MTN Tariff Plans 2020 – List of Tariff Plans and Price

This review handles MTN Tariff plans together with their Prices and Migration codes in Nigeria in 2020.

The truth is that MTN has numerous Tariff Plans all of which are tailor-cut to subscribers needs at a point in time. The good part is that one can switch from one MTN Tariff plan to another for free and for a fee sometimes.

While some choose a particular MTN Tariff plans because they need more talk time, others go for more internet browsing data while still, others prefer a Tariff plan that has a variable mixture of both.

Your knowledge of the Tariff plan on MTN that you use can help you to save money and achieve what is of utmost priority to you on MTN.

MTN Tariff Plan 2020 - List of Tariff Plans and Price

MTN Tariff Plan 2020 – List of Tariff Plans and Price

This guide examines the top MTN Tariff plans – Prices and Migration codes and they are:

  1. MTN Beta Talk
  2. MTN Pulse
  3. MTN Trutalk+
  4. MTN Xtra Special
  5. MTN SuperSaver Plus

(1) MTN Beta Talk Tariff Plan

MTN Beta talk tariff plan seems to be the most talked about MTN tariff plan today.

When you activate the plan, you instantly qualify for a 250% bonus on any recharge that you make from N100 upwards.

A recharge of N100 will give you 250% bonus which is N250 plus 10 MB of Data for browsing.

if recharge less than N100 as a MTN Beta talk customer, you will earn a 150% bonus. Recharging N100 as in the example above will give you N150.

Although an awesome plan for local calls and browsing, the MTN Beta talk plan is not economical for international calls as customers get charged a whooping 40K/Sec from the bonus. So, if you are considering going this lane, kindly desist; this is not the plan for you.

To Migrate to MTN Beta talk, Simply Text BT to 131 or *123*2*6#

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(2) MTN Pulse

If you are looking for an economical MTN tariff plan for browsing, then you might consider subscribing to the MTN Pulse plan.  If browsing, not necessarily calling is your thing then consider subscribing to the MTN Pulse plan. It would be worth your time and money.

Besides the data advantage, as an MTN Pulse customer, you would be able to make national calls at a cheaper rates, charged N6.6 per minute call.

With the MTN pulse plan, you can get 1 GB weekly data subscription for N500.

Recharging N100 / N200 on the MTN pulse plan gives you a bonus of 10MB/20MB valid for 24hours.

Do you like night browsing? If yes, then here is good news for you.

As an MTN pulse subscriber, you are exclusively qualified to do night browsing at a cheap rate. Pay N25 only and get N500 MB to browse till the morning.

Arguably, MTN pulse plan is the best ‘most comprehensive’ MTN tariff plan at the moment because it offers cheaper browsing and cheaper call rates.

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(3) MTN Trutalk+

As the name suggest, MTN Trutalk+ is specially designed for calls. It is very popular among MTN customers who love to do more talking but at a cheaper rate (at 11k/second to any network) than browsing.

If you are going to make international calls as an MTN Trutalk+ customer, you will be billed about 20k/sec.

Subscription to this plan comes with a daily access fee charge of N5 and this access fee only applies to the first call that you make for the day.

MTN Trutalk+ Migration/Activation code is *123*20# or text TP to 131.

(4) MTN Xtra Special

If what you do involves the making of a lot of international calls, then go for MTN Xtra special. It is the MTN Tariff plan that is specially suited for international calls.

Recall that with the MTN Trutalk+, you are charged an extra N5 for the first call. This is not the case with the Xtra special as it comes with no extra charge for any of the calls be it the first, the intermediate or the last call of the day.

Simply dial *408# to subscribe to the MTN Trutalk+ plan

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(5) MTN SuperSaver Plus

This particular MTN plan is designed to favour MTN to MTN calls. With the MTN SuperSaver Plus users enjoy 15 kobo per sec flat rate calls from MTN to MTN numbers while calls to non-MTN numbers are charged 40 kobo per sec.

The additional benefit of this plan is that with N100, users can call to MTN numbers from 00.30 to 4.30 which is called the happy hours calls. This freemium works during business days and weekends.

To Migrate to MTN SuperSaver Plus plan, kindly Text 408 to 131 or dial *408#.


I believe that I have done justice to this article by identifying and explaining the available MTN Tariff Plans and I hope this will help you to make better informed decisions while choosing an MTN Tariff Plan to use.

Doubtless, you might have questions to ask concerning this for which I invite you to avail yourself of the comment section below this post.



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