7 Friendly Chromebook(s) Apps for Nigerian Businesses

Chromebook has been achieving grip in business because of their easy, deployment and solid security system. Chromebook has perceived restriction that comes with working only in the Chrome browser. They have become so good as Web apps. Sometimes we still need all the full feature set that emanates with desktop software.

Google’s resolution for this is the Google Play Store, which is available now for most Chromebooks. It is an Android device, that you install applications. It can be used offline and lengthen the proficiency of your Chromebook.

Google keeps so many lists of Chromebooks that someone can have access to in the Play Store. It is only to ensure that your Chromebook is up to date. You have to check with Google’s instructions so that you can be able to install the apps if you’re not familiar with the process.

Chromebook for Nigeria businesses

7 friendly Chromebook(s) Apps for Nigerian businesses

1. Microsoft Office: 

Even if you have a preference for G Suite over Microsoft apps. it’s nearly impossible to do without Microsoft Office. Many establishments have been able to subscribe to Office 360. Therefore, at some point, you’ll need to submit work or work in partnership with someone with an Office file.

Microsoft has its Online Office suite for Windows. Android has its own versions of MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote. The only thing is that Android’s wide user base has recently surpassed Windows. In which you’re likely to see huge attention from Microsoft to make the apps fit in more totally with the features of Android.

2. Microsoft Outlook

Another Chromebook app is Microsoft Outlook, not like the web-based version of Outlook. This Chromebook Android app handles numerous accounts at once. It basically gives you the perspective to run a dedicated email client that controls all your addresses on many Chromebooks. This implies you don’t need to have five diverse tabs open for your diverse accounts.

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3. Slack

If you are carrying out any work on the internet, then Slack is what you have to use. The Android version is further proficient than what comes with Chromebook, as you can run several accounts keeping it up and going in its specific resizable window. Given the establishment’s rapid expansion pace amidst more opposition from Microsoft, Google and others.

4. Snapchat

we’re not referring to a way to just adjoin your work duties. If you manage a company’s presence on Snapchat. You can use this Android app to follow other brands and patterned who’s viewed your day’s snaps. This Chrome Android application can’t resize too well, but it gives you the chance to access this social network without the use of a mobile device.

5. Firefox

This might sound strange to run another browser on Chromebooks, but with the help of Play Store, someone can now do exactly that. This has been on many Android for a while, giving the browser a go on Chrome OS. if you want to experiment or want to know how a website you’re working on might look with a different browser. You can try Firefox.

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6. Adobe Light room

This Chromebook has made a major effort to ensure its Android apps are top-notch. By tapping the Adobe suite, you’ll be able to carry out photo editing work from a Chromebook. Photoshop Express is another app that works along with the Adobe suite work on Chrome OS.

7. Spotify

This Web app has always been a little underpowered, so take benefit of this Android app for a better experience. The interface can seem to stretch slightly if you have a larger Chromebook. This will give you a dedicated music player for streaming tunes throughout your workday.

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