25 Naira = X
  • X = 25/24 = 1.042 minutes for the first ₦25 in a day.

After the ₦25 for the day, calls will be charged at 25 kobo per second.

  • 25 Kobo = 1 second

X = 60 seconds

  • X = 1,500 Kobo or ₦15 per minute.

For the remaining ₦75,

  • ₦15 = 1 minute

₦75 = X

X = 75/15 = 5 minutes.

From the deductions above, ₦100 airtime will give 6.042 minutes of talk time.

Call Rate Calculation for You & Me Numbers:

For recharging ₦200, subscribers will get ₦300 bonus.

At 40 Kobo per second, ₦25 can last up to 1.042 minutes of call.

With the remaining ₦475, users can call at the rate of 25 Kobo per second or ₦15 per minute.

₦15 = 1 minute

₦475 Naira = X.

X = 475/15 = 31.7 minutes of talk time.

So for every ₦200 airtime recharge, subscribers get 32.742 minutes of talk time.

Subscribers also get ₦100 weekly (after recharging ₦100) to call registered You&Me numbers.

After the ₦25 is spent, the remaining ₦175 will be charged at:

  • 25 Kobo per seconds or 15 Naira/min for the remaining 175 Naira.

₦15 = 1 minute

#175 = X

X = 175/15 = 11.67 minutes.

100 Naira airtime recharge gives 11.67 + 1.042 minutes = 12.712 minutesof  talk time.


1) From the calculation above, it is assumed that you’re able to exhaust the ₦100 airtime in one day.

If you decide to recharge ₦200 to be used in a week, you will get ₦300 in bonus, making it a total of ₦500.

Using ₦25 daily for seven days accruing to ₦175, will leave you with ₦325.

₦24 at 40 Kobo per second or ₦24 per minute for seven days will amount to 7.294 minutes. At the end, you’ll be left with ₦325 or ₦15 per minute. Therefore,

₦15 = 1 minute

₦325 Naira = X

X = 21.7 minutes.

₦500 will give 29 minutes of talk time for ₦200 recharge.

2) New migrants to this plan will pay 40 Kobo per second for the first ₦25 they spend on calls daily, and airtime and data bonuses only last for seven days.

3) This plan is really only beneficial is you’re calling other 9Mobiles on your You&Me list.

How to Migrate to 9mobile MoreTalk:

  • New Subscribers: Call 200 and press 1.
  • Existing Subscribers: Dial *244*2#.
  • New subscribers that are interested in migrating to this tariff plan just need to call the customer care line 200, press 1, and follow the instructions
  • Old users can simply dial *244*2# to migrate.

3.) 9mobile TalkZone Tariff Plan

This is a very unique tariff plan. Its calls are charged based on location and time. This means that you will be charged according to when or where you’re making the call(s).

TalkZone Features & Benefits:

The TalkZone tariff has no specific call rates, except for those calls made to other 9Mobile subscribers between 12:30am and 4:30 am.

All other calls not sent to 9Mobile numbers from 12:30am – 4:30am will not be charged at a specific rate.

9mobile TalkZone Call Rate:

Since it is common knowledge that there is no flat rate for this tariff, it is also noteworthy that subscribers will be charged 12 Kobo per second for calls to all 9Mobile numbers between 12:30am to 4:30am.

Basing our calculations on the peak hours’ (12:30-4:30AM) rate, we have:

12 Kobo = 1 second

X = 60 seconds

X = 60 x 12 = 720 Kobo

That gives us ₦7.2 naira per minute.

For ₦100 airtime, subscribers get:

₦7.2  = 1 minute

₦100 Naira = X

X = 100/7.2 = 13.89 minutes or 13 minutes 53 seconds of talk time.

How to Migrate to 9mobile TalkZone Call Tariff:

Dial *244*8# to migrate to TalkZone tariff now!

To check how much you’ll be charged for calling a particular area, dial *551#.

4.) 9mobile CliqLite Tariff Plan

This is another tariff plan with a lot of bonuses, including the 250% voice bonus to call all networks.

  • New users get a whopping 250% bonus to call all networks.
  • Free 10MB browsing data weekly for ₦100 airtime recharge.
  • 100% bonus data on bundle purchases of 200MB to 10GB data plans.
  • Free ₦200 airtime on your birthday.
  • Free one minute voice bonus to other CliqLite subscribers when you receive five minutes calls from other networks.
  • A drop in call rates after the first ₦

9mobile Cliqlite Call Rate:

Calls on this tariff plan are charged at 40 Kobo per second. After the first ₦25 is spent for the day, customers can call:

  • other CliqLite subscribers for 20 Kobo per second,
  • other 9Mobile subscribers at 25 Kobo per second, and
  • other networks in Nigeria at 30 Kobo per second.

Let’s do some analysis for ₦100 airtime:

  • 40 Kobo = 1 second

X = 60 seconds

X = 2,400 Kobo per minute or ₦24 Naira per minute

₦24 = 1 minute

₦25 Naira = X

X = 25/24 = 1.042 minutes.

Old Subscribers Call Rates For the remaining 75 Naira:

  • CliqLite subscribers can call other CliqLite subscribers at 20 Kobo per second or ₦12 per minute which equals 6.25 minutes talk time.

Total talk time will be equals to 7.292 minutes.

  • Calls to other 9Mobile subscribers not on the CliqLite plan will be charged at the rate of 25 Kobo per second, or ₦15 per minute, totalling five minutes.

Total talk time will then be equals to 6.042 minutes.

  • Calls to non-9Mobile numbers will be charged at 30 Kobo per second or ₦18 per minute, totalling 4.2 minutes talk time.

Total talk time accrues to 5.242 minutes.

Call Rate for New Subscribers:

New CliqLite subscribers are eligible for 250% bonus on every recharge. That is, every ₦100 recharge is accompanied by a ₦250 bonus in addition to the main account’s ₦100. After the first ₦25 is charged, customers are left with ₦325 for calls.

Calls to Other CliqLite Numbers:

For calls to other CliqLite numbers, subscribers pay 20 Kobo per second, or ₦12 per minute.

For the remaining ₦325, they enjoy 27.08 minutes, bringing the total talk time to 28.122 minutes.

Calls to Numbers on Other 9mobile Tariff Plans:

Calls to other 9Mobile lines cost 25kobo per second, or ₦15 per minute.

For the remaining ₦325, you get 21.7 minutes.

Total talk time is 22.7 minutes.

Calls to MTN, Airtel & Glo:

Calls to other networks are charged at 30 Kobo per second, or ₦18 per minute.

For the remainder of ₦325, subscribers get 18.06 minutes.

Total talk time accrues to 19.1 minutes.

This tariff is the best for getting talk time on any network.

9mobile CliqLite Migration Code:

To migrate to CliqLite,

  • dial 200 and select 5, then follow the instructions (for new customers), and
  • *244*10# for old customers.

5.) 9mobile MoreFlex Evolution Tariff Plan

It is worthy of note that there are two types of MoreFlex tariffs: MoreFlex tariff and MoreFlex Evolution tariff. This article will focus on MoreFlex Evolution because it’s a better alternative.

This plan (MoreFlex Evolution), just like MTN Xtra value, allows subscribers to choose between enjoying more voice credit or more data bonuses.

Packages on this tariff start from ₦500 and ₦1,000 and last for seven and 14 days respectively. The higher values of ₦2,000, ₦5,000, and ₦10,000 last for 30 days. Auto renewal applies.

MoreFlex Evolution Benefits & Features:

  • Subscribing for the ₦500, ₦1000, ₦5,000 and ₦10,000 plans attracta 300% bonus, or 350% bonus on ₦2,500 on Voice+ Value.
  • Free incoming calls while roaming in 14 countries, on selected networks for monthly recharge of ₦5,000 and above.
  • The countries and networks are: UK (Vodafone), UAE (Etisalat), South Africa (Vodacom), Spain (Vodafone), Ghana (Vodafone), Kenya (Safaricom), France (Orange), Morocco (IAM), Netherlands (T-Mobile), Germany (T-Mobile), Turkey (Turkcell), Egypt (Vodafone), and Saudi Arabia (Mobily). All bonuses are valid for 30 days.

9mobile Moreflex Evolution Call Rate:

Subscribers are charged 40kobo per second for local and international class.

Find below the possible subscriptions on this plan

  • Voice+ Value: more voice credit.

₦500 plan on MoreFlex Evolution multiplies to ₦1,500 for local and international calls, plus 75MB data.

At 40kobo per second, ₦1,500 airtime will give you the following, assuming the unknown number is X:

₦24 per minute,

Therefore, X = 1500/24 = 62.5 minutes, at 12.5 minutes for every ₦100.

  • Data+ Value: more data credit.

Use the same procedure to calculate for other bundles.

MoreFlex Evolution Tariff Plan Migration Code:

  • To subscribe to MoreFlex Evolution on 9Mobile, dial *320#.
  • If you feel this plan is not for your lifestyle, opt-out from the tariff by dialing *300*0#
  • Dial *232# to check your balance.

That’s all fellas on the best, cheapest/affordable 9mobile tariff plans with cheap call rates for both local and international calls. Kindly share this article using the social buttons below.

And that’s a wrap on the most affordable 9Mobile tariffs in the telecom market! Leave a comment of your thoughts and remember to share on social media with your friends and family.

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